Top 1 Club

Welcome to the prestigious Top 1 Clubโ€”a collection of songs that have achieved the remarkable feat of securing the coveted First Place on the Euro Indie Music Chart. These tracks have not only captured the hearts of listeners but have also made a significant impact on the music scene.

What is the Top 1 Club?

The Top 1 Club is an exclusive category within our rotation playlists that features songs that have reached the number one position on the Euro Indie Music Chart at least once. It is a testament to the popularity, quality, and influence of these exceptional tracks.

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Here are the outstanding songs that have earned their place in the Top 1 Club:

Week of EntrySong name
Week 5.16Benny S โ€“ Victim of the game
Week 6.16MEMA โ€“ Lasciami Sognare
Week 7.16Settore Giada โ€“ Nero
Week 8.16Il Sinfonico e lโ€™improbabile orchestra โ€“ Signora Lira
Week 9.16Le Fragole โ€“ Dalida Dalida
Week 10.16Goldee Heart โ€“ Tonite
Week 12.16Barock โ€“ Rinati dalla cenere
Week 13.16GMG & The Beta Project โ€“ Prostitute
Week 17.16Nick Dakota โ€“ How cool is that
Week 23.16Lance King โ€“ Driftin
Week 23.16Forward โ€“ Crossroads
Week 33.16Artika โ€“ Fantastico
Week 37.16Phauba โ€“ Lโ€™amore proibito
Week 39.16Marco F.Ferrari ft. Lady Vevyla โ€“ Candy Rain
Week 42.16Rhett May โ€“ Latex Lady
Week 47.16Mark Loren โ€“ Comment te dire Adieu
Week 1,17Nick Dakota โ€“ Paris-Texas
Week 2.17Forward โ€“ Alternative You
Week 3.17 Alessandro Spina โ€“ Lโ€™Antiplagio Dance
Week 4.17Luis DH โ€“ As If
Week 7.17Trivellor โ€“ Wild Faith
Week 11.17Brian Iannucci โ€“ By the Water
Week 14.17Bionic Visions โ€“ Bionic Visions
Week 17.17Phauba โ€“ Quando Phauba era una scimmia
Week 22.17Unkle Adams โ€“ At Least a Million
Week 23.17Damian Force โ€“ Where Is Your Love?
Week 24.17 ILLacrimo โ€“ Love (trapped in a stone)
Week 25.17Terry Johnson โ€“ Knock, Knock (Let Me In)
Week 29.17Drew Davidsen โ€“ Out of the Blue
Week 33.17Fuser โ€“ Ante Up
Week 37.17Terry Johnson ft. Starling Newsome โ€“ Ooh Ya Wit
Week 39.17Sojo Mojo โ€“ Something To Smile About
Week 40.17Hereโ€™s The Riot โ€“ Love Makes me Crazy
Week 41.17The Bleeding Rose โ€“ Sheโ€™s My Hero
Week 43.17Nyโ€™a โ€“ Mend (feat. Kenny Black)
Week 45.17Monsieur Job โ€“ CHOW CHOW EYYY POW POW
Week 47.17C.E.O. Business โ€“ Livin Life
Week 49.17Maryele โ€“ 0 % di Vita
Week 6.18Luis DH โ€“ Stardust
Week 8.18Ajay Mathur โ€“ Forget About Yesterday
Week 11.18Fadi Awad โ€“ The King
Week 12.18The Dream Logic โ€“ Without You
Week 16.18Matthew Schultz ft. Gyptian & Rico Tayla โ€“ All night long
Week 17.18Cap โ€“ Big Screen
Week 19.18King Errisson โ€“ One Love Shines
Week 20.18Cale โ€“ Good day
Week 21.18Shaq:Muzik โ€“Let Me In Your Heart Again
Week 22.18DawgGoneDavis โ€“ Middle Age Woman โ€“ Hip Hop Style
Week 23.18Raina โ€“ Ganjamelier (Prod. Magista x Bizzarri Records)
Week 25.18Valentino โ€“ Sexy Lady
Week 26.18Ellency โ€“ Cold blooded
Week 28.18Fadi Awad โ€“ Nobody Knows
Week 29.18Brian Iannucci โ€“ Set Fire To This Town
Week 30.18Maney Mac โ€“ Mona Lisa Smile
Week 32.18Monsieur Job Feat. Charly Black โ€“ Kick It
Week 35.18Micah Elloh โ€“ Give Me More
Week 36-18Luis DH โ€“ Xtar
Week 41.18The Dream Logic โ€“ Iโ€™m afraid to speak
Week 42.18Monsieur Job ft. No Mercy & Vojke Djans โ€“ Nina Shake Your Body
Week 45.18Monsieur Job โ€“ Pica Pica
Week 48.18Bionic Visions โ€“ The Plastic Life
Week 51.18 Szandra Mayer โ€“ Paradise
Week 52.18Cap โ€“ Worth It
Week 1.19Denora โ€“ Needing You
Week 4.19Monsieur Job ft. Cholo โ€“ Chilliando Hangueando
Week 5.19Osea Codega โ€“ Make me feel
Week 10.19Craymo โ€“ Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey)
Week 11.19Tom Proctor โ€“ In Hollywood
Week 20.19 La Shanna โ€“ Di me
Week 21.19Heather Fay โ€“ The One
Week 24.19Frรจre Sourire โ€“ Niemand houdt me tegen
Week 26.19Tom Proctor โ€“ Son Of An Outlaw
Week 27.19Brian Iannucci โ€“ Down South
Week 28.19Te Quiero Euridice โ€“ I miei polsi
Week 29.19AV Super Sunshine โ€“ Are You Happy (radio mix)
Week 30.19Betty Rose โ€“ Strega
Week 31.19AV Super Sunshine โ€“ Apple
Week 32.19Carlos Morgan- Have a Little Faith
Week 35.19Tiger Dek โ€“ Uomo Tana
Week 37.19Gaia Bianco โ€“ Senza Regole
Week 40.19Carina T โ€“ Inside Your Mind
Week 43.19My Luv Notes โ€“ Day Late
Week 44.19 Angelo Seretti โ€“ Fuga dal pianeta Terra
Week 47.19Monsieur Job โ€“ A Escondidas
Week 49.19Manuel Aspidi โ€“ Let Out This Light
Week 50.19Cassandra โ€“ I Love Christmas
Week 52.19Vittoria โ€“ Ubriaca di te
Week 2.20AVNI VIR VINEET โ€“ Twenty Twenty
Week 4.20Ace Diamond โ€“ Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin
Week 5.20Valentina Gautier โ€“ Corri che corre il tempo
Week 6.20Destiny Malibu โ€“ Sweet Persuasion
Week 9.20Terrorist of Romance โ€“ Always choose wrong
Week 12.20Craymo โ€“ December Rain
Week 15.20Angela Predhomme โ€“ Sweet Delectable You
Week 18.20Destiny Malibu โ€“ Lo Siento
Week 19.20Thermal And A Quarter โ€“ Leaders of Men
Week 22.20Shemie Rozay โ€“ City Drop
Week 26.20Haiducii โ€“ Respira
Week 27.20Wendy Moten โ€“ Till I Get It Right
Week 29.20The Floydโ€™s Feat. Altrina Renee โ€“ One More Night
Week 30.20CHARLIE ALPHA PAPA.-Bora Bora
Week 31.20Matt Craven โ€“ My Diamond Wings
Week 33.20Greye โ€“ So far so good
Week 37.20Luckie Boy โ€“ Cry Myself To Sleep
Week 40.20Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto โ€“ So Cold
Week 42.20Maurice โ€“ The Wall
Week 43.20Greye โ€“ Growing Pains
Week 45.20ZARBO โ€“ Get Up and Dance
Week 47.20Mali โ€“ Mundane
Week 50.20Druv Kent โ€“ Donโ€™t Burn Away
Week 52.20AV Super Sunshine โ€“ X File 8675309
Week 1.21Jenson David Ft. Kelly Miller โ€“ Not Forgotten
Week 2.21Lecretia Ann โ€“ Does She Know
Week 3.21American Greed โ€“ Together
Week 5.21Vineet โ€“ Dreamin out Loud
Week 6.21Greye โ€“ I donโ€™t Mind
Week 7.21Luckie Boy โ€“ Hourglass
Week 8.21Avni Vir Vineet โ€“ Can i go now
Week 11.21Zarbo โ€“ Correction In Direction
Week 13.21Vineet โ€“ Jab The World
Week 17.21Voyce Butler โ€“ Stay
Week 18.21Kiron Rasheed feat. Leah Rich- Ask About Me
Week 19.21Shimmer Johnson โ€“ Masterpiece
Week 20.21Vineet โ€“ So New
Week 21.21Luckie Boy โ€“ 26 Letters
Week 24.21 Vineet โ€“ I Pray
Week 25.21Greye โ€“ Over my Head
Week 28.21Dorian Paul โ€“ Shake it around
Week 30.21Candace Asher โ€“ Donโ€™t Lose Heart
Week 31.21Vineet โ€“ Turning Back Time
Week 32.21Gabriele Saro โ€“ Back Parachute
Week 34.21Tommy G โ€“ Canโ€™t You See Iโ€™m Ready
Week 37.21Vineet โ€“ WTF. Whereโ€™s The Fun
Week 41.21Josรจ Strata โ€“ Ora sono qui
Week 42.21Luckie Boy โ€“ Party Of One 
Week 43.21Vineet โ€“ Hurry
Week 44.21 Chris St John โ€“ Hey Siri
Week 45.21Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie โ€œYouโ€™re Not Thereโ€
Week 47.21Siriaz y Malo โ€“ Cleopatra
Week 48.21Ajay Mathur โ€“ I need you now
Week 49.21Vineet โ€“ PFH.Party from Home
Week 50.21Power Combo โ€“ Natale Natale
Week 51.21Tanille โ€“ Santa Donโ€™t Pass me By
Week 52.21Robert Minott โ€“ You Are
Week 2.22 Zarbo โ€“ They Lie
Week 3.22JoZie โ€“ My Lucky Song
Week 4.22Luckie Boy โ€“ Oceans Deep
Week 6.22Jason Shand โ€“ The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)โ€™
Week 8.22Greye โ€“ Everything
Week 10.22President Hill โ€“ I Decided
Week 12.22Tom Proctor โ€“ In my loving Arms
Week 13.22Luigui Bleand โ€“ Gomelo
Week 14.22Chris St. John โ€“ Fly Away
Week 15.22Alessandro Tolone e Federica Tallinucci โ€“ Wisteria
Week 16.22DOMMO โ€“ Silver Linings
Week 17.22Aditi Iyer โ€“ Deleted Your Number
Week 18.22Billy Gaines โ€“ There Will Come A Day
Week 19.22Alin Dragu โ€“ Dance, dance
Week 25.22 Dania Lascialfari โ€“ Infinito
Week 26.22JoZie โ€“ Perfect Enough
Week 27.22Vineet โ€“ DEE DA DA DA ( Love Is Your Game )
Week 28.22AV Super Sunshine โ€“ Sink Or Swim (dance remix)
Week 30.22Chris St John with Leah Haley โ€“ I Just Knew (Wedding Version)
Week 31.22Vineet โ€“ Light of the world
Week 32.22Sweet Randi Love and The Love Thang Band Ft. Jack Spade with Ike Turner JR. โ€“ Yes To Life
Week 33.22Sisters J โ€“ Open When
Week 34.22Thehiz โ€“ Submarine
Week 35.22Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie โ€œI Guess I am the Only Oneโ€
Week 36.22Vineet โ€“ City Roads
Week 39.22Jason Shand โ€“ X Factor
Week 40.22 COPPE CANTRELL โ€“ Dance in the dark
Week 41.22The Badly Behaved โ€“ Runaway โ€“ Philip Lauer Remix
Week 42.22 Olistar โ€“ The Story
Week 43.22 Billy Gaines โ€“ World of Hope
Week 44.22Josรจ Strata โ€“ We wonโ€™t fade away
Week 47.22HiSQ & Marko Hietala โ€“ Flesh and Blood
Week 49.22GIO โ€“ Still Here (Strangest Thang)
Week 50.22Billy Gaines โ€“ Bow In Awe
Week 3.23AV Super Sunshine โ€“ The Neighborhood (pop edm)
Week 5.23Brian Iannucci โ€“ Pour One Out
Week 6.23Eller Rhodes โ€“ If i could find a way
Week 7.23Donatello Ciullo โ€“ Giullare
Week 8.23ViennaCC โ€“ Here comes the attraction
Week 9.23Ajay Mathur โ€“ Common Mistake
Week 11.23Gabriele Saro and Charlotte Grisley โ€“ I Love The New Years Day
Week 13.23Greta Ray โ€“ Haters
Week 14.23Giuseppe Incorvaia โ€“ Il menzoniere
Week 15.23Cathe โ€“ Sorry
Week 16.23Renรฉ Renรฉ โ€“ Mango
Week 17.23ViennaCC โ€“ Cabriolet
Week 18.23Lark โ€“ Unicorn
Week 19.23 Michael Blackwell- Nothing Makes Sense
Week 20.23Rohan Solomon โ€“ Serenity
Week 21.23Vineet โ€“ RUN! RUN! RUN!
Week 22.23Reverendo Secret โ€“ Il Senso
Week 23.23Lorenzo Gabanizza e Jeff Christie โ€“ I donโ€™t want to live without you
Week 25.23Billy Gaines โ€“ True to Your Word
Week 26.23Sun-Pinned Leaves โ€“ Cityโ€™s Got Soul
Week 27.23Lark โ€“ Iโ€™m with you
Week 28.23Bluombre, Safil โ€“ Tequila e amor
Week 29.23Chris St John โ€“ Black and Blue
Week 30.23Tony Mangra โ€“ Bamboo Fire
Week 31.23Sasha Prendes โ€“ Shake this
Week 32.23Giuseppe Incorvaia โ€“ Virtuale
Week 33.23TONY RIGGI FEAT. THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR โ€“ Green Christmas lights
Week 34.23Vineet โ€“ Elevate
Week 35.23Emme Lentino โ€“ Time Machine
Week 37.23Aditi โ€“ Never Met You
Week 38.23Anthony Casuccio โ€“ Lighthouse
Week 39.23Lauren Schultz โ€“ What Would You Do To Me
Week 40.23ViennaCC โ€“ When The Cats Come Out
Week 41.23Tony Mangra โ€“ Shut Yo Mouth
Week 42.23 Matilde G โ€“ None Of Your Business
Week 43.23Chris Chitsey โ€“ Last Time I saw You
Week 44.23Vicious Kitty โ€“ Bangkok City
Week 45.23Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level โ€“ She comes around
Week 47.23Bobby and the Crew โ€“ Screaming Commander
Week 48.23Allen LIng feat. Dave Lopez โ€“ Remember

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