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The Euro Indie Music Chart is revered as the definitive European Indie Music Network chart. The chart is broadcasted in over 60 countries and on hundreds of Radio stations network worldwide.

The ranking is drawn up based on the results achieved by the artists in the radio and TV broadcasts affiliated with the European Indie Music Network and the approval of the public, in fact, through this link, you can vote for your favorite song, among those in the list and at a technical value called ‘ multiplier ‘assigned by the staff to the Songs of the Formula Indie ranging from 1 to 2 and which affects the ranking by multiplying all valid points.

The last four weeks are considered in the calculation, but there is an additional weight to emphasize those transmitted more recently. The value of this weight is calculated as follows: x1, x 0.4, x 0.2, x 0.1. Full regulations are available here

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Based on the weekly chart there is the ‘Season Chart’

Every week is assigned points to Top 10 of the Chart, at the end of the Season the song winning song is premiered as ‘Song of the Year’

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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 19 of 2022


1🇷🇴Alin Dragu - Dance, dance11892,2
2🇺🇸Billy Gaines - There Will Come A Day11697,413
3🇩🇪Ajay Mathur – Real9481
4🇮🇳Aditi Iyer - Deleted Your Number9382,716
5🇺🇸Ryte Eye Ty - Where Have The Heroes Gone9216
6🇮🇹Gabriele Saro - Can't Fight The Feeling8524,8
7🇸🇬Druv Kent - Magaresa (Runaway)8322,6
8🇺🇸President Hill – I Decided7372
9🇺🇸Robert Minott - I Want To Know What Love Is7293,75
10🇺🇸Ella Blicker - Owe It All6270
11🇺🇸Tyler Scott Owens – Rendezvous6232
12🇺🇸PT The GospelSpitter - "SfTK Remix" feat. Emcee N.I.C.E. and J-NiBB5878,976
13🇫🇷Jean-Christophe Moroni – L’amore è irrazionale5819,6016
14🇺🇸Jack Tempchin - Back to the Old Me5761,8
15🇺🇸Chris St John – Hold On5757
16🇦🇹ViennaCC - When the Sun Comes Out5586
17🇺🇸JoZie – Perfect Enough4806,982
18🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - Don't Dream It's Over4370
19🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Judas4161
20🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Insane in the Ukraine4047
21🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Won't Die For Spotify3706,36
22🇺🇸DOMMO – Silver Linings3629
23🇺🇸Anthony Casuccio – Love is the Answer3093,404
24🇮🇪Finn O’Hara – Silhouette2941,4
25🇺🇸Sandy T – Fall 4 You2587,2
26🇺🇸Jack Tempchin - Waiting2528,5
27🇺🇸NAÏMAH - Whose Side Are You On2366,8
28🇺🇸Tom Proctor – In my loving Arms2299
29🇺🇸Jeff Golkin - For All Time2223
30🇺🇸Jarod Grubb – Hold On2166
31🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Layla2166
32🇺🇸9 o'clock Nasty – Playboy Driver2034
33🇮🇹Jiale – Colors1950
34🇺🇸The Hourglass Effect – Crazy1900
35🇮🇹Bisturi - Comete1886,463
36🇮🇹Carlo - Il tuo sorriso in un cassetto

37🇦🇪Allexa Bash - Universe1440
38🇩🇪Euro Chan - Restless1305,6
39🇺🇸The Hourglass Effect - But Anyways1036,8
40🇨🇭Sofia Martynova – Diva853,6
41🇺🇸Womack Sisters – Blocked679
42🇺🇸Chris St. John – Fly Away627,76
43🇮🇹Giampix - Sistema597,448
44🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone e Federica Tallinucci - Wisteria556,14
45🇮🇹Giacali – La Terra è triangolare475,38
46🇺🇸Partial Sum – Just Listen470
47🇸🇬Matilde G – Digging for Diamonds462,56
48🇦🇺SkinsBones – Is there Meaning439,99
49🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Collide380
50🇺🇸Craymo – One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix353,468
51🇮🇹Captain M feat. Bubble J – Dimmi come mai347,52
52🇮🇹Osea Codega - Make me feel345,87
53🇮🇹Silvia Frangipane – Nuits D’Amour339,694
54🇮🇹Clat – La fine del mondo328,78
55🇺🇸Zpextre – Laidback324,7
56🇺🇸Gabby Gabanna - Ballers Club 323
57🇮🇹Osea Codega – Joke321,3
58🇨🇦Rich Chambers- I Saw Her Standing There316,22
59🇩🇪Ali Lol – Jimba Gin305,92
60🇮🇹Paul Rondena - La carità305,6
61🇺🇸KC Star – CHANGE YOUR MIND291,84
62🇺🇸Black Rose Burning - The Wheel291
63🇺🇸Low Pulse Project Feat. Daniele de Cario – A Uosemo288
64🇮🇪Friendmaker - You, Me And Everything Else285,76
65🇺🇸Moral DK – House of the Rising Sun280,32
66🇮🇹Siriaz y Malo – Cleopatra274,4
67🇺🇸Matt Westin "Thin Blue Line"271,6
68🇺🇸Paris Music Corp - Almost Lost271,6
69🇨🇦Markus Murphy – Already Blue269,5
70🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – Powerful267,52
71🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone Feat. Federica Tallinucci – Verità in bilico nell’aria266
72🇮🇪Sano Hill – The Climb262,2
73🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight260,4
74🇮🇳Ananda Xenia Shakti "I Am Love"256,5
75🇳🇱The VanCooths – Montparnasse254,8
76🇮🇹ABA – Senti254,14
77🇩🇪Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson – This Style253,5
78🇮🇹Mark Donato – Alexandra253,5
79🇮🇹Zerocurve - Burning down the pray252,85
80🇸🇲Deborah Beccari – Memorie252,394
81🇮🇹Quoroom - Anima di gesso252,2
82🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Show Business (glamorous)250,9
83🇮🇹Ellency – Une Caresse Furtive (English)250,9
84🇫🇷The Wolfman featuring Kelly O'Brien – It’s time250,9
85🇺🇸Beauty In Chaos - Grasp The Stars250,12
86🇺🇸Richard Lynch "Radio Friend"249,86
87🇨🇦Alex Krawczyk "There Will Be Light"249,6
88🇨🇦Claire Odogbo – Robed in Righteousness249,6
89🇺🇸MDN Zane – Toxic249,6
90🇵🇹The Keplerians - Spaceship Earth249,6
91🇫🇮Vuola "Under Above Orion Venus Loves"249,6
92🇪🇸Silvia Thomas feat. Cesare Mecca – El Taladro249,116
93🇮🇹Alberto Mons - Hanno tutti ragione248,9589
94🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – La regola del Cuore248,3
95🇺🇸Ashley Puckett "What's her Name"248,3
96🇮🇹Dania Lascialfari – Infinito248,3
97🇬🇧Frixtion Dance – Summer Festival248,3
98🇺🇸Greye – Everything248,3
99🇨🇺Isabella Castillo, Michael Castillo and Descemer Bueno – Tears of Blood248,3
100🇺🇸Jay Elle "Miss Mess"248,3
101🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Dance248,3
102🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Litty248,3
103🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Poison248,3
104🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Selfish248,3
105🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Smile248,3
106🇺🇸Little Wretches "Palms & Crosses"248,3
107🇺🇸Luanne Hunt – Midnight Rain and Roses248,3
108🇺🇸Marla Lewis – Kill the Lights248,3
109🇬🇧Richard Evans - Made of Stars248,3
110🇺🇦Sandra Grace – Got 2B Famous248,3
111🇮🇹Therry - Ieri248,3
112🇮🇹Alce – Robot247,19
113🇨🇦Bonnie Milne "New Beginnings"247
114🇺🇸Carlito Panama - OG CP 7154247
115🇮🇹Daniele Allodoli - La realtà non è così247
116🇺🇸Doug Cash - You Know You Want It247
117🇺🇸Eric Scott Stevens - Burnt Umber247
118🇭🇺Girl in the mirror – Snowfall in Seoul247
119🇺🇸Jason Shand - The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)'247
120Pete Miller "There's A Light Out There"247
121🇺🇸Sarah Lynn Tilghman – Good Ole Days247
122🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Take on me247
123🇺🇸Vukov – Starlight247
124🇮🇹Gianni Rotella - Memories246,28
125🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Ring The Bell245,7
126🇺🇸Marla Lewis - Blue Horizon245,7
127🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Frankenstein 244,4
128🇮🇹Gabriele Saro - Back Parachute244,4
129🇻🇪Grand Bite - Long Live Rock & Roll
130🇺🇸Jordan Downs - Jordan Downs244,4
131🇮🇹Niko – Come il sole all’equatore243,1
132🇺🇸Voltagehead – Unbroken243,1
133🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Erisse - Heading Out To The Club241,8
134🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Always in my mind241,8
135🇮🇹Quoroom - Mandami via241,8
136🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te240,5
137🇺🇸Sung Eun Choi-Don't Let It Stop
138🇮🇹Compañeros Soda – Parada Capo Blanco239,2
139🇮🇹Stefano Strada – 400 milioni di chilometri239,2
140🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Un motivo234
141🇮🇹Vincenzo Donnamaria - Il tuo solito errore grammaticale233,4
142🇮🇹Josè Strata – Ora sono qui232,8
143🇬🇧ZzymbalHead – Nevergivin Up232,8
144🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist - Boom (Doo Wop Version)232,18
145🇮🇹Cendre – Mercoledì232,08
146🇺🇸Doug Cash : Fool Play # 2231,84
147🇮🇹Terry Blue – Drive231,6
148🇺🇸YoungButConnected – HOLIDAY231,6
149🇬🇧Rob Autio – Hold On231
150🇮🇹Lord Spark – Not Fine230,4
151🇺🇸Maurizio Chiani – Bluebird230,4
152🇺🇸Nied's Hotel Band - We're Just Fine230,4
153🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins - One Too Many230,4
154🇺🇸See Your Shadow "Simple Special Moment"230,4
155🇺🇸YoungButConnected – He Says230,4
156🇺🇸YoungButConnected – Pro(gram)med230,4
157🇺🇸YoungButConnected – Taken230,16
158🇩🇪E;R! Featuring Andrea Abreu and Susana Williams - The Perfect Storm229,52
159🇮🇹Gianni Rotella - Voglio dirti229,2
160🇺🇸Los Musick x P.A.T. feat 4-IZE – Too much fire229,2
161🇺🇸Sarantos - Party In Texas229,2
162🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Storm228
163🇺🇸YoungButConnected – UnderCover228
164🇮🇳Rohan Solomon - Set Me Free226,8
165🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Ronald Greene224,4
166🇺🇸Jordan Downs – Sierra Leone214,5
167🇺🇸Tommie Leveal – Chicago Blues214,5
168🇺🇸Ludlow Creek "What About Love"213,12
169🇺🇸Willie Grissom – I Want To Be Just Like Him212,3
170🇮🇹Erika Greys feat. Donno – I Care210,32
171🇬🇧Aneero – Magic Stick201,6
172🇺🇸Ed Gage – Moth to the Flame199,16
173🇺🇸ORI – BACKDOOR196
174🇺🇸Meghan Pulles – Rabbit Hole195,84
175🇩🇪de antiquis et novis – Calm195,8
176🇨🇦Ioanna – Another Level195
177🇮🇪Kevin Walsh – Embrace the World195
178🇨🇭Alex Wellkers – Maybe we Marry194,5
179🇺🇸Randy Beth – Run194
180🇺🇸Gedalya – Miracle Man193,8
181🇺🇸Dorian – Reign Love193
182🇺🇸Estella Dawn – Buzzcut193
183🇵🇷Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society – Paper Doll193
184🇬🇧Lea Baruffato – Die This Way193
185🇺🇸V-Train – Cold World193
186🇬🇧Jessy – Just As You Are192,5
187🇺🇸E.G. Phillips – Brave Heart, Luna!192,4
188🇬🇧Oh My God! It's The Church – Kiss My ApocaLips192,4
189🇪🇸Alan Dreezer – Time Stand Still192,3
190🇺🇸360 Fuego Music feat. Shaken Sanity - Dad’s pledge (Country)

191🇺🇸Clifford – Close to me192
192🇺🇸Diane Schuur – Let it be192
193🇬🇧Elshuffles – Atypical192
194🇬🇷IOTA PHI – WIDE AWAKE (C Dorian)192
195🇮🇳Kiara Chettri – Falling192
196🇺🇸Laurie Jones – Good Man192
197🇺🇸Lorraine Bautista - Frontline192
198🇺🇸Ny'a – On the Daily192
199🇺🇸Ralphy - Confess Unplugged192
200🇺🇸Steph Delz – 19-Ninety192
201🇨🇦Pennan Brae – Zulu191,5
202🇮🇪Craig Cooney – Rich191
203🇬🇧Lapels – The Life & Times191
204🇫🇴MonkeyRat ft. Anna Sofía Skoradal – The Child191
205🇺🇸Red Skies Mourning – In The Moment191
206🇺🇸See Your Shadow - Missing West Virginia191
207🇬🇧Slye – Into Colour191
208🇮🇪The Art Crimes Band – Guy Like You [Blakkheart Remix]191
209🇬🇧Dave Mohan - Caoineadh for Ukraine190
210🇮🇹Davide Anniballi – Freedom190
211🇬🇧Lucifers Beard – Shake On THe Floor190
212🇺🇸Monroe Moon – WAR190
213🇬🇧Petar Dimov – Laniakea190
214🇫🇷Romain Gutsy – If You See Her190
215🇬🇧Sikha Pros – Earth-bound190
216🇺🇸Spooky Action at a Distance - I Love The Way You Walk Away190
217🇺🇸TIRED ALL THE TIME – Then and There190
218🇩🇴Luigui Bleand – Gomelo186,2
219🇺🇸Jenn Vix - You Are A Star feat. Ali Score176,4
220🇬🇧Weimar - The Girls of LA175,95
221🇬🇧Caulbearers - Twisted Cord153,6
222🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie "You're Not There"152,8
223🇺🇸Marla Lewis – We all Laugh in the Same Language152
224🇩🇪Doro Farkas, Jordan Hanson, KVEN - This style Remix145,5
225🇺🇸Panjoma - Sun and Moon (Radio Edit)142,5
226🇸🇲Deborah Beccari – Giglio138,18
227🇮🇱Brownies - Love Is All
228🇮🇹Isabella Switon – Dall’altra parte del telefono136,5
229🇮🇹Valentina Gautier – Corri che corre il tempo136,5
230🇨🇭Settore Giada – Love136,188
231🇨🇭The Santa Monicas – Telephone135,8
232🇮🇹Bonsai – Capitano135,1
233🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Style of Talk EDM135,1
234🇮🇹Francesco Brini & INA – Goodbye134,68
235🇺🇸Jonathan Cavier - Forest Through the Trees134,4
236🇺🇸Lady Redneck "After the Rain, You'll Find the Son"134,4
237🇳🇱The VanCooths – No security134,4
238🇺🇸Deranged The Insane - Kountry Wayne (Drip)
239🇮🇹Artic Baba – Mr. Crazy133,891
240🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Never Change133,7
241🇺🇸Larry Jay "Written In Whiskey"133,7
242🇳🇱The VanCooths – Festival of light133,7
243🇺🇸3 Mind Blight – Silenced by the sound133
244🇺🇸410ydb – Eating133
245🇺🇸Catherine Sewell - I See the Light133
246🇨🇦Ed Roman "Tomorrow Is Today"133
247🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Blessings133
248🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – I Wonder133
249🇺🇸MAKI + ECG – Just a bite133
250🇮🇹Moka – La Bambola133
251🇺🇸Melissa Pettignano – Blessed Lord Jesus132,489
252🇺🇸Grand River Sound - WHERE I BELONG (featuring Dallas Norrie)131,6
253🇺🇸Sarantos "My Tears Fall"131,6
254🇺🇸Tommie Leveal - As You See Me Walking131,6
255🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Sunset In Venezia130,9
256🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare129,5
257🇨🇦Rich Chambers - High School Can't Last Forever123,228
258🇮🇹Luca Sammartino - Scintilla e benzina117,992
259🇩🇪E;R! feat. Susana Williams – I Belong Here117,952
260🇺🇸Johnny Holliday aka Lover J - What I Gotta Do116,4
261🇨🇭Alex Wellkers – What keeps me alive116,352
262🇺🇸314fontaine – Not Regular115,8
263🇬🇧Break the Shade – You'll See (Let It Be)115,8
264🇮🇹Bussoletti – Reboot115,8
265🇺🇸Mike Walla – Surfboard115,8
266🇺🇸Matthew Schultz - Can't Stop115,2
267🇺🇸Jonathan Cavier – Wall of Glass114,6
268🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Stop Suicide Worldwide114,6
269🇸🇲Samuele Mazza Feat. Piermatteo Carattoni – PadreMadre114,38
270🇵🇹Fritz Kahn and The Miracles – Believe113,58
271🇮🇹Osea Codega – Angel of My Heart113,4
272🇺🇸Benny S. - Step Up feat. S.L.I, J-Dill & Joshy99
273🇮🇹Wicked Asylum – Out of the Mist98
274🇦🇺Surf and Sun – Retrospection97
275🇮🇱Lior Holzman – If i hadn’t met you96,5
276🇺🇸Luckie Boy – Oceans Deep96,5
277🇺🇸Phillip Sanders-If I didn’t love you girl96,5
278🇺🇸Bernadett "Redemption"96
279🇮🇹Marco Galimberti - Ero solo un bambino96
280🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – James Lowery95
281🇮🇹Vincenzo Donnamaria - Il mandrillo95
282🇺🇸Lowgear – Mexican Radio94
283🇺🇸Sun King Rising "Free Will In China Blue"94
284🇩🇪Moon and Aries – The Arrival80,346
285🇮🇹Chuckling Pies – Pegasus79,56
286🇺🇸President Hill - You Feelin It Shawty79,184
287🇺🇸Jeremy Parsons "Things To Come"78,8
288🇬🇧Smokie - Who the F is Alice78,8
289🇮🇸LÓN – Hold On78,4
290🇸🇬Matilde G - Milk N' Honey78,4
291🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins "One More Last Kiss"78,4
292🇺🇸Tedi Brunetti "Eat, Sleep, Repeat"78,4
293🇳🇴Bobby And The Crew – Conqueror of Love78,2
294🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist "I Want you Around"78,1976
295🇺🇸Kate Gala – Life Flies By (Pray for Me)78
296🇨🇿November 2nd – Island78
297🇺🇸Adolfo Garcia – Reminisce77,928
298🇺🇸Alex Stanilla – Room77,6
299🇮🇹Beppe De Francesco "Almeno un'altra vita"77,6
300🇮🇹Francesco Trimani feat. Sara - Facciamo le corna77,6
301🇬🇧Gully – See The Sun77,6
302🇺🇸JoZie – My Lucky Song77,6
303🇩🇪Luna Keller – Wanderer77,6
304🇬🇧Ooberfuse ft Gerry Leonard and nuMori - Vanish The Night77,6
305🇳🇿Sabreen Islam – count me out77,6
306🇬🇧The Qwarks – You Are Not Fans (You Are Our Friends)77,6
307🇮🇹Volo Altissimo – Alea Iacta Est77,6
308🇬🇧Mumbo – Swing My Hip77,568
309🇮🇹Animate – Filling your void77,56
310🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Been Bad for Me (Extended Version)77,4
311🇺🇸Kai Ono – Too Many Computations77,36
312🇬🇧Anthony Williams – Loyalty77,2
313🇺🇸IHATEJON – Purple Acai77,2
314🇳🇱Marcus Valance – Yesterday77,2
315🇺🇸Talon David – Instincts77,2
316🇬🇧The Wrong Signals – Near Death Experience77,2
317🇮🇹Marco Guella – Tu sei77,16
318🇺🇸Little Wretches "Running"77
319🇺🇸Bros Inc – Hiding76,96
320🇺🇸MattyFrank – American Sadboi76,96
321🇮🇹Damix – Nada76,88
322🇸🇪Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – Love Will Prevail76,8
323🇺🇸Chris Ford - Whiskey Still76,8
324🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Teddy Bennington - Step Back In Time76,8
325🇨🇦Fate Will Come – Bitch76,8
326🇺🇸IHATEJON – iGOTME76,8
327🇺🇸Jack Tierney – Buy The Ticket76,8
328🇺🇸Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain feat. Sarah Teibo & Tony Pruitt76,8
329🇮🇹Maxx Effe – I Believe in You76,72
330🇺🇸Harlem Lyric – Matrimony76,6
331🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Jahmari76,48
332🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Patrick Lyoya76,48
333🇺🇸Hannyta "17 (Boombox remix)"76,48
334🇬🇧Frank Joshua – Sense Life76,4
335🇮🇹Joè – Dandelion76,4
336🇩🇪Lost On The Way - Monie Got Me Waiting76,4
337🇬🇧Render Ghosts – Keeping My Number76,4
338🇬🇧The Kelly Line – Manifesto I+II76,4
339🇺🇸Ferguson's Daughter – Wedding Rings76,2
340🇮🇹Alfonso Carabina - Me l'han detto76
341🇦🇺Bellhop – Alone76
342🇺🇸Brick Blair – Two Dollar Coat76
343🇮🇹Chànel - Laura a te76
344🇷🇴Electrons in Slow Motion – East – Mare Mons76
345🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Soli all'unanimità76
346🇺🇸IHATEJON – U76
347🇺🇸J.Maurice – Facetime76
348🇺🇸Jerry Bogan - I promised Her A Honky Tonk76
349🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Beauty Queen MOVIE VERSION76
350🇺🇸Louise Cappi "Keep That Dream Alive"76
351🇨🇿Mersi – Acid Time76
352🇮🇹No Name Italian Flavour – Musica Nueva76
353🇺🇸On Ithenfal’s Wing – Freedom76
354🇬🇧Phil Joseph – Babe you are mine Summer Mix76
355🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Beautiful Pain76
356🇮🇹The Hot Blood Spirit – El Baile de Los Muertos76
357🇮🇳Vineet – PFH.Party from Home76
358🇺🇸Gary Pratt "When It's Our Love That's Lost"75,8
359🇺🇸Alex Lawrence feat. Angie Van Scoyk – Carry On75,6
360🇮🇹Fuoriorario – Niente75,6
361🇺🇸Ronnue Ft. Lisa G. Allen – Dance Tonight75,6
362🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Senza te75,2
363🇮🇹Bluombre - Io vivo di te75,2
364🇮🇹Figli di Eva - La scoperta dell'America75,2
365🇮🇹Gianluca Lulu – L’Equilibrio75,2
366🇺🇸Intelligent Diva Feat. Aaron Bing - Sex To A Sax75,2
367🇺🇸PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel - Live In Me 75,2
368🇺🇸Annie Minogue Band - Sandbox74,8
369🇮🇹TiTo Esposito – You Can Take This Time74,8
370🇺🇸Kee Beez – Champion74,4
371🇺🇸Lumen Jingos – Angel Mine74,4
372🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Bullo omofobo razzista74
373🇬🇧Derade – Waiting74
374🇨🇦Avalanche The Architect – Fuck Social Distancing59,1
375🇺🇸Andy Aledort – Out for a Ride57,6
376🇺🇸PokeG Beats - Skate Rink Funk57,6
377🇮🇹Sentiero – Penso57,6
378🇸🇽Sigma Defence – Vagina Girl57,42
379🇮🇹Volo Altissimo – Usque ad Finem57,3
380🇺🇸Chris St. John – Box for Jewels57
381🇺🇸Lisa G. Allen – Big Momma57
382🇺🇸Violent Rays – Mania57
383🇨🇦Ed Roman "Happiness"56,7
384🇮🇹Paul Rondena - Una foto56,4
385🇩🇪Silverbird – Emotion51,3
386🇬🇧Cherry Dream – We Are The Kids (Your Parents Warned You About)49,4
387🇺🇸Keeka The Brave – The Messenger47,5
388🇺🇸Cyan - WHERE U BEEN?47,5
389🇺🇸Adri-Anne Ralph – Give Up So Easy 202247,5
390🇺🇸Plastic Punk – Dark Secrets47,5
391🇺🇸Astaria – Hear Her47,5
392🇺🇸Lupe Dragon – Happiness47,5
393🇺🇸JOBIE – Scorpio47,5
394🇨🇦Burn The Louvre – Wish We Were47,5
395🇺🇸amber wilson – Don't Forget I'm Human47,5
396🇺🇸Noaccordion – Room To Breathe47,5
397🇺🇸Bernadett – Redemption47,5
398🇺🇸Michele Thomas – No more47,5
399🇺🇸gloomy june – Save Anyone47,5
400🇺🇸VHCLE – Love Games47,5
401🇺🇸Skinny Dippers – Wedding Ring47,5
402🇺🇸Dalaina – B.L.Y47,5
403🇺🇸Sky Lore – Explosions Over Kyiv47,5
404🇺🇸L’Resorts – The People You Meet47,5
405🇺🇸Braulio Cruz – An Endless Love47,5
406🇺🇸Coldway – Sandcastles47,5
407🇺🇸Erik's Iridescent Tent – The Tent47,5
408🇨🇦Levi – ESSENCE47,5
409🇺🇸NatStar – Paradise ft. Xitanna47,5
410🇺🇸Henny – Wanna Dance47,5
411🇨🇦Ioanna – Did to Me47,5
412🇺🇸Arula – TOO MUCH47,5
413🇺🇸Harlow's Monkeys – Gravity47,5
415🇺🇸This Modern – Everyone's Miserable47,5
416🇺🇸Joey Burbach – Back on My Feet47,5
417🇺🇸C.M. Jenkins – A Waltz For No Ordinary Night47,5
418🇨🇦Crystal McGrath – All of These Things47,5
419🇩🇪AniQO – Balance47,5
420🇬🇧Silver Haar – It’s Over47,5
421🇮🇹Myky – Gemini47,5
422🇬🇧Michael Ransom – I'd Do It Again47,5
423🇬🇧Bizawi – Deliver the Impact47,5
424🇬🇧Mark Sutton – Lost Love47,5
425🇵🇱The Happiness & Derek Clegg - This Is Your Life47,5
426🇬🇧The Confederation - Razor Teeth47,5
427🇬🇧Gecko Club – Caramel Clouds47,5
428🇬🇧Laura Dia – All In For You47,5
429🇸🇪Marble Raft – Divided Sea47,5
430🇬🇧Roseland En Why Cee – Tetsuo47,5
431🇬🇧Dwowdo – heavy load47,5
432🇬🇧Amy FitzGerald – Winter Feels A Little Warmer This Year47,5
433🇬🇧Gabrielle Ornate – Spirit of the Times47,5
434🇩🇪Christoph Sebastian Pabst – Wonderland47,5
435🇫🇷BALENSI – Space Machine47,5
436🇵🇹Soroastra – A247,5
437🇦🇹David Era - More to Explore47,5
438🇩🇪Hotel California - Keep The Fire Burning47,5
439🇫🇷Oracle Sisters – Captain America47,5
440🇬🇧Neil C Young – Them Bones47,5
441🇬🇧La Vivas – Need for Speed47,5
442🇬🇧Amii Dawes – A Thank You Note47,5
443🇬🇧Matilda Shakes – Shakedown47,5
444🇬🇧Ben McElroy – How I Learnt to Disengage From The Pack47,5
445🇬🇧The Howard Hughes Suite – Flow State47,5
446🇬🇧First Frontier – Edging47,5
447🇮🇹Elnoir – X-Ray47,5
448🇬🇧Dwowdo – save me47,5
449🇬🇧Best Seller Of The Same Name – Billionaires' Row47,5
450🇳🇴ALESTI – Disconnected47,5
451🇳🇱CRZE – Lola Bae47,5
452🇫🇮Helmie – Lighthouse47,5
453🇬🇧Lexie Carroll -do you want to leave this city?47,5
454🇬🇧Mosaic – She's A Rebel47,5
455🇩🇪Jon Doe – Love47,5
456🇩🇪Eddie Allin – FVCKILL47,5
457🇬🇧Angelina Luzi – LIFE47,5
458🇬🇧Joseph Lothian – All i Can47,5
459🇬🇧Sunflower Thieves – Lichtenberg Figures47,5
460🇬🇧Kallea – Stranger47,5
461🇬🇧Maruja – Blind Spot47,5
462🇫🇷Don HardRisk – Scent of Sin47,5
463🇮🇪Seán McComish – Fade Away47,5
464🇮🇪Gavin Fox – Lay Down Low47,5
465🇵🇱Lucas Burn – Soul Search47,5
466🇬🇧FRIENDsMITH – Spine47,5
467🇬🇧Freqload – Too High47,5
468🇬🇧Frank Bramble – Fall to Flames47,5
469🇬🇧Michael Baker – Until The End47,5
470🇬🇧Normal Behaviour – Thimble47,5
471🇮🇪Hook – Caroline47,5
472🇬🇧Joey Collins – A Love Long Gone47,5
473🇬🇧OneNamedPeter – Hurts47,5
474🇵🇱Pinky Loops – Navia47,5
475🇬🇧Fearn – Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)47,5
476🇬🇧Alana Sukul – Good To You47,5
477🇬🇧Scene It All – Long Days47,5
478🇬🇧Opal Skies – Parasite47,5
479🇬🇧Carl John Franz – Sister47,5
480🇮🇹TATARELLA - Lontano dai ricordi46,32
481🇺🇸Odelet – Angels39,449
482🇺🇸Price Royalty featuring Jai Emm – All for Some39,2
483🇮🇹Bluesex – Barcollo39,12
484🇨🇦Littleuniverses – Getting By39
485🇺🇸Tracey Coryell – Wildness39
486🇨🇦Zarbo – They Lie39
487🇬🇧Serma - Horizons38,88
488🇸🇪NORR – silence38,76
489🇺🇸Masha and the Fam – Take my time38,76
490🇪🇸Dj Moderno – La Nave Nodriza38,6
491🇸🇪VOCAL LONER – 197638,6
492🇯🇵Zenta Sato – The Deepest Sleep38,582
493🇸🇪La Sante – Something Is Happening38,48
494🇦🇺Genevieve Sovereign – Savouring Today38,4
495🇺🇸Hunter Reece – Hot Glue38,4
496🇪🇸Losun – Crossroad38,4
497🇩🇪Tim Scott – Escape to Paradise38,4
498🇬🇧Hybrid Kid – Change Your Mind38,36
499🇺🇸¡BAS! - Own Time38,2
500🇮🇹Calibro 40 - Come piace a te38,2
501🇺🇸Everything But The Everything – The Story38,2
502🇮🇹Alfonso Carabina - Destini da riscrivere38
503🇺🇸Amil X – I Hit It Right On (Glory to God)38
504🇺🇸DaeMarcus – Don’t Wait38
505🇮🇹Giuseppe Palmeri – Improvviso38
506🇮🇹Side74 – Credi che sia facile38
507🇨🇦Avalanche The Architect – Crazy37,98
508🇮🇹Tatarella – Lontano dei ricordi26,88
509🇮🇪Pmad – Medicine24,576
510🇺🇸Stephanie Seymour – There Was a Time22,6796
511🇬🇧The Fugitives – The Fugitive20,52
512🇫🇷Erebe – Drowned19,968
513🇺🇸Jacob Rountree – Vertigo19,968
514CATColoma Bertran – Principis19,6
515🇨🇳Maie – Kosmo19,6
516🇬🇧Peplo – Goodnight Maria19,6
517CATCarles Gutiérrez – GO19,5
518🇪🇪Cherry Tobacco – The Sacred Fire19,5
519🇪🇸Dmora – Lo que quieras19,5
520🇦🇺Michael Butera – ON MY WAY19,5
521🇮🇩Rex Party – Sins and Fallacies19,5
522🇦🇺Sahara Beck – Stillness19,45
523🇺🇸Thirsty Curses – Jenny19,4
524🇪🇸Almalé - Hixa Mía19,4
525🇺🇸Anji Kaizen – Monster19,4
526🇮🇹ARIA - The Next Life19,4
527🇦🇺Carousel Club – Old Boy19,4
528🇩🇪Herb Barclay Project – Wanna Be19,4
529🇬🇧Isolated Corners – I know something that I shouldn't19,4
530🇦🇹Modest Oda – Self-Destruction19,4
531🇦🇺Psychedelic RevolutionIt Follows the Rain19,4
532🇺🇸Songs for Sabotage – Rumors19,32
533🇮🇹Iuliano – On the radio19,3
534🇨🇦Jordan Jones – Stumble19,3
535🇸🇪Michael Rolin – Mitt trogna Göteborg19,3
536🇬🇧Strange World Music – Chasing You19,3
537🇬🇧The Fades – Lost My Job19,3
538🇨🇱Verso de Rokha - Los Gemidos19,3
539🇨🇦Frances Hope – Stay19,25
540🇺🇸Ivory! - Moonlight19,25
541🇮🇹Ladri di Fiori – Fiore di Loto19,25
542🇺🇸The XO – YOU'RE THE WORST19,25
543🇺🇸Sasha Hromyk – Dance19,24
544🇬🇧James Sebastian – Hangman19,23
545🇺🇸Nowhere North – Gods Gonna Cut You Down19,22
546🇵🇹Lisa Lex – Sirens19,21
547🇬🇧Ten Hands High – meet me by the apple tree19,21
548🇺🇸DOPE CALLED GLORY – Below19,2
549🇬🇧All Societies – Leaders #LTTF19,2
550🇺🇸Between Daze – Decision19,2
551🇸🇪Enoka – More Than Friends19,2
552🇨🇦HAWKING – A Tragedy (This Melody)19,2
553🇮🇪Johnny & The Brewsers – Dark Red Dice19,2
554🇺🇸June Rosewell – Apologies to an Empty Room19,2
555🇬🇧Katie Ida – Headrush19,2
556🇺🇸Kristian Phillip Valentino – Cold Hearted19,2
557🇮🇪No Monster Club – Waterfight!19,2
558🇬🇧PleasePrettyLea – Nude Silk Dress19,2
559🇺🇸Rebecka Larsdotter -Tonight19,2
560🇳🇱Subterranean Street Society – It's Me Babe - Live From Amsterdam19,2
561🇬🇧Tim Eveleigh – Overture19,2
562🇷🇺Under Delusion – Lover19,2
563🇪🇸Dieg0 – Insieme19,18
564🇺🇸Mic Luc – Wine Cellar Down Below19,18
565🇳🇱Camille Antoni – Comments feat. Jermaine Campbell19,15
566🇬🇧Fanchon – rsm SMiLE19,15
567🇺🇸SUBCIETY – fake19,15
568🇮🇪Johnny & The Brewsers – Tell Us19,13
569🇬🇧Drew Melano – I'm fucking done19,12
570🇺🇸Giuseppe Paradiso & Meridian 71 – Parallel Dimensions19,12
571🇨🇦JBT – Can't Hide19,1
572🇨🇦Kiyana – Aphrodite's Dead19,1
573🇬🇧FAERS – ROME19,1
574🇮🇹Francy Lupi – Sorridere19,1
575🇬🇧KUSHYKUSH – January19,1
576🇺🇸Lil Zib – SPINACH19,1
577🇬🇧Matt Saxton – It's Only Now That I Know19,1
578🇨🇦Max Edwards – Heaven19,1
579🇬🇧NEO 10Y – Vapid Prophecy19,1
580🇺🇸Nickelson - Action On Corrino19,1
581🇬🇧Susan's Boy – Life is Ok19,1
582🇧🇪Tes Yeux Rouges – Soleil Intérieur19,1
583🇬🇧Arliston – Centre19,09
584🇨🇦Burn The Louvre – Alison19,06
585🇺🇸jozie_ramone – Bakura19,05
586🇬🇧Maddie Magdalene – Here19,05
587🇺🇸The Wildwoods – Thirteen Sailboats19,05
588🇨🇦Am3r3 – Jaded19
589🇺🇸Gillian Rae Perry – A Reminder19
590🇬🇧Ben Pratt – I Love The Way19
591🇬🇧Benny Bizzie – Drunk N Naked19
592ET – Do Not Disturb19
593🇺🇸Exitstands – Here in My Bed19
594🇺🇸Flagman – Bumblebee19
595🇨🇦Gisun – Ancla19
596🇺🇸IDN – Heather Grey19
597🇮🇹Ivan Francesco Ballerini – Da mondi lontani19
598🇲🇹Leonardo Barilaro – Not 32 days without a note19
599🇺🇸Malou Beavoir Feat Francis Mbe & Joao Parahyba – The World Is Crying19
600🇺🇸Nana Kottens – Call Girl19
601🇺🇦Neon Black Dreams – Dreams19
602🇬🇧SOUP – Time for Change19
603🇺🇸The Drum – I Am Drum19
604🇺🇸Tireek – Backslide19
605🇺🇸TYDY – Scallion Pancake Adventure19
606🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Dark Visionæries - Children Of A Different God19
607🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Miro☆theos - Parallel Worlds19
608🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - SEGA/Ghenesis – Meridians19
609🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - The Lazarene - Back To Etheria19
610🇺🇸Havoc Osiris – Imbalance18,9
611🇺🇸Sky Lore – New Horizons18,9
612🇮🇹Davide Anniballi – Red Wine - A Maurizia18,7
613🇬🇧Derade – Take your soul18,7
614🇮🇹Miky – Sempre uguali18,69
615🇵🇱The Happiness & Derek Clegg - This Is Your Life12,16
616🇪🇸Boria - No Man's Land10,724
617🇳🇱Oxilogue – Don’t Stop Feeling10,4058
618🇮🇹Elnoir – X-Ray10,26
619🇬🇧La Vivas – Need for Speed10,088
620🇵🇹Ricardo Crávidá – Viva9,9
621🇺🇸Billy Cadden – One In Control (Tate Gregor Remix)9,88
622🇮🇹Myky – The One9,88
623🇬🇧Fran Lusty – I’m Blue9,8
624🇫🇷Daphne M. - Teardrops9,75
625🇩🇪Poploader- Books of Love9,75
626🇺🇸Rat Bath – The Tale of Dead Ol’ Fred9,75
627🇬🇧Silver Haar – It’s over9,75
628🇬🇧Snayx – Cigarette9,75
629🇺🇸Vonrenzo – Wedding Song (Be My Bride)9,75
630🇺🇸BackTalk – Remedy9,73
631🇬🇧Alex Bedford – Something about you9,725
632🇺🇸Ellery Twining – A Month of Sundays9,725
633🇩🇪Ale Galata – Wake up9,7
634🇮🇪Anna Leah – Don’t call me9,7
635🇬🇧Her Burden - Way Too Good For Me9,7
636🇺🇸Jeff Symonds – Caroline9,7
637🇪🇸Jtang -Ok Now9,7
638🇩🇪Manuel Garay – The One9,7
639🇺🇸Megawave – Mood Poisoning (feat. Laurieanne Creus)9,7
640🇺🇸Mouth Sounds – Lately9,7
641🇮🇪Sunburn – Rainy Day9,7
642🇨🇭Roger Ricks – Break the Cycle9,675
643🇳🇴Alesti – Disconnected9,67
644🇩🇪Tiny Buzz – Allein9,66
645🇬🇧Amy Fitzgerald – Winter Feels a Little Warmer This Year9,65
646🇫🇷Balensi – Space Machine9,65
647🇺🇸Brodie Dawson – Paycheck9,65
648🇺🇸Cael Dadian – Or So I Thought9,65
649🇸🇪Melanie Wehbe – Sugarcoat9,65
650🇬🇧The Ruby Tuesdays - Who You Running From (Dryden Sessions)9,65
651🇺🇸The Thing With Feathers – Sundays in the South9,65
652🇬🇧Christos & The Violet Crown – The black is on9,63
653🇬🇧La Dharma – Do you know why9,63
654🇺🇸MH – Errors9,63
655🇱🇺The Cookie Jar Complot - NEO9,63
656🇺🇸Jeff Symonds – Caroline9,625
657🇫🇷Kinishao – Always in my head9,62
658🇬🇧SABRINA – Drive9,615
659🇬🇧Thunderian Summer – Pain is a Friend9,615
660🇩🇰Nicolai Kornerup - Circle No. 1 (In F Sharp Minor)9,61
661🇵🇹A Flight of Giants – Homebound9,6
662🇬🇧Anouska Taylor – Awaken9,6
663🇺🇸Argonauta – Love Is Everything9,6
664🇬🇧Bizawi – Deliver the Impact9,6
665🇳🇱CRZE – Lola Bae9,6
666🇺🇸CYAAN – Paradise9,6
667🇬🇧Dez Rocksteady – Sweety Guy9,6
668🇺🇸Drug – Mama Drug Me9,6
669🇬🇧First Frontier – Edging9,6
670🇬🇧Foxxglove – High on Hope9,6
671🇺🇸Gxbriel – Is this what you wanted?9,6
672🇬🇧Henry Birt – Rainbows i could not see9,6
673🇩🇪Hotel California – Keep the Fire Burning9,6
674🇺🇸Jeff Lake – Today9,6
675🇸🇪Marble Raft – Divided Sea9,6
676🇫🇷Oracle Sisters – Captain America9,6
677🇬🇧S.A.A.R.A – Deliverance9,6
678🇺🇸Stephanie Seymour - There Was a Time9,6
679🇪🇸WRU – Lovely Sunny Day9,6
680🇬🇧Brie – Paranoia9,575
681🇺🇸Dropping Ugly – If It Were Me9,575
682🇺🇸Jamythyst – Homebody9,575
683🇬🇧Pale Lanterns – Neon9,575
684🇫🇷Shan2Baba – Tale my number9,575
685🇺🇸KingDex – Destiny9,57
686🇺🇸Zana Messia, Angelized – Photoshopped9,57
687🇬🇧Gabrielle Ornate – Spirit of the Times9,56
688🇬🇧Matt Saxton – Animal9,56
689🇬🇧Roman Nose – Man’s Gotta Eat9,56
690🇺🇸Sweaty Lamarr – Mysteries9,56
691🇬🇧Amii Dawes – A Thank you note9,55
692🇩🇪Cristoph Sebastian Pabst – Wonderland9,55
693🇺🇸Daniel Lerner – Harvest the Moon9,55
694🇬🇧Dead Menace – Dance Routines9,55
695🇬🇧Dwowdo – Save me9,55
696🇺🇸Julia Mark – Shadow9,55
697🇺🇸LONG/LAST – Reflection9,55
698🇬🇧Matilda Shakes – Shakedown9,55
699🇺🇸Micah Thunder – Mama's House9,55
700🇮🇪Podge Lane – Survive9,55
701🇬🇧The Howard Hughes Suite – Flow State9,55
702🇳🇿The New Things – In Time9,55
703🇳🇿The New Things – Polystyrene Heaven9,55
704🇳🇿The New Things – Vintage Nerd (Gravy)9,55
705🇳🇿The New Things – You’re Better9,55
706🇬🇧Xolydia – Tuned to you9,55
707🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Anywhere Anyhow Anytime Anyway9,55
708🇯🇵Zenta Sato – At Last at Home9,55
709🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Breathe Please9,55
710🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Counting Drips of Life9,55
711🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Footsteps on the corridor9,55
712🇯🇵Zenta Sato – It Reminded me of a story about blooming water lilies9,55
713🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Learnig the way of walking9,55
714🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Noises in my head9,55
715🇯🇵Zenta Sato – One Night in the White Walls9,55
716🇯🇵Zenta Sato – She Told Me to sleep tight9,55
717🇯🇵Zenta Sato – So Many Stories9,55
718🇯🇵Zenta Sato – The Deepest Sleep9,55
719🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Voices, voices9,55
720🇯🇵Zenta Sato – Window Riding9,55
721🇮🇪My Twisted Heart – Idontneedyou9,53
722🇬🇧Laura Dia – All in for you9,52
723🇬🇧All i Live For – See My Soul9,5
724🇩🇪Aniqo – Balance9,5
725🇬🇧Ben Mcelroy - Store Away for a Winters Day9,5
726🇬🇧Best Seller of the Same Name – Billionaires Row9,5
727🇬🇧Brixton Hillbilly – Ice Cream9,5
728🇺🇸Clash - Dragrace9,5
729🇺🇸Corvus ||| ShimaelokFuwafuwa9,5
730🇫🇮Daggerplay – National Day9,5
731🇦🇹David Era – More to Explore9,5
732🇬🇧Dwowdo – Heavy Load9,5
733🇺🇸Jaye Madison – Catch 229,5
734🇺🇸Kass Rose Gold – Shooting Star - Andre Elias Remix9,5
735🇬🇧Michael Ransom – I’d Do it Again9,5
736🇬🇧Neil C Young – Them Bones9,5
737🇮🇹Roberto Schoepflin - Catleya Jazzsphere9,5
738🇪🇸Rocio Lapaz – feel blue (pride)9,5
739🇬🇧Romarni Brytz – Autumn Again9,5
740🇷🇺Roni Rix – Angst9,5
741🇷🇺Roni Rix – Ephemerality9,5
742🇷🇺Roni Rix – Instant Effect9,5
743🇷🇺Roni Rix – Paradox9,5
744🇷🇺Roni Rix – Psychonaut9,5
745🇬🇧Roseland En Why Cee – Tetsuo9,5
746🇬🇧Ryan Samuel – Through Us9,5
747🇬🇧Sketchface – Metamorphosis9,5
748🇬🇧Skltn Crew – Patsy9,5
749🇺🇸The Ironed Curtain – Cloudwatchers9,5
750🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Abra Six - Sphere Within Spheres9,5
751🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Abra Six – Hyperion9,5
752🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Dark Visionæries – Realms9,5
753🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Elaia & Luxaia - The Magus (False Empire)9,5
754🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Kalyptos – Firebright!9,5
755🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Miro☆theos - The Dead Creation9,5
756🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - SEGA/Ghenesis – Timeforms9,5
757🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - Seirios β - Return Of The Starchild9,5
758🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - The Angelica Cage - Come O Dreadful One9,5
759🇮🇱ΠϢΑϪЄ - The Bell Epoch – Stigmatha9,5
760🇫🇷Ligne Quatre – One punk man9,495
761🇩🇪Luc Spada – Ciao Luca9,49
762🇬🇧Mark Sutton – Lost Love9,49
763🇬🇧Sourced. - All i want is a Christmas9,49
764🇮🇹Stefano Casavecchia – The Rising Sun9,49
765🇮🇪Suzic – Heaven9,475
766🇬🇧This Occasional Society – habana9,45
767🇫🇷Zelezna – Memories9,45
768🇬🇧Ess West – 5 each9,44
769🇬🇧Winterbrook – Polar Bear for Christmas9,4
770🇮🇹Osea Codega – Icy Eyes9,35
771🇵🇹Soroastra – A29,25
772🇺🇸Teresa Suydam – Edge Of Love8,404
773🇬🇧SASS – Glow6,112
774🇩🇪TONYC – Humanity4,992
775🇦🇹Neil Peters – Consumption4,966
776🇨🇦Terry K 3TL – The Way That You Kiss4,966
777🇨🇦Terry K 3TL – Take this heart4,94
779🇪🇸A Permanent Shadow - This Energy4,85
780🇳🇱Balwako – L&A4,85
781🇬🇧darren mason – Like a Bear with a Big Axe4,85
782🇦🇺Keaper – Day By Day4,85
783🇬🇧Onyda – Mediocre4,85
784🇺🇸2AMature - Watersocks – LIVE4,835
785🇺🇸AI – Parallel Lines4,835
786🇺🇸Teather – More or less4,835
787🇺🇸DEROSNEC – Nighttime In The Desert4,825
788🇬🇧Jet Vesper – Rhythm in Your Pocket4,825
789🇬🇧Nicole Dash Jones – Deeper4,825
790🇬🇧Peal – Clouds4,825
791🇵🇱Royal Preference – The way of kings4,825
792🇺🇸The Prickly Pair – Rosemary4,825
793🇬🇧Toyz – St Helena4,825
794🇦🇺VISION – Catching Feelings4,825
795🇺🇸The Collection – Won't Stop Yet4,81
796🇬🇧LdashD – Don't Give Up4,8075
797🇺🇦Alex Hast – My Dear Neighbor4,8
798🇺🇸Ayaan Ali Bangash – We For Love4,8
799🇬🇧Bella Bradley – I never meant to4,8
800🇺🇸Colin Stauber – Part Of Me4,8
801🇬🇧Dom Malin – Cold Feet4,8
802🇺🇸Dying Light – Far From Life4,8
803🇬🇧Electric Swing Circus – Gravity4,8
804🇺🇸Gedalya – The End of Days4,8
805🇨🇦Grabbz – Nasty4,8
806🇬🇧Hector Lee Tut – Warsaw Tombola4,8
807🇸🇪Juliander – If I Can't Have You4,8
808🇺🇸Karina Magallon – Secret Lover4,8
809🇺🇸Kelsey Blackstone – Lay You Down4,8
810🇺🇸Louise Cappi – Hope4,8
811🇬🇧Luke Jones – A Consequence of Divinity4,8
812🇬🇧The ib – Done Waisting my Time4,8
813🇸🇪VOCAL LONER - man on the moon4,8
814🇬🇧Anita traci – Holding On (yeah yeah)4,7825
815🇺🇸The Inevitables – Florida Moon4,78
816🇦🇺The Valery Trails – Araby4,78
817🇦🇺The Valery Trails – Introvert Blues4,78
818🇦🇺The Valery Trails – The Benefits of Motion4,78
819🇨🇦Travis Omen – Nightmares 2 (The Single)4,78
820🇨🇦Bailey Sutton – Go to Hell4,775
821🇷🇺InVR – Mind4,775
822🇺🇸King Kismet – Catching Fire4,775
823🇮🇱Lahis - Cool Tees4,775
824🇺🇸Madyson Lash – Champion4,775
825🇦🇺Nicole Issa – Feel Ok4,775
826🇦🇺Nikki Wishart – compromised4,775
827🇬🇧Shafkkat & Rojaz - Her4,775
828🇦🇺Tom Harrington – Be There Soon4,775
829🇦🇺Tom Harrington – Moving In4,775
830🇦🇺Tom Harrington – Turquoise4,775
831🇦🇺Tom Harrington – Unexplainable Things4,775
832🇦🇺Tom Harrington – Walls4,775
833🇺🇸VHCLE – Dark Matter4,775
834🇬🇧Winifer Odd – Anxious Angel4,775
835🇬🇧Bluebyrd – Too much noise4,75
836🇺🇸Couvo – Tired4,75
837🇱🇻Ginger Mane – Speed Dial4,75
838🇺🇸J. Adams – Always Me4,75
839🇬🇧Jem Doulton – Slow Drive In A Fast Machine4,75
840🇿🇦Jonty Hartwig – Can't hold back4,75
841🇺🇸Little Wretches – Dark Times – Live Acoustic4,75
842🇬🇧Loulita Gill – Heaven Is Holding You4,75
843🇺🇸Mission Stark – HeAd Is IN tHe Fog!4,75
844🇺🇸Nadirah X – Nobody’s Coming4,75
845🇺🇸Rare Seed - blue basin4,75
846🇲🇽s e r é n a t e – spaceboy4,75
847🇺🇸Spaceface – Millions & Memes4,75
848🇺🇸Half Shadow – I Practice Dying (in the Spare Room)4,74
849🇺🇸Dre Day 100 – Ride With Me4,7375
850🇺🇸Graystar – Avant Garde4,7325
851🇨🇭Marc Méan – Hyperreal4,6975
852🇵🇷Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society – Possession1,94
853Helena May – Funkalicious0,76
854Thurgzy - K**tty0,38
855🇨🇭Superflip – Zurück Zuhaus0,191

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