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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 29 of 2020

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1🇺🇸The Floyd's Feat. Altrina Renee - One More Night5947,5
2🇺🇸Amir Beats – Got em throwin dollars4774,7
3🇺🇸Ny'a - We Are Strong4536,378
4🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine-Baby Goodbye4536
5🇺🇸Ryte Eye Ty - Freedom4527,36
6🇮🇹Ivan Comar & Gabriele Saro - Open Your Eyes4464
7🇺🇸Gasoline Tequila - Indulgent Fool2954,6
8🇺🇸K-Roll - Real Quick2951,6
9🇮🇳Vineet - Mask2907,2
10🇺🇸DAWGGONEDAVIS ft. Chago G Williams - Darkest Hour2876,75
11🇺🇸Lecretia Ann - 32873,605
12🇺🇸Ashley Puckett - Bulletproof2850
13🇨🇦Andy Camp – Facebook Lover2838,5
14🇨🇦Ed Roman - Stronger2820
15🇺🇸Damon and the Crushboys – Hustle With A Purpose2442,74
16🇺🇸John Vento – Well Yeah Maybe2220
17🇺🇸Matt Craven- My Diamond Wings2127,5
18🇺🇸Ted Cline - Got Lonely To Early This Morning 2015,352
19🇮🇹Haiducii – Respira2013,34
20🇮🇹Giampix – Nella nuda stanza1968,36
21See Your Shadow - I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello1701
22Bill Abernathy - Whiskey Road1692
23🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Police Brutality1644,3
24🇺🇸Wendy Moten - Till I Get It Right1568,7
25Andre Mayon- Love At First Sight1330
26🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza - All the words we never said1313,76
27🇺🇸Destiny Malibu - Peace 20201222
28Jeremy Parsons - Tragedy1110
29Richard Lynch - Starting Now1110
30Everyday People - a Neo Sly Stone Experience - Hot Fun950
31Gary Burk III - Like That935
32Israel – Just be in a good mood925
33🇨🇦Andy Camp - One Night In June904,2
34🇮🇹RobAnd – Bextasy900
35🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Skippin887,8
36🇩🇪Jorg – On the run853,6
37🇺🇸Ace Diamond - Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin828
38🇮🇹Acquablag – The Mighty Cozzi's801
39🇮🇹Daniela Mastrandrea – Claudine & Jean Pierre769,08
40Tom Tikka - Working Class Voodoo744
41🇺🇸Matthew Schultz x Modern Machines – Go (radio edit remix)736
42Savannah - We Are Us736
43🇦🇹Composing4you - We rock 4 u tonite726,33
44🇺🇸Scott Celani Band - Home717,6
45🇺🇸Cary Park - You Matter To Me705,537
46🇺🇸Destiny Malibu – Lo Siento698,4
47🇺🇸Angela Predhomme - Sweet Delectable You666
48🇸🇳Justin Faye – Bree Tree661,2
49🇨🇦David Raynolds - Nuclear629
50🇮🇹DevilsOfMusic - Turn Up612
51🇺🇸Jim Lord - Helplessly I Fell612
52🇨🇦David Raynolds – Generator608
53🇺🇸Craymo – December Rain595,68
54🇺🇸Father Mykenzie – Dizzay592,74
55🇺🇸Goldee Heart-Give Me A Minute584,268
56🇺🇸My Luv Notes – You Don’t Own Me583,552
57🇮🇹Antonio Pignatiello - Sembra quasi domenica579,6
58🇺🇸DuShane Band – When I Walk Out576
59🇮🇹Lenny – Hope (feat. Betta Sacchetti)576
60🇮🇹Daniela Mastrandrea – Sottovoce572,28
61🇺🇸Mayne - No Hook536,5
62Sung Eun Choi-Let Me Stop534
63🇮🇹Max Montanari feat. PerikoloGeneriko – Tutto è troppo dentro te514,02
64🇨🇴Monsieur Job – I Wanna be your dog509,6
65🇺🇸The Dream Logic - My Red Heart ft. Vernon Reid507,6
66🇮🇹Max Montanari feat. PerikoloGeneriko – Fino in fondo504,4
67🇺🇸Patricia Lazzara - Reflections of Radiance472,5
69🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino - No One’s Gonna Stop Us Now470,016
70🇮🇹Damiano – Lei ti sta cercando459
71🇮🇳Thermal And A Quarter - Leaders of Men448,8
72🇩🇪Charlie Pass-Berlin Tourist Remix442,17
73🇺🇸Tom Proctor – Working man418,6
74🇺🇸Greye - Lucky418,472
75🇮🇹Bozoo – Bird409,5
76🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone - Piccola Emma407
77🇨🇦David Raynolds – This is the end403,2
78🇮🇹Ahri Arianna Vitale – E poi arrivi tu400,2
79🇮🇹Alfredo Olivieri -Troppi Cinesi392,7
80🇮🇹Betty Rose – Piuma Nera390
81EASY - Day For Night390
82🇮🇹Key Niemen – Inkantesimo390
83🇨🇭Donna Zed - Against The Rising Sun388,5
84🇮🇹Walter Piva - Cantando Sotto la doccia387,408
85Trevor & Hemond - One In A Million378
86Ethan Gold - Not Me. Us376
87Ghost - Vivi e lascia vivere - Vivimix  370
88Walker's Cay - Why Oh Why366
89🇺🇸The Deers Cry - Rise with the Dawn364,728
90Baby Jey – Bernice Kentner362
91Baby Jey – Teach Me 2 Forget360
92Felixity - Lazy Boi360
93🇺🇸Shemie Rozay – City Drop356,235
94🇮🇹Lenny ft. Samuel Rizza – Alzo le mani342
95🇮🇹Potacci – Maricarmen (English Version)342
96🇮🇹Francesco Giovannetti – Non piangere per me340,279
97🇺🇸Ace Diamond - Bad-Ass Hillbilly Band338,2
98🇨🇦David Raynolds – Ionize333
99🇬🇧Des Cox - My Internet Lover317,9
100🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Note d’oriente312
101🇺🇸Mike P. Fitzpatrick feat. Priscilla Bailey – Everything i need306,66
102🇺🇸Luanne Hunt - We Rise304
103🇮🇹Chiara Hudson – Cross the line296,604
104🇮🇹Carlo Kamal Bonomelli – Morire289
105🇮🇹Juri Mattia – Splende il sole288,6
106🇸🇳Justin Faye – Get the kick288
107🇮🇹The Mosaic - On the wings of wind286,4
108🇮🇹Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper284,256
109🇺🇸Anya Kay – Chains283,612
110🇺🇸Allocai – Feelings283,5
111Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Valentine277,5
112🇨🇭Steph Silance – Tango273
113🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Il volo dell’Anima272,64
114🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Altair272
115🇮🇹Marshell – La voce delle lune272
116🇮🇳Vineet - I'm OK271,794
117🇺🇸Kevin Hockaday - Big Mouth Small Brain270
118🇮🇹Giulio Sant – L’amore ti sorprende267
119🇨🇭Donna Zed – Bold266,19
120🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll261,8
121🇨🇭Donna Zed - Surrounding Me253,8
122🇺🇸Dawggonedavis - Weight Of The World252
123Stephen Wrench – Life’s a sham252
124Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – I don’t mind243,1
125🇮🇹Maria Grosso -Mi vieni a cercare242,72
126Amaze – Anthropology239,2
127Andrea Negro - Battiti237,9
128Resilience - 5.57236,6
129Silversnake Michelle - Plastic236,6
130🇺🇸Steve Markoff, Patricia Lazzara – Liama235,8
131🇮🇹Car3939 – La Ripalta235,2
132🇮🇹Valentina Gautier – Corri che corre il tempo234
133🇮🇹LILITH – Revealed227,5
134🇺🇸Standard Of Praise - Strength (Song Of Solomon Chapter 9) 227,104
135🇨🇦Fadi Awad & Sasha Dee Jay ft. Addie Nicole - Release222
136🇮🇹Lenny (feat. Luca Chiari e Rok) – Supporta Chico216
137Harry Stafford - Black Rain214,8
138🇨🇭Donna Zed – Enough Years213,6
139🇮🇹Giuseppe Cirillo - A Grace feat. Luca Morolla212,3
140🇬🇧Short-Haired Domestic - A Song in Latin211,968
141🇬🇧The Wolfhounds - I Can't See The Light209
142🇮🇹Giampix - Retro208,656
143🇮🇹Vinz Milani – Baby208,08
144🇮🇹Maghi di Ozzy – Ego198
145🇮🇹Nannarao – Temporale198
146🇮🇹Slimm25 – Goodnight196
147🇺🇸DawgGoneDavis-Judge Not Rap Yes193,2
148🇮🇹Beppe De Francesco – 12 maggio 2016192
149Darwin - God's Country192
150🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - If I Could Reach Your Heart (A Covid Quarantine Collaboration)190,55
151🇦🇺The Wolfman – I Want to have sex with you feat Terry Lee189
152Overhate – Never Ending War188
153Lumen Jingos – Tragic Innocence187
154Lazaris Pit - Cloudsculpting186
155🇮🇹Frankie Brasko – Scappo al mare184,052
156🇮🇹Pasquale Gravela – Dicono che180
157UC LUV – WOW180
158🇮🇹Andrea Petrucci Redpassion – Dance Honey179,78
159🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – La Forza della Pace178,2
160🇮🇹Gabriel Wegner - Aleppo175,5
161🇺🇸Alex Alan ft. Juan Guti - Deranged169,2
162🇮🇹Alessandro Di Carlo – Piccolo cuore che batte165
163T Brown – Covid 19160,2
164🇮🇹Francy Stolfa – Chiediti il perché157,5
165🇮🇹Katya Chirico – Sei come me155,628
166🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Smile152
167Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Beautiful Stranger148
168Blu Collar – Glomeration – Tall Wooded Forest146,4
169🇺🇸Jim Lord - Little Star145,6
170SSTC feat. Kief Brown Go For What You Know144,8
171🇨🇭Donna Zed – My voice144
172🇮🇹Traindeville – Il Cavaliere delle Nuvole144
173Max Wilner -Sento ancora te142,4
174🇮🇹Barison Square - Lost And Found138,6
175🇦🇺Man City Sirens - The Man WHo Visited The Earth138,6
176🇮🇹Rayka Blake – Nevermore137,944
177🇮🇹Rosgos - Standing in the light133
178🇺🇸OneGunn - Be Kool Everybody131,6
179Saimon - Sostanze126,72
180Malbona - Appassirà124,6
181Samuele Percivaldi - Il vento d'aprile124,6
182🇮🇹Melissa Ciaramella - Pensare Diverso120
183🇮🇹Boskovic – Remember118,3
184MHUD - Cheval De Bataille111,6
185🇮🇹E.F.I.X. - Ancora108,6
186🇮🇹Elememphis - Protagonisti108,6
187🇮🇹Lucien Fuego - Mondo Virtuale105,096
188🇨🇳Oscar T – One More Reason (Sunday Morning)95
189🇮🇹Rio – State of Mind95
190🇮🇹Recidivo – Gioia Amore & Cenere94,5
191🇸🇪Rebel Gel – Living the Dream93,5
192🇮🇹Marcocram – Circus87
193Ahri Arianna Vitale – Fermati78,84
194Dealit - Help73,6
195🇺🇸The Deer's Cry.- Princess Dress73,528
196🇮🇹Arvena – Sbarre73,098
197Sekou Andrews & The String Theory - The Music Movement72
198🇮🇹Giampix – Perplesso71,94
199Matteo Venneri - Inseguo Me71,6
200Loving the Sun – The Inside Light70,4
201Loving the Sun – There is no other girl70,4
202KIZIS – Sopeka66,165
203🇦🇺Andy Michaels – Darling it hurts61,79
204🇬🇭FUNKMATA - SignOut6658,32
205🇨🇦HB Wild featuring Joe Satriani – Make Time 4 Love57,6
206🇮🇹Giulia — The Italian Pianogirl – Shallow (Piano Version)54,72
207Barry International - Forgettin' Aint Easy54,6
208🇮🇹digital_human - Mzansi (Mama Africa)54,6
209🇮🇹Cau Porta – Grow54
210Studio Cremisi – Neve d’amore54
211TeaTrum – Heaven53,4
213Barry International's Epiphany - ONE MORE CHANCE51
214🇨🇭Donna Zed – Morphine51
215🇮🇹Emilya ndMe – Snow40,2
216Phaze II – April39,2
217Nikavo - Yummy Miami37
218🇺🇸Taylor Renee Marx - Overwhelming Love37
219🇳🇴Øksendal – Candid Eyes36,2
220Monsieur Job – Muero por ti36
221Stephen Wrench – Dad36
222🇨🇦Special Ops – Blood and tears34,8
223🇮🇹Giuliano Bruscantini – In the dusk34,34
224🇵🇱Michal Rutkowski – Berlin Wall33,8
225🇮🇹Brigida LB Santabrigida – Cause i love you33
226🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Quando me ne andrò32
227🇺🇸Brian Shuck – Southbound Summertime19,7
228🇺🇸Destiny Malibu - Sweet Persuasion19,584
229🇺🇸Anya Kay – Roses are red19,5
230🇳🇿Blu Fish – Up Down19
231Garden of Agony – Daze of the Hippie18,9
232🇬🇧The Academy of Sun - Rose Devoid Of Form18,8
233Garden of Agony – Sleep18,7
234🇳🇴Øksendal – Like a Drum18,6
235🇺🇸Gino McKoy feat. Diamond – Sensy Girl18,5
236HALLOWS - Subtle18,5
237🇺🇸Jennie J – Chevy Girl18,5
238🇮🇹SIXTEEN – Ipocondria18,4
239The Mystery Plan - Ballad of JC Quinn18,4
240🇺🇸Steve Markoff and Patricia Lazzara – Hallelujah18,15
242🇨🇭Donna Zed – Into the dark18
243Ender Bender - Star Killer18
244I Am A Rocketship - My Nature18
245🇷🇺Terrorists Of Romance - Always Choose Wrong18
246🇮🇹Osea Codega – Wind o Night17,9
247🇮🇹Toni Veltri – Via per noi17
248🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Anche se non so volare16
249🇰🇷Sung Eun Choi-Come2,72
250🇬🇧2Square _ Mark Gardener - Chained1,48
251🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Because of you1,14
252🇮🇹Antòn – Soli contro tutti0,825
253🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Ahmaud0,752
254From The Specials - LOCKDOWN0,752
255EASY - Crystal Waves0,744
256🇮🇹Arminante Innocenzo – Prenderò il tuo posto ( Crazy robot remix)0,684
257🇮🇹Gaia Bianco – Non cado in piedi0,394
258🇨🇦Special Ops –Baby Take It All0,372
259🇮🇹Brigida LB Santabrigida – Brividi0,326
260🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - The Corona Virus0,17