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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 47 of 2021


1🇮🇹Siriaz y Malo – Cleopatra10160,64
2🇺🇸Stephen Wrench - Storm9948,4
3🇺🇸Chris St John - Hey Siri9633
4🇩🇪Ajay Mathur – I need you now9622,368
5🇺🇸Jason Shand - $$$ In the Bank ( Let Go)  9167,5
6🇮🇹Gabriele Saro - Back Parachute8817,576
7🇺🇸Marla Lewis - The Boogie Woogie Man8508,5
8🇺🇸Max Hawthorne - A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas8329,152
9🇬🇧John Dartnell - Here's To The Road8172,648
10🇺🇸Tony Turner - Blackwater Shine7681,059
11🇮🇹TiTo Esposito – You Can Take This Time7680
12🇮🇳Kiara Chettri – Falling7190,784
13🇺🇸Tanille - Santa Don't Pass Me By 6912
14🇺🇸DawgGoneDavis - Here Comes Santa Dawg6660
15🇮🇳Rohan Solomon – It’s Christmas6194
16🇮🇳Vineet – PFH.Party from Home6080
17🇦🇹Vienna CC - Twenty Four Seven Love5984
18🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Frankenstein 5809,2
19🇺🇸PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel - Live In Me 5662,56
20🇺🇸Intelligent Diva - In My Feelings5550
21🇺🇸Matthew Schultz x Zolo – One Wok5092
22🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Today Is Your Day 4315,2
23🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie "You're Not There"4302,275
24🇮🇹TiTo Esposito – Good Riddance (Time of your life)3120
25🇮🇳Rohan Solomon - Set Me Free2920,05
26🇺🇸Matthew Schultz - Can't Stop2707,2
27🇺🇸Norm Adams and Julia Robertson - Over 2646,189
28🇺🇸Jarod Grubb - What She's Drinkin' On2465,6
29🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Take your knees off our necks2449,7
30🇺🇸Marla Lewis – Kill the Lights2394
31🇺🇸Kiron Rasheed - Be In Love2386,5
32🇺🇸Robert Minott - You Are 2180,8
33🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Atatiana2150,5
34🇺🇸Luckie Boy - Party Of One 1934,205
35🇨🇺Isabella Castillo, Maykel Castillo and Descemer Bueno - Tears Of Blood1881,6
36🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight1867,44
37🇩🇪Jørg Klein - Slidin' Christmas1680,8
38🇺🇸Skip Martin - Musicians Come Together on Anthem of Hope - People Get Ready1593,6
39🇺🇸Spooky Action at a Distance' -Every Sensation1512
40🇺🇸Jarod Grubb - Tiki Bar on The Beach1395
41🇺🇸Stephen Wrench - Plow1264,8
42🇮🇹Music Angels : Il Mito New Trolls, Danilo Amerio, Johnson Righeira, Marco Ferradini, Valentina Gautier, Recidivo, Coro Young Cetra – Merry Xmas (War is Over)1146
43🇮🇹Chiara Alesci – Aria965
44🇮🇹JdOnTheBeat Feat. Simona – M – Silenzio assordante960
45🇮🇹Joè – Dandelion955
46🇮🇹Danomay – Una formica950
47🇮🇹Marco Guella – Tu sei950
48🇮🇹Cenzysax – Panama940
49🇮🇹Gianluca Lulu – L’Equilibrio940
50🇮🇹Miky – Sempre uguali934,5
51🇺🇸Robert Minott - Yuh Mek Me Feel Good 930
52🇮🇹Radio – Non c’è adesso925
53🇮🇹Power Combo – Natale Natale902,4
54🇺🇸Sarantos "I Just Don't Care"841,5
55🇺🇸Once Great Estate "Shelbyville Inn"801,8
56🇺🇸Matt Westin "Thin Blue Line"776
57🇺🇸The Dream Logic – I'll Be Back Right Back768
58🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Soli all'unanimità760
59🇺🇸Jerry Bogan - I promised Her A Honky Tonk751,366
60🇮🇹Stefano Virga – Laverità679,265
61🇮🇹Alex Conte – È un tempo il Natale678,9
62🇺🇸Brian Iannucci - Kiss You For The Rest Of My Life676,8
63🇦🇺Jess Ball – Thank you640
64🇺🇸Anthony Casuccio – Not Alone632,58
65🇺🇸Benny S. - Step Up feat. S.L.I, J-Dill & Joshy548,856
66🇺🇸Randy Seedorff "Never Alone"521,1
67🇺🇸J.Maurice – Facetime494
68🇮🇹Awa – Ciò di cui ho bisogno490
69🇺🇸Doug Kistner feat. Bill Champlin "There's The Door"465,6
70🇺🇸John Vento "Taxi"458,4
71🇺🇸Jay Elle "Tequila Kiss"456
72🇮🇹Giuliano Pramori – Un altro Natale451,4
73🇺🇸HeIstheArtist - Sumthin' Sumthin' (Disco Funk version)448,8
74🇮🇱Lior Holzman – If i hadn’t met you395,65
75🇮🇳Kiara Chettri - Why 392,742
76🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Song of Hope389,5
77🇮🇹Donno – Indigesto388
78🇹🇷Barista "Dreams Remix B"385,4
79🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Understood But Never Knew374,4
80🇮🇹Giuseppe Palmeri – Genesys371,64
81🇮🇹Max Eldorado – Sempre e mai362,9
82🇺🇸Tedi Brunetti "Eat, Sleep, Repeat"353,976
83🇸🇬Matilde G - Milk N' Honey352,8
84🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Akele Hi Sahi343,8
85🇺🇸Soulful Femme feat. Joanna Connor "40 Under"342,608
86🇺🇸Alfreda Gerald – Jump to it342
87🇨🇦Fate Will Come – Bitch335,616
88🇮🇹Zerocurve - Burning Down The Pray331,89
89🇮🇹Gedrizz Feat. Maryam – Never know331,2
90🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist "Sumthin' Sumthin"331,128
91🇮🇹Silvia Frangipane - Rien à Faire329,8
92🇮🇹Volo Altissimo – Alea Iacta Est329,8
93🇮🇹No Name Italian Flavour – Musica Nueva328,51
94🇮🇹Maria Marino – Amori Improvvisi327,537
95🇺🇸Contessa Blue – Black Cow326,784
96🇮🇪Cat Dowling – Animals326,4
97🇨🇦Claire Odogbo – Robed in Righteousness326,4
98🇺🇸Louise Cappi – Hope326,4
99🇮🇹Oliver Alex Fabbro – Troppo Breve326,4
100🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins "Back When"326,4
101🇫🇮Tom Tikka & the Missing Hubcaps "With Eyes Closed"326,4
102🇮🇹Varnadi Kristo Tony D'Alessio Le Matrioske - La Primavera (di Vivaldi cantata)326,4
103🇮🇹Heartless - Non è L.A324,7
104🇮🇹Therry - Ieri324,7
105🇮🇹Alfonso Carabina - Me l'han detto323,76
106🇮🇹Alhená – Adventure of a Lifetime323
107🇺🇸Carlito Panama - OG CP 7154323
108🇺🇸Chris St.John – A Box For Jewels323
109🇺🇸Deranged The Insane – Way Up323
110🇺🇸Executive Order - A to Z323
111🇮🇹Filippo Muneghina- Soddisfatti o rimborsati323
112🇮🇪Francie Conway – Peace, Love & Rock n roll323
113🇺🇸Gary Pratt "Country To the Bone"323
114🇮🇹GiusiPre – Autunno323
115🇮🇹JATA - Crazy Game of Phobias323
116🇮🇹L'ello – Ritmo 70323
117🇺🇸Once Great Estate "Even The Undertaker"323
118🇺🇸Vukov – Starlight323
119🇺🇸Melissa Pettignano – Blessed Lord Jesus322,056
120🇨🇦Ed Roman "Happiness"321,3
121🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Ring The Bell321,3
122🇮🇹Osea Codega – Joke321,3
123🇺🇸Ronnue Ft. Lisa G. Allen – Dance Tonight321,3
124🇮🇹Alhená - Hé Xié320,656
125🇺🇸Sun King Rising "Free Will In China Blue"320,164
126🇻🇪Grand Bite - Long Live Rock & Roll
127🇺🇸Jordan Downs - Jordan Downs319,6
128🇮🇹Paul Rondena - Una Foto319,6
129🇸🇪The Ringflowers – The G-String Theory (Grøn Samba)319,6
130🇺🇸Tommie Leveal - As You See Me Walking319,6
131🇺🇸Annie Minogue Band - Sandbox318,087
132🇮🇹Niko – Come il sole all’equatore317,9
133🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Erisse - Heading Out To The Club316,2
134🇮🇹Julian Ross – Impatto316,2
135🇺🇸Lumen Jingos – Angel Mine316,2
136🇮🇹Quoroom - Mandami via316,2
137🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Bullo omofobo razzista314,5
138🇮🇹Andrea – Solamente noi314,5
139🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - The Greeting314,5
140🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te314,5
141🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare314,5
142🇸🇪The Ringflowers – Don't Swap to WAP: A Cry in the Wilderness314,5
143🇨🇦Renita Zintel – Beautiful Girl312,984
144🇺🇸Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain feat. Sarah Teibo & Tony Pruitt307,392
145🇺🇸Bill Abernathy "World's Foremost Authority on Everything"307,2
146🇬🇧Inca Babies - Walk In The Park307,2
147🇺🇸See Your Shadow "Showdown"307,2
148🇺🇸Beauty In Chaos - 'Orion' ft. Whitney Tai305,6
149🇺🇸I Am a Rocketship - Fever Dream305,6
150🇺🇸Zpextre – Laidback305,6
151🇩🇪Joe Rain – Smile304
152🇺🇸Violent Rays –White Lady304
153🇮🇹Chuckling Pies – Pegasus303,42
154🇮🇹Chico Bandana, La Flama, Shay - OMG301,44
155🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Senza te300,8
156🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - Motivate Yourself299,2
157🇸🇪The Ringflowers – Mr. Hotel299,2
158🇮🇹Gli incubi di Freud - Miglior attore non protagonista297,96
159🇮🇹Dalyrium Bay – G.T.C.288,8
160🇩🇪E;R! Feat. Agathe Paglia Rockin' Lullaby
161🇮🇹Ivan Francesco Ballerini - Volare libero288
162🇬🇧Frixtion Dance – Summer Festival286,5
163🇮🇹Cipriano - Terra madre285
164🇮🇹Massimo Gentili - Colpevole285
165🇮🇹Damaro - Viverla Semplice283,5
166🇮🇹Fuoriorario – Niente283,5
167🇮🇹Davide Prezzo – Tre282
168🇮🇹Figli di Eva - La scoperta dell'America282
169🇮🇹Pino Arco – La Signora dei Boschi279
170🇮🇹Alex Conte – Parlami nel buio278,25
171🇮🇹Riccardo Vello – Lockdown268,758
172🇺🇸Moral DK – House of the Rising Sun262,848
173🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - More L's Than Wins260,4
174🇺🇸Jenn Vix – PTSD250,9
175🇨🇦Rich Chambers - High School Can't Last Forever245,7
176🇬🇧Rodney Cromwell - Memory Box244,776
177🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – Magick Wand210,936
178🇳🇿Mac Summer – Web of life210,1
179🇿🇦Fivesideddice – Rest your head209
180🇶🇦Lierda – Waves209
181🇦🇺Jen Lush – Seagull206,8
182🇮🇱Roya – Lights on206,8
183🇮🇹ABA – Vedi205,7
184🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - On Top Of My Game205,7
185🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Fallin202,65
186🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Nice Guy199,5
187🇺🇸Breakfast for Dinner – Say198
188🇺🇸Stuart Pearson – You Don't See Me (Jimmy Crack Corn)198
189🇮🇹Maria Angeli – Anyhow196
190🇺🇸Mason Rose Gray – Rebel196
191🇬🇧Wynona Bleach – Drag196
192🇺🇸Mocity Jones – Mr. Right Now195,6
193🇨🇦Cory M. Coons - Freedom Road195
194🇺🇸Mason Rose Gray – Perfect Design195
195🇬🇧Megzz – Checkmate195
196🇨🇦The Congregation - Soundtrack to the End of the World195
197🇨🇦Zarbo – They Lie195
198🇺🇸Craymo – One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix194
199🇨🇦_ECHOSEVEN – Every-Thing192
200🇨🇦Close Kicks Feat. Louwop - Small Town, Big Dreams192
201🇺🇸Laika Beats – Generations192
202🇳🇿Sabreen Islam – Like a movie192
203🇬🇧Calm. - Our Twenties191
204🇺🇸Ethan Senger – I’m Fine191
205🇺🇸Fox Fagan – Gotta Get Out191
206🇺🇸Jeff Carlson Band – Enemy Within191
207🇩🇪Paranoia Afterglow – From Hell191
208🇮🇪Jeremy Engel – Secret Place190,89
209🇬🇧A.B. Violet – Merry Go Round190
210🇺🇸AI – Vincent Dylan190
211🇺🇸Dregarde – Fine Wine190
212🇺🇸Frantic Endeavor – Made up190
213🇸🇪Hanna Söderberg – Can´t Change My Frequency190
214🇺🇸Jesse Grossi – Moments of Fire190
215🇳🇴K-Syran and Benedicta Syran – We can’t go back190
216🇺🇸Lara de Belder – Overtime190
217🇺🇸Mr. Starz – Bounce190
218🇮🇱Raleÿell – Let them stare190
219🇺🇸The Neid's Hotel Band "The Day the Lady Cried"190
220🇫🇮Tom Tikka "By 2022"190
221🇺🇸Joseph Hunter Duncan – Always on my mind189,9
222🇬🇧Jarvis Lane – Hurricane189,88
223🇺🇸Foundry Town Survivors - Mississippi Rising189
224🇬🇧Jarvis Lane – Dear John189
225🇺🇸Strange & The Familiars - Pie189
226🇦🇺The Brazilians - Waiting (For Rock N Roll To Come Around)189
227🇺🇸Todd Barrow – Good Luck189
228🇺🇸BC ROADZ – Stack$188
229🇺🇸Drosz – Set it Off188
230🇺🇸Ely Ayers – Espresso188
231🇺🇸Jake Bracey & The Mountain Laurels – Drag188
232🇬🇧L E M F R E C K – Closer188
233🇬🇧Mars Valencia – Nomads188
234🇺🇸Mason Rose Gray – Eternity188
235🇳🇴One and a half dog – Shine188
236🇨🇦Rich Chambers - It's Christmas Time All Over the World188
237🇬🇧Scott Bathgate & Nadya Albertsson – Watermelon Sugar188
238🇺🇸Ali Pips – Yours Truly, Ms. Darkside187
239🇳🇱Kafka – Out of Tune187
240🇬🇧Little Drum – Darling Ocean187
241🇺🇸See Your Shadow "Christmas on Cellblock 9"187
242🇩🇪Cem Sari – Zenit186
243🇷🇴Carameladora – Burnt185,64
244🇷🇴Carameladora – Home185,64
245🇬🇧Conal Montgomery – The Corner Stone185
246🇺🇸Soda Cracker Jesus – Kaleidoscope185
247🇬🇧Samplehound – Rebuilding183
248🇰🇷Sung Eun Choi – Don’t Let It Stop147,2
249🇺🇦Сома - Искренность147,06
250🇮🇳Vineet - WTF. Where's The Fun142,5
251🇦🇺Eamonn Conor - Blinded (Band Version)141,75
252🇦🇺Red Revel – Gastown Man141,75
253🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Un motivo138,84
254🇦🇺Ian Dencker – Smile138
255🇮🇹Samuele Mazza – Ansia PTN137,03
256🇮🇹Demis Facchinetti & Luca Marchetti – Asia135,992
257🇮🇹Josè Strata – Ora sono qui135,8
258🇺🇸Nied's Hotel Band "The Day the Lady Cried"135,8
259🇺🇸Tha Faction – G.O.A.T.135,1
260🇮🇪CJXY (Ft. Rory Eyre) – Show me love134,4
261🇮🇱Jiva – Haim134,4
262🇺🇸Jonathan Cavier - Forest Through the Trees134,4
263🇦🇺Starava – Lava Lamp134,4
264🇮🇹L-Rhose - Before it rains134,232
265🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – La regola del Cuore133,7
266🇦🇺Fonteray - Flash Of Colour (Michael Belsar Remix)133
267🇯🇲Julian Jae – Tell me (Dime)133
268🇬🇧Phil Joseph – Babe you are mine Summer Mix133
269🇫🇮Pennies By The Pound - The Waters132,489
270🇫🇮Human Tricks - Have a little faith132,3
271🇺🇸Grand River Sound - WHERE I BELONG (featuring Dallas Norrie)131,6
272🇮🇹Kicco – Ferma reset131,6
273🇷🇺Under Delusion – Cry Another Day131,6
274🇮🇪CJXY – Achilles (Prod. BeatsByBunz)130,9
275🇮🇹Sonny Chamaquito- Hace Calor130,9
276🇺🇸Billy the Kid - Reaper130,2
277🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Wasn't Justified130,2
278🇮🇹Gianluca Gallo feat. Lydia Breska – Bailando Mambo130,2
279🇺🇸Bamboo Kallum – Clean Heart129,5
280🇮🇹Francy Lupi – Sorridere129,5
281🇮🇹Compañeros Soda – Parada Capo Blanco128,8
282🇦🇺RJ Bacon – Ambrosia128,45
283🇧🇪Big Dega ft. Vee – Walk Alone118,2
284🇦🇺John Leslie Hulcombe – Born of the Fire113,778
285🇺🇸Lowgear – Mexican Radio112,8
286🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Sunset In Venezia112,2
287🇺🇸Little Wretches "All Of My Friends (Live)"111,74
288🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Always in my mind111,6
289🇺🇸Kee Beez – Champion111,6
290🇦🇺Assassins – Believe111
291🇬🇧Derade – Waiting111
292🇫🇷Maris Ben – Mediterranean Baby108,3
293🇮🇳Vineet – Hurry105,05
294🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Teddy Bennington - Step Back In Time96
295🇺🇸The Bittersweets – Godspeed96
296🇺🇸Richard Lynch – Grandpappy95
297🇬🇧Nick Hudson - The Florist94,5
298🇮🇹Giampix – Estate al lime90,835
299🇬🇧Angus Powell - Holding Up The Heavy82,28
300🇩🇪Altan – Lies81,32
301🇵🇹Earth to Abigail - The Forest79,2
302🇬🇧Downhill – Mode78,96
303🇨🇦Split Persona – No you won’t78,4
304🇮🇹Zagare di Luna – Roots77,972
305🇬🇧John Ellwand – Roots Of Love77,6
306🇨🇦Spencer Cropper – I Love you ‘Cause you make me feel loved77,6
307🇺🇸Boy Untitled – Zenith77,568
308🇺🇸Emmrose – Thorns77,2
309🇨🇦Carbon Memory – Rumours77,112
310🇺🇸Dez Rocket – Shocktane76,8
311🇬🇧Flaming June – Hope in a jar76,8
312🇬🇧Nadia Moon – You Remind Me76,8
313🇺🇸Subsurfer – Fairytale Mind76,8
314🇨🇦SWiiMS – Call Me76,8
315🇺🇸Soldier Story - Exactly what you need76,4
316🇺🇸Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L – Go Ghost!76
317🇸🇪Cicci Landén – Over Again76
318🇭🇺Linda – Best Friend76
319🇺🇸Matt Monsoor – Galloway76
320🇳🇱On Fleek – Quadrantid-9476
321🇺🇸OWO – Searching76
322🇩🇪The Midnight Shower – Late Riser76
323🇮🇹UMI – Memory’s Forest76
324🇺🇸Abby London – Bushes75,6
325🇺🇸Carson Aday – She Took Your Heart and Ran75,6
326🇬🇧Jaayns – Real Things75,6
327🇨🇦Mark Brathwaite – Champion Flow75,6
328🇺🇸Shae Brock – Wish75,6
329🇫🇮Apollo I Nine – Walk it out75,2
330🇬🇧Giant Head Collective – Sin ft. Scott Mulhearn75,2
331🇬🇧Giant Head Collective – The Lost Highway ft Scott Mulhearn75,2
332🇬🇧Golem Dance Cult – Nosferatu Waltz75,2
333🇺🇸mad/no/mad - Ooh La La
334🇺🇸Nathaniel Paul – Bitter Melody75,2
335🇺🇸Ring Finger No Pinky - Girl Tsunami75,2
336🇬🇧Aza Brown – The Way that i Roll74,8
337🇵🇹Greg Bounce – Can i Now feel?74,8
338🇮🇸Lón – Earthquake74,8
339🇬🇧Velazquez – Streets of Life74
340🇺🇸Everything But The Everything – Blue Sun73,6
341🇬🇧Joe Cang - JC & Bensley: Lose It73,2
342🇺🇸Arson Whales – Scene Four72,8
343🇬🇧Bridget Kelly Quinn – Isla72,4
344🇪🇸Hannah Grace – Foxgloves72
345🇬🇧Sean at the Hotel – Not Good70
346🇬🇧Char – Walk Without Fear67,68
347🇬🇧Curtis Culley – Strip it Back61,38
348🇨🇦Shimmer Johnson – Awakened57,9
349🇬🇧SPRAY - Hammered In An Airport57,6
350🇺🇸Jay Elle "Miss Mess"56,4
351🇳🇱Dizzy Panda ft. Yogishine – You can do (what u wanna do)56,4
352🇺🇸Miss Freddye - Something To Believe In"55,8
353🇬🇧Oggy – Find my way52,92
354🇮🇹Myky – Free Love49,92
355🇺🇸Remote Control – Take me back49,14
356🇬🇧Exxyle – Line in The Sand49,14
357🇵🇪Theremyn_4 - Nazca Cowboy (feat. Paul Bee Hampshire)48,88
358🇸🇪John Daniel - Låt Mig Säga Förlåt Mig48,62
359🇬🇧Katriine – Talk47,75
360🇬🇧Skymachine – Times Like These47,75
361🇺🇸Zo – Cry47,5
362🇺🇸Ero808 – Replacement47,5
363🇬🇧Belle Roscoe – Soho Shoes47,5
364🇬🇧Flatfoot Sam – R3lease47,5
365🇸🇪Vira Milton – Liar47,5
366🇮🇹Maestro Antonio Erbino – Fantaisie Improptu47,5
367🇬🇧Rhys Crowther – Parallel Lines47,5
368🇬🇧Insko – Not ok47,5
369🇦🇺Heirloome – Flesh To Flower47,5
370🇺🇸Pure Topic – Mother Nature’s Wrath47,25
371🇮🇹Gabriel Touch - We Can Love Our Sparks47,25
372🇬🇧Chintzy Stetson – Falling In47,25
373🇬🇧No Vacancies – This Feeling47,25
374🇦🇺Carl De Villa – Love of My Life47,25
375🇦🇺Sacha. - Serenity47,25
376🇲🇾Thin Escape – Rewind & Repeat47
377🇺🇸AM – Make Believe47
378🇺🇸Brystan – Minding My Business47
379🇬🇧Pedro Samp – Harlequeen47
380🇦🇹Greyshadow – Fast47
381🇫🇷Mark O – Feel for you47
382🇬🇧Anya Marsland – Soft Sounds47
383🇬🇧The Ruby Tuesdays – Man of the People47
384🇬🇧Stay for Tomorrow – Non applicable (Na Na)47
385🇬🇧HOL – Intoxicated Dreamin47
386🇰🇷Lunar Isles – Breathe47
387🇦🇺Muules – Drain47
388🇺🇸Tay – I’m so sad46,75
389🇺🇸Happy Clinic – Lokomotiv46,75
390🇺🇸Mimi Pretend – Awake With Me46,75
391🇺🇸Melissa Mills – Benefits46,75
392🇬🇧FHUR - We Just Wanna Have Fun46,75
393🇳🇴Marianne Engebretsen – Light as the Moon46,75
394🇮🇪Chósta – Late Night Jazz Radio46,75
395🇺🇸Gentlemen’s Crow – Did i get the picture?46,625
396🇨🇦Lulu Lais - Waiting For A Call (Your Interlude)46,6
397🇺🇸CNA Devil – Dead to the World46,6
398🇺🇸Favor Valentine – Figures46,6
399🇺🇸You Folk – Winnowing46,525
400🇺🇸Lonely Together – Can’t Believe It46,5
401🇺🇸Sara Jackson-Holman – Supercinematic46,5
402🇺🇸Selena Vaughn – Blackstill46,5
403🇺🇸Voli Contra – Zeitgeist46,5
404🇺🇸Palm Trees in Moscow – Blood in the Water46,5
405🇺🇸Selena Tibert – Where it’s Dark46,5
406🇺🇸Collin Stanley – Gone Through Hell46,5
407🇧🇷Geovanna Fleur – Plan A46,5
408🇺🇸Max Swan – Shackles46,5
409🇺🇸Diana Bidèa – Lifeline46,5
410🇩🇪Lena Minder – Stolen Love46,5
411🇨🇦Lexxicon – Power Over Me46,375
412🇬🇧Rhona Macfarlane - Closing the Window46,375
413🇬🇧The Holy Road - Coming up for Air46,375
414🇺🇸1nfinity – Bones46,25
415🇺🇸Vince B – Shoot the Club Up46,25
416🇺🇸Cat Evers – Woman in Black46,25
417🇬🇧Firesites – Oceanpotion46,25
418🇵🇰Deejay Error – Patriotic46,25
419🇺🇸Kritters – Perfected Time46,125
420🇺🇸Sunflower Summit – Become Undone46
421🇺🇸Karyn Ann – Wasting Time45,975
422🇺🇸Essem – Swear The Truth45,75
423🇩🇪Moon and Aries – Toxic City45,22
424🇨🇦Piper Cole – Soul Eyes44,604
425🇺🇦Sandra Grace – Got 2B Famous44,08
426🇨🇦Desarae Dae – Your Energy43,65
427🇦🇺Mojo Dingo – Mojo Blues43,65
428🇦🇺Anthony Forrest – Deepest Love43,2
429🇦🇺Psychedelic Revolution – You & I42,975
430🇸🇬False Gharial – Delusional Waters42,75
431🇳🇬Wrash Heed – All in42,75
432🇺🇸Soheill – Attic39,9
433🇨🇭Magic Sugar Coffee – LAX (I’m Not Alone)39
434🇺🇸Lorensa – Strangers Instead38,964
435🇺🇸Mothers Talk – Civilization of The Mind38,8
436🇩🇪Robez – Free Yourself38,8
437🇺🇸NIA C.C. - Animal38,6
438🇨🇦Phoenix and the Silvervoodoos – Star Mirror38,582
439🇦🇷El Italiano – La Primavera38,4
440🇬🇧Galaxy Thief – Free38,4
441🇺🇸Lowly Light – Candy Lied38,4
442🇮🇪Movment – Propaganda38,4
443🇬🇧Nadia Moon – Joanna38,4
444🇮🇪Ragdoll - Forward Emotion (let Yourself Go)38,38
445🇺🇸The Meskimo - … The stars would explode38,38
446🇳🇴Tic Tic – You Drank Ian38,352
447🇺🇸Alumbra – I Am With you38,2
448🇬🇧Carla Kerridge - Not The One feat. Lobo38,2
449🇨🇦Coastal Town – The A Plus38,2
450🇬🇧Prinz Leo – When i am there who else will be38,2
451🇨🇦Sonia Aimy – Life Nah Jeje38,2
452🇺🇸The XO – Cave ft. Meo Lars38,2
453🇮🇸Bjartmar – Danger Zone38,148
454🇬🇧A.D. - Whoa Feat. MC Beastly And Weez38
455🇬🇧Blueprint Moon – Lockdown38
456🇺🇸Bruce Sudano – Cosmic Ride38
457🇺🇸Elijah Stone – Owe It to Myself38
458🇬🇧Fi – Under your skin38
459🇬🇧Ghosts of Our Former Selves – Sea of People38
460🇬🇧Jem Doulton – Love ain’t Enough (Sometimes)38
461🇺🇸Katayoun Goudarzi & Shujaat Khan – Wild38
462🇬🇧Mono XL – Where i Belong38
463🇬🇧Nikïa – Pretty Brown Skin38
464🇺🇸Paytra – Monster (MJP Remix)38
465🇮🇪Raging Sons - Square One38
466🇺🇸Ronnie Rage – Mazerunner38
467🇦🇺Sahara Beck – Kryptonite38
468🇺🇸Zack Tomasko – Wake up Alone38
469🇱🇻Rihards Libietis – Transcending Parallels37,976
470🇺🇸Anne Bennett – Hell Couldn’t Keep Me37,8
471🇺🇸Benjamin Mullins – Hold the dark37,8
472🇦🇺Carnival Mind - Somewhere Down The Line37,8
473🇺🇸Eddie Cohn – Broken Pieces37,8
474🇸🇪Eva No – You Don’t Know37,8
475🇷🇺Intaglio – The Memory of Death37,8
476🇺🇸John Love – A song for you37,8
477🇮🇹Luca Fattoretto – Family37,8
478🇩🇪Manuel Garay – Sweet Temptation37,8
479🇺🇸Nvision – Fake Friends37,8
480🇮🇪Padjo Dolan – Hazel Eyes37,8
481🇺🇸Strange & The Familiars – Strange World37,8
482🇺🇸Trisha and Thara - Regret37,8
483🇦🇺Fleeting Persuasion – Eternal37,6
484🇦🇺Amory Beech – Driver Roulette37,6
485🇬🇧Ashley Benjamin – Believe37,6
486🇺🇸IV Collin – D.O.A37,6
487🇺🇸Ny'a – Chillin with my Baby37,6
488🇧🇪Pangolin People – Take What You Need37,6
489🇺🇸Rat Bath – Meat Poppet37,6
490🇧🇪THOT – What shall we do now?37,6
491🇬🇧Xander Cameron – Chances37,6
492🇺🇸ÆVINA – Daily Dose Of Danger37,4
493🇺🇸Antisolar - Do We Tremble At Night?37,4
494🇺🇸Doc Fischbach – No more roommates37,4
495🇬🇧A.b. Violet – These other things37,2
496🇬🇧Alice Lord – Mess Less37,2
497🇺🇸Jadamarie – Twilight Zone37,2
498🇬🇧Oroco – Parallels37,2
499🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – The Other Me31,2
500🇬🇧MrrrDaisy - The One ft. Jessy Gh25,152
501🇬🇧Arin – Obvious24,252
502🇲🇹Leonardo Barilaro – Asteroids22,113
503🇨🇦Paul Cafcae – Ontario Rocker21,66
504🇺🇸100 Watt Shine – Don’t That Beat All21,312
505🇬🇧agne_b – le† mE GO20,58
506🇬🇷Giorgos Tabakis – Attraction20,492
507🇬🇧Rachel K Collier – You can pretend19,7
508🇨🇦Cubanbrown – Gracious19,686
509🇪🇸GAZ – I’m Against It19,6
510🇺🇸King Uche – Drip Like Indomie19,6
511🇺🇸Sarah Manzo – My Ecstasy19,6
512🇬🇧Frannie B – Downfall19,584
513🇺🇸Gulf Stream Riders – Sharks, Aliens, Etc.19,552
514🇩🇪Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson – This Style19,5
515🇺🇸Sean Keel – Soup Line19,5
516🇺🇸UFN (UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) – I Want to tell you19,5
517🇬🇧Indigo Daydream – Life Might Not Be Real19,482
518🇷🇸Bones In Butter - This Is Not What You Promised Us19,448
519🇺🇸Anji Kaizen – Monster19,4
520🇫🇮Paju Kai – Crooked19,4
521🇬🇧Paper Tigers – Blue Light Trails19,4
522🇨🇦Samy – Odysseus19,4
523🇺🇸Teen Mortgage – Shangri-La19,4
524🇺🇸Anjali Rose – Beautiful19,3
525🇬🇧Lo Rays – Human Again19,3
526🇵🇱Snakedoctors – Tinder Girl19,3
527🇦🇺Bailey Jaxxon – Calculated Lies19,2
528🇩🇪Chasing Tales - Burn This City19,2
529🇬🇧Parlour Suns – Wait for Me19,2
530🇺🇸R.I.D. - Get It Up
531🇦🇺The Harry R Pi – Nothing is Everything19,2
532🇺🇸Lho – Hun.19,19
533🇬🇧9 o'clock Nasty – Sexy Back19,1
534🇺🇸Dino Archon – Black Moon19,1
535🇺🇸Moneymakinsan – PTSD19,1
536🇫🇷Myoon – Joyce19,1
537🇬🇧Ocean Flaws – Hologram19,1
538🇸🇪Smoke Spider – The Damage is done19,1
539🇵🇱Sono Christof - Shai-Hulud's Blessing19,1
540🇧🇪The Lighthouse – 5th Floor19,1
541🇳🇴Grand Alpaca – Moving on19,074
542🇺🇸 Bill Abernathy "World's Foremost Authority on Everything"19
543🇮🇹Alessandro Nardozza – Chiara e l'università19
544🇺🇸Andrew Michael Meador – I Want It All19
545🇨🇦Asterous – Mercenary19
546🇦🇺Ben Power – Drink Like a God19
547🇨🇦Chris Royer – Buzzkill19
548🇬🇧DAN VILLALOBOS - Cover Me Up (feat. MAXON)19
549🇮🇳Dev Makes Music – Hair Tie19
550🇱🇺Doosc – La Plata19
551🇧🇷Hungry Jackalz – World of Dark19
552🇦🇺Ian Dencker – Calm Before the Storm19
553🇳🇱Joëtta – Narrative19
554🇬🇧Jorge. - Arlo Parks19
555🇺🇸Madison Deaver - Conscience19
556🇯🇵Ms. Indie Pop – Hakkeyoi Tsuyoshi19
557🇩🇪Nathan Trent – Underwater19
558🇬🇧Nicole Dash Jones – Lego19
559🇺🇸Nightly Gatherings
Waiting For Something to Happen feat. BLANKTS
560🇺🇸Nitro Nitra feat. Al Walser - Cold Cold Soul19
561🇬🇧Rex – Make it happen19
562🇺🇸Sammy Haig – Cucumber19
563🇺🇸Sapra – She is the best19
564🇬🇧Sleep Outside – Spent19
565🇺🇸Allyours – Taste18,9
566🇬🇧Andrew Thomas – Goodbye (To Life On The Inside)18,9
567🇺🇸Atira – Somebody Else18,9
568🇨🇦Cave Palace – Far Away18,9
569🇺🇸Charlie Steady – I Want a Biographer18,9
570🇮🇪Crispr Kid – Blitzkrieg18,9
571🇺🇸Donn Chii – Disctopia18,9
572🇺🇸Elison – Meet Me Halfway18,9
573🇬🇧Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders – Cosmic Fear18,9
574🇬🇧Javani Vassell – Heavenly Place18,9
575🇬🇧Mark Sutton – Velvetine18,9
576🇺🇸Marla Lewis - Blue Horizon18,9
577🇮🇱Raleÿell – Let them stare18,9
578🇺🇸Roxx Revolt & The Velvets – Supersonica Girl (Chris Sheldon Edit)18,9
579🇺🇸Wine Moms – Faces (Names)18,9
580🇨🇦Alena Chandler - who i am18,8
581🇮🇸Ari – By The Sea18,8
582🇳🇱Basil Babychan – Phantasm18,8
583🇬🇧Ben Nicholls – Scream and Shout18,8
584🇺🇸Box of Matches – Learn to Like Me18,8
585🇺🇸Calista Del Toro – Urge18,8
586🇬🇧D’Andre – My Language18,8
587🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Black Wall Street18,8
588🇺🇸Fishburn – Pray to me18,8
589🇺🇸Guardrail – Social Meteor18,8
590🇺🇸Intelligent Diva Feat. Aaron Bing - Sex To A Sax18,8
591🇺🇸Jannek – Monty18,8
592🇺🇸Kim Wallace – Free18,8
593🇺🇸Kinsley – Cherish18,8
594🇬🇧Oroco – Skin - Instrumental Piano Cover18,8
595🇬🇧Platform 1 – No Vacancy18,8
596🇺🇸The Neverafter – Distress Call18,8
597🇬🇧Vincent George – Fever18,8
598🇲🇰Yon Idy – My Fire18,8
599🇺🇸Morning Silk – So Fun18,73
600🇮🇹Daniele Mastrobattista- Himalaya (Remix)18,7
601🇺🇸Dean Batten - Would You Like To Come In?18,7
602🇬🇧Derade – Take your soul18,7
603🇬🇧DesperateBeauty – Flower (22 Mix)18,7
604🇺🇸Eline Fleury - Say Something 18,7
605🇺🇸Gabi DeMartino – Immaculate18,7
606🇳🇱Guido Hermans – Noone Can Imagine18,7
607🇬🇧Hollows – UV Lights18,7
608🇸🇪Jaded Jane, Olivia Ruff – Bogotá18,7
609🇺🇸Kevin Roy Correll – Dance18,7
610🇺🇸KOA – Out of My Reach18,7
611🇦🇺Matt Dawkins - Hanging Tough & Holding On18,7
612🇺🇸Raädish – Lopsided Lollygagger18,7
613🇬🇷Reflection Black – Let The Spirit18,7
614🇺🇸Taylor Christian Gomolisky – So bad at Lying ft. Jemeyah Bagby18,7
615🇺🇸Voltagehead – Unbroken18,7
616🇺🇸Avaraj – Not that strong18,6
617🇺🇸Darrel Kelley - March On For Voting Rights18,6
618🇺🇸Dill Daffa – Places we can fly18,6
619🇨🇦Jaimey Hamilton – Save a Bar Stool For Me18,6
620🇺🇸Jason Shand - I Know18,6
621🇬🇧Kevin Keew – Br-Pop18,6
622🇺🇸Rick George – Drinking and Dreaming18,6
623🇬🇧Sam Gifford – Run the Red Light18,6
624🇺🇸Saticöy – Nice & Easy18,6
625🇺🇸The Hitman Blues Band – Not my circus18,6
626🇺🇸William Sanford – You’re in For a Treat18,6
627🇺🇸Dandelot – Capital18,59
628🇬🇧George Windsor – Name on it18,55
629🇦🇺Carl De Villa – Love of My Life18,5
630🇮🇹Daniele Giuili – Nice to meet you18,5
631🇺🇸Kid Darling – Mary18,5
632🇺🇸Malxolm Brixkhouse – Rapture18,5
633🇬🇧Parlour Suns – T-Shirt18,5
634🇬🇧Dust in The Sunlight – Blueprints18,45
635🇺🇸Brendan Lane & The Sugar Packets – Fame Falls Away (feat. QuesMark)18,4
636🇮🇹Massimiliano Balocchi – Colpi di vento18,4
637🇺🇸Noah Elliott – End of summer18,4
638🇮🇹Stefano Strada – 400 milioni di chilometri18,4
639🇬🇧The Old Youths – Polaroid Star18,4
640🇬🇧Ali Warren - Head Over Heart18,3
641🇺🇸Amber Wilson – I Don't wanna be lonely18,3
642🇬🇧Mike McKenzie – Hold Me In Your Arms18,3
643🇺🇸6Arelyhuman – Theif in the Night18,2
644🇺🇸Bo McDowell – 31 TRAIN18,2
645🇬🇧Drag – Dracula18,2
646🇦🇺Lozza – Digital14,55
647🇦🇪Ash Music – Seawaves14,475
648🇦🇺Mia Lovelock – Last Night14,4
649🇦🇺Sophie Edwards – Afterhought14,4
650🇦🇺Evie Ember – Crazy in my mind (Zida Gray Remix)14,25
651🇦🇺Geoff Kevin – Avoidance14,175
652🇮🇹Giampix - Retro10,692
653🇺🇸Christine Sako – Coda10,044
654🇦🇺Carl De Villa – Love of My Life9,99
655🇺🇸Polydrive – Favorite Band9,9
656🇺🇸Olivia Kuper Harris – Wetted9,8
657🇬🇧Amie Jay – Unashamed9,776
658🇺🇸Papa Satch – Sun To Shine9,776
659🇺🇸Cadence and Wyld – Morning Song9,672
660🇺🇸Leo Sawikin – Row me away9,672
661🇺🇸Spring Owls – Love Evolving9,6408
662🇬🇧Nathalie Miranda – Battle Scars9,6
663🇮🇹Noemi Coozy - YO-YO prod. Dale Beats9,6
664🇨🇦Spence Paull – Crush9,575
665🇺🇸Poetica – Unconditional9,55
666🇩🇪Sceti – Feel Alive9,525
667🇩🇰Alexander Woods – Within a second9,5
668🇺🇸Annie Omalley – Chasing Clouds9,5
669🇦🇺April Gallo – What You Lost9,5
670🇬🇧Chloe Ann – Sick9,5
671🇺🇸KC Star – Falling for a stranger9,5
672🇮🇱Mike Robert – One to Another9,5
673🇨🇦Rikii – Guess9,5
674🇦🇺Sean McMahon – Show me the way9,5
675🇫🇮The Quiet Calls – Earthshake9,5
676🇬🇧CNO Wolf – Shoot me9,45
677🇬🇧Harri Mason – Moonlight9,45
678🇺🇸Kaypaige – So Right To Me (feat. Ted Park)9,45
679🇺🇸Kill My Coquette – Miss Malicious9,45
680🇦🇺Luke Seymoup – Knife9,45
681🇺🇸Mr.Shane – Dream House9,45
682🇺🇸Palco – Open up9,45
683🇦🇺Patient Lounge – Treehouse9,45
684🇬🇧R O B B E E – Mad Love9,45
685🇺🇸Super Kreep – Oddworld9,45
686🇺🇸Statz – Honest9,44
687🇷🇺Aliveteen – Fake Smile9,4
688🇺🇸Ashley Virginia - To be dreaming9,4
689🇦🇺Ford France Kennedy – Light By The Ocean9,4
690🇱🇹Ingaja – Space9,4
691🇦🇺Joe Matera – Inside Looking Out9,4
692🇺🇸Julie Graye – Kind Of9,4
693🇨🇦Kylo – Follow9,4
694🇦🇺Markus Kech – Start Again9,4
695🇦🇺Markus Kech – The Place9,4
696🇺🇸Paige VanSickle – Shuteye9,4
697🇨🇦Riha – Where’d she go?9,4
698🇫🇮Sätilä – Social Isolation9,4
699🇺🇸Rae Radick – Who You're Meant To Be9,375
700🇦🇺Alibii – But I9,35
701🇺🇸B. Shields – El Capitan9,35
702🇺🇸Dereck Scott – Thena9,35
703🇺🇸Dylan Bressler – Plastic Knife9,35
704🇺🇸Jordn – High Hopes9,35
705🇺🇸Kinney – Unravel9,35
706🇺🇸Matt Marlow – Light9,35
707🇬🇧Pattern Pusher – Happy Place9,35
708🇦🇺Robert Baxter – Tamagotchi9,35
709🇬🇧School Disco – Poison9,35
710🇬🇧Sisyphes – Au Carrefour9,35
711🇺🇸Zak Domogalla – Pretty Words, Broken Teeth9,35
712🇬🇧Bekimachine – Crescent9,3
713🇵🇹Citizen:Kane – Smog9,3
714🇺🇸Cristal B. - Broken Heroes9,3
715🇬🇧Cross-Channel Music – Butter on Hot Toast9,3
716🇬🇧Dan Pye – Billboard9,3
717🇦🇺Haydn – Stay9,3
718🇬🇧Incremona – No Need (feat. & Benedetto Gulino)9,3
719🇬🇧Inland Murmur – Freshwater9,3
720🇬🇧Sink – What Remains9,3
721🇦🇺The Wattles – The Noise9,3
722🇬🇧Aaron Dinning – I hope that things get better9,25
723🇺🇸Dōshin – Subsiding9,25
724🇳🇴Evran – Birds of Stone9,25
725🇬🇧Exxyle – Desperado9,25
726🇺🇸Glass Heart String Choir – Wounds9,25
727🇬🇧Guy Davis – California Callin9,25
728🇫🇷Kare Laï – 7th Day9,25
729🇬🇧Craig Swan – Return to the ground9,2
730🇬🇧Dick Venom & The Terrortones –Gun of a Tongue (Live in Salford 2015)9,2
731🇺🇸Dom A. Henning - Innocuous Love9,2
732🇬🇧Hybrid Kid – Dabble9,2
733🇳🇱Nevin – Nonexistent Springs9,2
734🇩🇪Nina – Gold Heart9,2
735🇦🇺Reya – Heat9,2
736🇬🇧Es.Cher – Yoshi (feat. YT)9,15
737🇮🇹Martin Lugt – Distanti9,1
738🇬🇧The Yarras – Ultraviolet Lights7,03
739🇮🇹WAMI – Playback (feat. Julia Shuren)6,58
740🇦🇺Cassidy Watts – Body Talk5,76
741🇺🇸He’s Not Your Kind - Everything Thats In Between5,673
742🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins - Givin a damn (dont go with my outfit)5,365
743🇮🇱Orca – Your Home5,265
744🇬🇧Mari Dangerfield – Screen Time5,157
745🇨🇭Lia Nxieta - Good Boy (Prod. By Yoan Masao)5,044
746🇬🇧Tamara Jenna – Little Me4,992
747🇮🇪Guerrila State – Dirty Old Town4,914
748🇬🇧Samh – Animal4,914
749🇨🇭Weak Tyrant – Retreat4,914
750🇮🇳Vincrux – Dollz4,9
751🇺🇸Tedi Brunetti "Evil Woman"4,887
752🇺🇸ZERP – Time is bigger4,86
753🇦🇺Fancynormal – Fiasco4,85
754🇮🇱Vini Vicious – Fuzzy4,85
755🇦🇺Berlyn – Late Night Call4,825
756🇬🇧Joe Moro – Utopia4,825
757🇺🇸Rodes – So Well4,825
758🇨🇭Aura Davis – Unbroken4,8
759🇦🇺Square Tugs – Vodka Lime and Soda4,8
760🇬🇧Wave Chase – Feet Don’t Follow4,8
761🇺🇸Timothy Eerie – We’re going to make it4,784
762🇺🇸Katherine Nagy – Magnolia Tree4,758
763🇬🇧Alternative Milks – Shops4,75
764🇨🇦Am3r3 – Falling out love4,75
765🇬🇧Chasing Shadows – Bullets4,75
766🇦🇺DMC – Memories4,75
767🇸🇬False Gharial – Lockdown4,75
768🇰🇵Firstsex – Autumn Getaway4,75
769🇩🇪IRYS – Circles4,75
770🇸🇪Isak Daun – What if i Do?4,75
771🇦🇺Maxon – Best Shot4,75
772🇮🇹Michele Maraglino – La vita è un’altra cosa4,75
773🇦🇺Shark Bay Dazy – Cold Cities4,75
774🇦🇺The Kindly Ravens – Silver and Gold4,75
775🇦🇺Duel Native – Commodity4,725
776🇦🇺Jewel Owusu – Blue4,725
777🇩🇪Julia Karr – Please Call4,725
778🇨🇦Laila Barakat – Hollywood4,725
779🇬🇧Laura Dia – What now4,725
780🇦🇺Mike Wilde – Long Long Time4,725
781🇬🇧Tommy Winn - Ellie Dalton4,725
782🇬🇧We Are Sovereign - Bridges Burnt Lessons Learnt (Betrayal) Featuring Ryan Tuck O'Leary From Fit For A King4,725
783🇳🇱Cindy_Louse – My Fantasy4,7
784🇦🇺Drac Hammond – Maybes4,7
785🇨🇾Giannis Kyriakou - Grandpa4,7
786🇺🇸K THX BYE – PCH4,7
787🇺🇸Lou Ella – Clown4,7
788🇬🇧Paul Farrin – Like Fireworks4,7
789🇺🇸Bankston – Cannibal4,675
790🇳🇿Comf – Do you4,675
791🇬🇧Michaela Fedeczko – Who am i?4,675
792🇦🇺Midground x Ellen Maria – Peace in the sky4,675
793🇺🇸Reenna – The Wait is Over (feat. Ben Cina)4,675
794🇺🇸Zxena - Black Opium4,675
795🇳🇿Bingo Fighter – Hobbits4,65
796🇦🇺Fanfickk – Summer Sun4,65
797🇺🇸Nordi Blu – China Doll4,65
798🇺🇸Sabela Bee – Suburban Summers4,65
799🇺🇸Yannon – Robin4,65
800🇩🇪Close To Monday - Time (Dirty Doering Remix)4,625
801🇬🇧Louis And The Shakes – Losing My Mind4,625
802🇺🇸Music by Kota – Jet Planes4,625
803🇬🇧Pearl Diver – Give it all away4,625
804🇬🇧Sam Freeman – Rose4,625
805🇵🇪Seaquency – Here in the Sunshine4,625
806🇬🇧Small Black Arrows – The Wave4,625
807🇺🇸Tekla Waterfield – Can’t have me4,625
808🇺🇸The Dares – Say to me4,625
809🇺🇸A Second Life – 10 Minutes to you4,6
810🇨🇦Asterous – Apprentice4,6
811🇬🇧Joe Singo – Motherfa4,6
812🇺🇸Kelley Cole – Anyone4,6
813🇺🇸MC Pierre – Paraknowrmul4,6
814🇬🇧Rien De Keyser – Awakening4,6
815🇬🇧Sam Freeman – Eden4,6
816🇺🇸Xavier Bernazard – Phoenix4,6
817🇦🇺Rod Coote – Wild Pine4,575
818🇨🇦Steve Neville – The Waiting Room4,575
819🇺🇸A Horse with a Horn – Dirty Mind4,55
820🇺🇸Arielle Bryant - Thought Form4,55
821🇬🇧Miami Snow – All i have to do is dream4,55
822🇺🇸The Collection – Get Lost4,55
823🇬🇧Fold – Insurgent Mood4,525
824🇺🇸Atem S – Lift Off4,5
825🇺🇸RynoFish – The Same Old Story4,5
826🇺🇸Alix Tucou – See You, See You4,45
827🇺🇸Luckie Boy – 26 Letters3,948
828🇰🇷Sung Eun Choi – Let me stop2,64
829🇰🇷Sung Eun Choi-Come1,02
830🇺🇸Barry International’s Epiphany – This Thing Called Love0,752

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