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The Euro Indie Music Chart is revered as the definitive european languages Indie Music chart . The chart is broadcasted in over 60 countries and on hundreds of Radio stations worldwide.

The ranking is drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by the artists in the radio broadcasts affiliated with the European Indie Music Network and the approval of the public, in fact, through this link you can vote for your favorite song, among those in the list and at a technical value called ‘ multiplier ‘assigned by the staff to the songs of the Formula Indie ranging from 1 to 2 and which affects the ranking by multiplying all valid points

The last 4 weeks are considered in the calculation but there is an additional weight to give more emphasis to those transmitted more recently. The value of this weight is calculated as follows: x1, x 0.4, x 0.2, x 0.1

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Based on the weekly chart there is the ‘Season Chart’

Every week is assigned points to Top 10 of the Chart, at the end of the Season the song winning song is premiered as ‘Song of the Year’

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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 1 of 2022


1🇺🇸Robert Minott - You Are 4643,6
2🇨🇦Zarbo – They Lie4515,615
3🇺🇸Spooky Action at a Distance' -Every Sensation4441,5
4🇮🇹Ellency – Une Caresse Furtive (English)3860
5🇺🇸President Hill - You Feelin It Shawty3724
6🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Today Is Your Day 3255
7🇮🇳Rohan Solomon - Set Me Free2986,2
8🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight2625,576
9🇮🇹Power Combo – Natale Natale1880
10🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Un motivo1852,5
11🇺🇸Tanille - Santa Don't Pass Me By 1747,2
12🇺🇸JoZie – My Lucky Song1695,56
13🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Soli all'unanimità1654,9
14🇮🇳Rohan Solomon – It’s Christmas1653
15🇺🇸DawgGoneDavis - Here Comes Santa Dawg1609,5
16🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – It’s Christmas1593,6
17🇺🇸Max Hawthorne - A Tyrannosaurus For Christmas1579,2
18🇺🇸Luckie Boy – Oceans Deep1408,9
19🇺🇸Chris Ford - Whiskey Still960
20🇩🇪Jørg Klein - Slidin' Christmas954,809
21🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone Feat. Federica Tallinucci – Verità in bilico nell’aria950
22🇮🇹Joè – Dandelion898,655
23🇮🇹Gianluca Lulu – L’Equilibrio886,608
24🇮🇹Chiara Alesci – Aria856,92
25🇮🇹Francesco Trimani feat. Sara - Facciamo le corna841,96
26🇺🇸Todd Barrow – Christmas Party836
27🇬🇧John Dartnell - Here's To The Road822,8
28🇮🇹Music Angels : Il Mito New Trolls, Danilo Amerio, Johnson Righeira, Marco Ferradini, Valentina Gautier, Recidivo, Coro Young Cetra – Merry Xmas (War is Over)821,3
29🇮🇹Marco Guella – Tu sei815,967
30🇺🇸Norm Adams and Julia Robertson - Over 812,7
31🇺🇸Matthew Schultz x Zolo – One Wok798
32🇺🇸Luckie Boy - Party Of One 776,88
33🇮🇹Stefano Virgilli – Baciami se sei da sola766,732
34🇺🇸Jason Shand - The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)'760
35🇮🇹Valentina Gautier - Corri che corre il tempo735,966
36🇺🇸Marla Lewis - The Boogie Woogie Man729,3
37🇸🇲Deborah Beccari – Memorie712,174
38🇺🇸Intelligent Diva - In My Feelings666
39🇦🇹Vienna CC - Twenty Four Seven Love660,297
40🇬🇧Anthony Williams – Loyalty656,2
41🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie "You're Not There"592,1
42🇺🇸Talon David – Instincts579
43🇺🇸Tony Turner - Blackwater Shine494,1
44🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Take your knees off our necks467,5
45🇺🇸Ashley Puckett "LIve Like You Love"450,8
46🇺🇸Matthew Schultz - Can't Stop441,6
47🇮🇹Gli incubi di Freud - Miglior attore non protagonista401,673
48🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Frankenstein 394,8
49🇮🇹Chuckling Pies – Pegasus384,93
50🇺🇸Gary Pratt "Country To the Bone"380
51🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – The Other Me354,315
52🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – Powerful345,8
53🇮🇹Dalyrium Bay – G.T.C.343,33
54🇺🇸Carlito Panama - OG CP 7154342
55🇮🇹Cipriano - Terra madre342
56🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – Magick Wand340,656
57🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Ring The Bell340,2
58🇺🇸PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel - Live In Me 338,588
59🇺🇸Jordan Downs - Jordan Downs338,4
60🇺🇸Benny S. - Step Up feat. S.L.I, J-Dill & Joshy336,6
61🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - On Top Of My Game336,6
62🇺🇸Tedi Brunetti "Eat, Sleep, Repeat"335,944
63🇬🇧Smokie - Who the F is Alice334,9
64🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Erisse - Heading Out To The Club334,8
65🇸🇬Matilde G - Milk N' Honey333,2
66🇮🇹Siriaz y Malo – Cleopatra333,2
67🇮🇹Francy Lupi – Sorridere333
68🇺🇸Craymo – One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix331,934
69🇸🇬Matilde G - Lasciami qui331,5
70🇮🇹Jacopo Bagorda – Napoli di Sera329,8
71🇺🇸Lady Redneck "Don't Try To Take Our Guns"329,8
72🇮🇹Volo Altissimo – Alea Iacta Est329,8
73🇮🇱Lior Holzman – If i hadn’t met you328,1
74🇮🇹Samuele Mazza – Ansia PTN328,1
75🇮🇹Stefano Bertozzi – Rise & Shine328,1
76🇺🇸Bros Inc – Hiding327,08
77🇮🇹Chico Bandana, La Flama, Shay - OMG326,4
78🇮🇪CJXY (Ft. Rory Eyre) – Show me love326,4
79🇨🇦Claire Odogbo – Robed in Righteousness326,4
80🇩🇪E;R! Feat. Agathe Paglia Rockin' Lullaby
81🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Teddy Bennington - Step Back In Time326,4
82🇨🇦Fate Will Come – Bitch326,4
83🇮🇹Ivan Francesco Ballerini - Volare libero326,4
84🇺🇸Jonathan Cavier - Forest Through the Trees326,4
85🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Dance326,4
86🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – La regola del Cuore324,7
87🇬🇧Frixtion Dance – Summer Festival324,7
88🇺🇦Sandra Grace – Got 2B Famous324,52
89🇺🇸Alfreda Gerald – Jump to it323
90🇮🇹Filippo Muneghina- Soddisfatti o rimborsati323
91🇺🇸Jay Elle "Tequila Kiss"323
92🇩🇪Joe Rain – Smile323
93🇯🇲Julian Jae – Tell me (Dime)323
94🇮🇹Massimo Gentili - Colpevole323
95🇺🇸Once Great Estate "Shelbyville Inn"323
96🇬🇧Phil Joseph – Babe you are mine Summer Mix323
97🇫🇮Tom Tikka "By 2022"323
98🇮🇳Vineet – PFH.Party from Home323
99🇺🇸Violent Rays –White Lady323
100🇺🇸Vukov – Starlight323
101🇮🇹Damaro - Viverla Semplice321,3
102🇨🇦Ed Roman "Happiness"321,3
103🇬🇧Jarvis Lane – Dear John321,3
104🇺🇸Melissa Pettignano – Blessed Lord Jesus321,3
105🇨🇦Rich Chambers - High School Can't Last Forever321,3
106🇺🇸Ronnue Ft. Lisa G. Allen – Dance Tonight321,3
107🇺🇸Al Walser – Christmas in Liechtenstein319,6
108🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Senza te319,6
109🇹🇷Barista "Dreams Remix B"319,6
110🇮🇹Davide Prezzo – Tre319,6
111🇮🇹Figli di Eva - La scoperta dell'America319,6
112🇻🇪Grand Bite - Long Live Rock & Roll
113🇬🇧Jarvis Lane – Hurricane319,6
114🇺🇸Sun King Rising "Free Will In China Blue"319,6
115🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - Motivate Yourself317,9
116🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Always in my mind316,2
117🇺🇸Kee Beez – Champion316,2
118🇺🇸Lumen Jingos – Angel Mine316,2
119🇺🇸Miss Freddye - Something To Believe In"316,2
120🇮🇹Pino Arco – La Signora dei Boschi316,2
121🇮🇹Alex Conte – Parlami nel buio315,35
122🇺🇸Avalanche The Architect – Fuck Social Distancing315,2
123🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Bullo omofobo razzista314,5
124🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare314,5
125🇨🇦Renita Zintel – Beautiful Girl312,8
126🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Been Bad for Me (Extended Version)309,6
127🇺🇸SheNOTE – I thought they said307,2
128🇺🇸Richard Lynch – Grandpappy304
129🇺🇸Lowgear – Mexican Radio300,8
130🇬🇧Derade – Take your soul299,2
131🇺🇸Samthepanda – Life Gets Better299,2
132🇺🇸Jason Shand - I Know297,6
133🇺🇸Anthony Casuccio – Not Alone288,99
134🇺🇸Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain feat. Sarah Teibo & Tony Pruitt288,768
135🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins "Back When"288
136🇺🇸Zpextre – Laidback286,5
137🇮🇪Francie Conway – Peace, Love & Rock n roll285
138🇮🇹No Name Italian Flavour – Musica Nueva285
139🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Nice Guy285
140🇮🇹Fuoriorario – Niente283,5
141🇺🇸Tommie Leveal - As You See Me Walking282
142🇺🇸Annie Minogue Band - Sandbox280,5
143🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Sunset In Venezia280,5
144🇮🇹Alex Conte – È un tempo il Natale279
145🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - More L's Than Wins279
146🇺🇸Little Wretches "All Of my Friends (LIVE)"277,87
147🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te277,5
148🇮🇹Compañeros Soda – Parada Capo Blanco276
149🇧🇪Stormtuned - Your moves just really move me (Let's Dance Tonight)275,48
150🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins "One More Last Kiss"274,4
151🇮🇹Wicked Asylum – Out of the Mist274,4
152🇩🇪Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson – This Style273
153🇺🇸Phillip Sanders-If I didn’t love you girl270,2
154🇮🇹Claudia Ottavia & Rovelli – Odio Sanremo268,94
155🇺🇸The Drum – I Am Drum266
156🇮🇹Osea Codega – Joke264,6
157🇺🇸HeIstheArtist - Sumthin' Sumthin' (Disco Funk version)263,67
158🇮🇹Gabriele Saro - Back Parachute263,2
159🇺🇸Grand River Sound - WHERE I BELONG (featuring Dallas Norrie)263,2
160🇺🇸Billy the Kid - Reaper257,6
161🇮🇹Stefano Strada – 400 milioni di chilometri257,6
162🇮🇹Stefano Virga – Laverità257,6
163🇸🇬Matilde G - Più ti vivo252,2
164🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Poison250,9
165🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Smile247
166🇺🇸Louise Cappi "Keep That Dream Alive"247
167🇬🇧Hannyta "Wildflower"245,7
168🇺🇸Jeremy Parsons "Something Other Than You Are"245,7
169🇺🇸Sarantos "A Spoonful of Greece"244,4
170🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Atatiana224,4
171🇮🇹TiTo Esposito – Good Riddance (Time of your life)214,5
172🇺🇸Lisa Franklin – Holiday Memories213,5136
173🇺🇸Louise Cappi – Hope211,2
174🇺🇸Voltagehead – Unbroken207,57
175🇺🇸Ny'a – Chillin with my Baby206,8
176🇺🇸Ring Finger No Pinky – Girl Tsunami206,8
177🇨🇭Freaky Farm – Coupled Spins197
178🇳🇱The VanCooths – Montparnasse196
179🇳🇴Bobby And The Crew – Conqueror of Love195,5
180🇬🇧Bossa Bandits – Don’t Ask Me195,4
181🇮🇹Angelo Draetta / Mary Dee – Night Feelings195
182🇨🇭Ge & Luke feat. Victoria Grant - You And Me195
183🇬🇧Kissing The Flint – 100 Or Less194,3
184🇮🇹Magali, A Cult – Fall in Love (Solo Remix)194,2
185🇩🇪20 Year Short Break – Under the Moon, Under the Sun194
186🇦🇺Escape Ring – Winning The War194
187🇺🇸Kadooge – Full of It194
188🇬🇧Nelson King - Angels Must Kiss Like This194
189🇨🇦Pennan Brae – Night Crawling194
190🇺🇸Red Maker – B!tch194
191🇺🇸Red Skies Mourning – Deep Moonlight193,5
192🇪🇸Nelman Music System – Pandemic Times193,3
193🇺🇸V-Train – Be Still My Heart193,3
194🇸🇪Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – But Come On Now!193
195🇬🇧ETAN- Hang On To Me193
196🇺🇸Lurid Purple Flowers – Darkness193
197🇩🇰Paul Bader – No Time For Love193
198🇺🇸Ralphy - D.O.A.H.B - (Feat Jaake Castro) Remix193
199🇮🇪Sleepwalking Norma - Don't Wake Me Up (In The Mornin')193
200🇬🇧Judy Granville – I’ll Survive192,5
201🇺🇸Michael Girgis – S’mores192,4
202🇺🇸Janelle Sy’mone – All Night192,3
203🇩🇪Para Lia – Fade to Grey192,2
204🇮🇹In a Previous Life – Coriandoli192
205🇭🇺Linda – Ballad of Abigail192
206🇺🇸Moral DK – House of the Rising Sun192
207🇺🇸Roses in Hand – Paradise192
208🇺🇸Siren Suit – Bandoliers192
209🇦🇪Son Savage – Walkin’ away192
210🇳🇱The VanCooths – No security192
211🇮🇪Sarah McGuinness - Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)191,9
212🇺🇸Y The Ghost – Heart to Heart191,5
213🇬🇧Coral Palms – Something in the Air191,4
214🇺🇸Bekka Jean – Van Gogh191
215🇺🇸Clifford – I’m So Bored191
216🇺🇸Phil Dutra - Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)191
217🇳🇱The VanCooths – Festival of light191
218🇺🇸Artoo – This day190
219🇬🇧Big in Borneo – Wanderer190
220🇺🇸Brick Blair – On the Zooms190
221🇺🇸Chucky Trading Co – Honey Bee190
222🇬🇧Jamsideup feat Timeless Tim & MC Burglar – All She Wants for Christmas190
223🇺🇸Larry Jay "What Do I Have"190
224🇺🇸Marla Lewis – Kill the Lights190
225🇦🇺Miss Elm – Pippi Long190
226🇺🇸Nitro Nitra feat. Al Walser - Cold Cold Soul190
227🇺🇸On Ithenfal’s Wing – Freedom190
228🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Take on me190
229🇮🇳Vineet - WTF. Where's The Fun190
230🇮🇹Marco Galimberti - Ero solo un bambino190
231🇬🇧Lara De Belder – It’s All Over189,9
232🇺🇸Sarantos "I Just Don't Care"189,9
233🇬🇧T.E. Yates – Condition189,8
234🇺🇸Benton Luke Band - Walkaway189
235🇺🇸Allan Corby - Old McDonald Goes To The Circus188
236🇺🇸BAYWUD – Home188
237🇮🇪Graham Coe – I Love Your Way188
238🇮🇹José Strata - Proprio Senza Me188
239🇮🇹Niko – Come il sole all’equatore187
240🇮🇹Michelino Mastromatteo – Alzati alzati186
241🇺🇸Robert Minott - Yuh Mek Me Feel Good 186
242🇬🇧Mick J. Clark – It’s Getting Near Christmas185,5
243🇬🇧Derade – Waiting185
244🇮🇹Donno – Indigesto155,2
245🇮🇹Heartless - Non è L.A152,8
246🇮🇹Alfonso Carabina - Me l'han detto152
247🇺🇸Sonja Paige Kirkwood and Boydplus – Holiday Season137,4876
248🇺🇸Lady C and Harry – You thought about me135,936
249🇺🇸Doug Kistner feat. Bill Champlin "There's The Door"135,8
250🇺🇸Matt Westin "Thin Blue Line"135,8
251🇺🇸John Vento "Taxi"133,7
252🇺🇸Skkyyy - Joy To The Worlds (Pop Remix)133
253🇮🇹Quoroom - Mandami via130,2
254🇺🇸Contessa Blue – Black Cow115,2
255🇮🇹Massimiliano Balocchi – Stella Cadente112,8
256🇺🇸Kiron Rasheed - Be In Love111
257🇮🇹Josè Strata – Ora sono qui97
258🇬🇧Xoe-B – Life in Colour95,2926
259🇩🇪De Antiquis et Novis – Bruises94,5
260🇸🇪The Ringflowers – Mr. Hotel93,5
261🇸🇪Abras - The Duel Of The Tunes80
262🇨🇭Imelda Gabs – Alter Ego79,56
263🇷🇺Under Delusion – Awaken79,2
264🇺🇸Micah Thunder - Take Your Shot79,152
265🇬🇧Muddibrooke – Devil78,8
266🇺🇸Marigold Ingot – Dial Tone78,4
267🇺🇸Sicily Jordan – White Rabbit78
268🇺🇸The Bergamot – Burns78
269🇦🇺Xaverai – Together in Symphony, for a Better Tomorrow78
270🇺🇸Winchester 7 & The Runners – Dead Celebrities and New Beginnings77,72
271🇨🇦Aieysha Haws – Turmoil77,64
272🇺🇸Natalie Jean – I’m Done77,6
273🇫🇮Pennies By The Pound - The Waters77,6
274🇲🇽Silver Magpie – Before you Leave77,6
275🇳🇴Temperature Falls – Hide77,6
276🇳🇿Voodoo Bloo – Skin77,6
277🇦🇽Satre – Lonely Nights77,52
278🇺🇸Peggy James – The Parade77,2
279🇸🇬Sidd – 4 Tha Clouds77,2
280🇨🇦String Bone – Wow! Oh Yeah!77,2
281🇬🇧Viscula – Heartwell76,96
282🇸🇬Kotoji – Behind Closed Doors76,88
283🇺🇸Blvck Wizzle – Country Boy Life76,8
284🇦🇺Howlite – Blood Type (feat. mokroïé) (Electro-Orchestral Remix)76,8
285🇨🇦Leanna Oki – Warning Signs76,8
286🇺🇸Michael Peloso – Life’s Little Accidents76,8
287🇺🇸See Your Shadow "Showdown"76,8
288🇺🇸Simulated Youth – NBT (feat. Camoragi) [Redux]76,8
289🇺🇸Love Ghost – Tell Me When76,76
290🇬🇧Einsam – I Land76,4
291🇺🇸Qwiet Type – Uninvited76,4
292🇬🇧The Miller Test – No Venus Moves76,4
293🇬🇧A.B. Violet – Ice76
294🇳🇿Alba Rose – Eve76
295🇬🇧Alvinos Zavlis – Wildflower76
296🇺🇸David Scott McLean - Palma y Puño76
297🇬🇧Emerald Sunday – I Wish the World Would Sing76
298🇮🇹Giangee – Chèrie Sammer76
299🇸🇪Hawk and the Wild – Aral Sea76
300🇺🇸Jeff Michael – Home76
301🇺🇸Malcolm Little – Hold Back76
302🇬🇧Mark Remmington – Space Person Blues76
303🇩🇪Pietro Pittari – Hymn to Nikkal76
304🇬🇧Stuart Bruce – So Cruel76
305🇬🇧The Marabar Caves – Trouble76
306🇦🇺Mollixillom – Sunshine75,96
307🇺🇸Ian West - Mountain Nursery75,6
308🇬🇧Dan Pye – Following the Dao75,2
309🇬🇧Ghost Singers – Ghosts75,2
310🇺🇸Kevin Rieth – Hug the Line75,12
311🇺🇸Damn Renegade – Conscience75,08
312🇺🇸ET – You74,8
313🇺🇸BRUVS – Carme74,6
314🇬🇧Bosola – Me on a Good Day74
315🇨🇦Cory M. Coons - Freedom Road58,5
316🇺🇸Fang Su – Akira57,9
317🇺🇸Randy Seedorff "Never Alone"57,9
318🇺🇸MH – Rebirth57,69
319🇺🇸Et Boys – Long Night57,6
320🇬🇧Lapels – All Things Down To You57,6
321🇬🇧The Trusted – Vellichor57,6
322🇺🇸Lync Maniaco – Si tu Quieres Escapar57
323🇮🇹Osea Codega – Angel of My Heart56,7
324🇺🇸Shae Brock – Cosmic56,7
325🇺🇸Pete Sahaidachny – Skeletons56,34
326🇺🇸See Your Shadow "Christmas on Cellblock 9"56,1
327🇮🇹Andrea – Solamente noi55,5
328🇺🇸Estella Dawn – Vixen39,087
329🇦🇺Karoshi – Not my Style39
330🇬🇧Late TV – Fools Fools Fools38,8
331🇨🇦Marty Zylstra – The Music38,76
332🇺🇸Lynn Sun – Little Trauma38,6
333🇮🇱Shyli Madhala – Pink for my money38,6
334🇺🇸My Name is DC – Why Me?38,48
335🇬🇧MuddiBrooke – Liverpool Guy38,46
336🇬🇧Simon Taylor – Our Crazy Dream38,46
337🇺🇦Fatal Nightmare – The Way of Pain38,44
338🇺🇸STAV G – Leaves38,44
339🇺🇸Degenerate Era – Cosmonaut38,4
340🇺🇸Jaia Lyne – Time38,4
341🇬🇧Larizzle ft. Roses Gabor – Over me38,4
342🇮🇪Movment – Leave me Alone38,4
343🇨🇦Ace Gordon - Without your Love (feat. Luke Coulson)38,38
344🇩🇪Close to Monday – Guns (Biicla Remix)38,36
345🇬🇧Medy Lema – Fresh’n’nu38,2
346🇺🇸Swats – Come home38,2
347🇺🇸Charlie John – Little Things38,06
348🇬🇧Bryony Purdue - Vexed38
349🇺🇸Desmon Myers – Shadows38
350🇺🇸Olivia Rubini - Be Well (B Side)38
351🇬🇧Pepe and the Bandits - Take A Pill And Chill Bill38
352🇱🇻Rihards Lībietis - Šķelšanās – Fracture38
353🇦🇺Samantha Sharpe – The Thrill of The Chase38
354🇺🇸SESPOOL - what are you dying for?38
355🇺🇸Stephen Lind – N.E.E.D.Y.38
356🇺🇸Tired all the Time – Sun38
357🇵🇭Alessandra Matkins – F for the Fake Friends37,98
358🇺🇸Blueprint Tokyo – A New Whole Life37,98
359🇦🇺Hui. - Saganaki37,98
360🇦🇺Sam Joole, Tango Party – Burn Fever Burn37,98
361🇳🇱Piet Louter - Power-Hungry Men37,976
362🇦🇺Damien – Human37,94
363🇬🇧Kardinal X – Cult of XII37,9
364🇺🇸Asia Harvey – Tuscan Pain37,8
365🇺🇸Elly Kace – Bless37,8
366🇩🇪Anaté – One Last Time37,76
367🇺🇸TJ Doyle – World of Illusion37,7
368🇺🇸Allan Corby – Love is a Merry-Go-Round37,6
369🇬🇧Blair Jollands – Holograms37,6
370🇦🇪Daytona Dreaming – Slowdrive Miami37,6
371🇺🇸Jesse Grossi – Sorry37,6
372🇩🇪The Fisherman and His Soul – Santa’s Bat (feat. The Radio Field)37,6
373🇺🇸BlckDino Ft. Lil Chip & YoungGraffiti – 2 Spirits37,56
374🇺🇸Anna Baldree – Try Again37,5
375🇨🇦Paul Cafcae – Every Day is Christmas37,4
376🇺🇸The Matterhorn Project – Traveler29
377🇨🇦Ryan Fischer – Private Warfare27
378🇬🇧Katy for Kings – Spiders in My Room27
379🇩🇪Silverbird – Your Eyes Tell Me26
380🇺🇸Jacob Pacheco – Carnevil25
381🇺🇸Hey, Chels – Daisy25
382🇺🇸Ha Vay – Fragile25
384🇺🇸Chestnut - The Winter We Were Vampire25
385🇺🇸AJ Smith – Cooler25
386🇺🇸Elly Kace – I25
387🇺🇸Nero Simon and the Sunsetters – Starboard (Escape To Cozumel)25
388🇺🇸Paradymcoast – Fresh Start25
389🇨🇦Ocevnside Clvb - Love & Other Drugs25
390🇺🇸Couldn't Be Happiers – Treehouse25
391🇺🇸Maggie Glassman – Basic25
392🇺🇸JC Miller – Forever for Now25
393🇨🇦Eryn Young – Ego25
394🇨🇦Ernesto Lune - everything is pretty in retrospect25
395🇺🇸Gal Musette – Julia25
396🇺🇸Sydneyunicorns – Are We There Yet?25
397🇺🇸The Dead Pockets – Sunday Drip25
398🇺🇸Ty Thom - $alary Bump25
399🇨🇦Niki Chanel – IOS25
400🇺🇸Heyimmanic – Anxiety25
401🇨🇦Elias James – Whoever got you25
402🇺🇸Jae Deco – Grim25
403🇺🇸Mama’s Love – Hoppin Jon25
404🇺🇸Lex Cole - Sleepin In25
405🇺🇸Beck Black – Puppet Show25
406🇺🇸Adrian Jauregui – Boom25
407🇺🇸Cael Dadian – Make them come to you25
408🇺🇸Hunter – Ur Bedroom25
409🇺🇸N2$ AJ – No more25
410🇺🇸Pancho – Out of me25
411🇭🇳Majestic Souls – Cybernetic Panacea25
412🇨🇦Brandon Michael – We're not young25
413🇺🇸Taylor Christian Gomolisky – So bad at Lying ft. Jemeyah Bagby25
414🇮🇪Anna Leah – City Girls25
415🇬🇧A VOID – Stepping on Snails25
416🇩🇪Mishell Ivon - #DGGASPBXX25
417🇬🇧HANYA – Logan’s Run25
418🇬🇧RockCounsellor – Laura25
419🇬🇧Nika Timos – Family25
420🇬🇧Gaby Duboisjoli – Jveux Des Frissons25
421🇩🇪Aniqo – Fear25
422🇮🇹D.Drezzy – Limits25
423🇬🇧Little Victories – Love Gets Me Down25
424🇬🇧Charlie Hannah – Poor Connection25
425🇬🇧MEE – The Good’s Come25
426🇮🇪Davey Long - Flesh & Blood25
427🇮🇪Somefinn – Contact25
428🇬🇧Pimms Brooke – Try Remix25
429🇬🇧Sam Baird - Nothing Really Changes25
430🇬🇧Burr Island – Why Is It?25
431🇬🇧Call to the Faithful – It Doesn’t Matter25
432🇮🇪Darkroom Data – Fall with you25
433🇦🇹Joe Traxler – Empty Prayer25
434🇬🇧Cellos – Insomniac25
435🇬🇧Aliensdontringdoorbells – Slipping Away25
436🇮🇪The Capris – My Best Nights25
437🇬🇧Angelina Luzi – Beast25
438🇬🇧Pedro Samp – Silver25
439🇬🇧Madman State – Real Life25
440🇬🇧Paul Usher – Don’t Show Me Heaven25
441🇬🇧Wax Heart Sodality – I Would Like Your Face25
442🇬🇧Mel Quinn - Shed A Tear (For Christmas)25
443🇩🇪Kevin Jost – Ahamay25
444🇦🇺Maria Pellicano – Forever and Ever25
445🇿🇦Leo Burg - Close Your Eyes (feat. Lara Wattam)25
446🇦🇺JXCKY – The Imitation Game25
447🇦🇺Snowfish – Burn from Within25
448🇦🇺Louie Drambouie – Falling25
449🇲🇦St.Abbed – FinallyFTW25
450🇦🇺Dino Jag – When the Day Comes25
451🇦🇺Kitty Rae – When Everybody is sleeping25
452🇦🇺Twin Flowers – The Pursuit25
453🇦🇺Twin Flowers – Greed25
454🇦🇺Twin Flowers – Dive into the Chorus25
455🇦🇺Twin Flowers – Where you live25
456🇦🇺LLC – Cheers to you25
457🇦🇺Carm Hal. - Salmon (The Colour Not The Fish)25
458🇮🇱Pacemaker – Perfect Mistakes25
459🇯🇵Aiver – Growl25
460🇦🇺Tayiha - Gotta Be More Than This25
461🇦🇺Melanie Eden – Caught25
462🇦🇺Megadead – Lo, We Are Bound!25
463🇦🇺Megadead – Chief of the Dead25
464🇦🇺Megadead – The Murder Card25
465🇦🇺Megadead – It goes/It Gone25
466🇦🇺Megadead – Country Music25
467🇦🇺Megadead – Wurdz25
468🇦🇺Megadead – Out Spaced25
469🇦🇺Megadead – One for Sorrow25
470🇦🇺Megadead – This Machine25
471🇦🇺Megadead – She protec but she also attac25
472🇦🇺Megadead – Dead Metal25
473🇿🇦G-Wizz, The Slayer – Murderer (feat. Aimée Britannia)25
474🇯🇵Rhyme – Obae25
475🇯🇵Rhyme – Linked25
476🇦🇺Jewel Owusu – Mixed Signals25
477🇮🇹Max Eldorado – Sempre e mai20,628
478🇷🇺Grabstein – Syzygy20
479🇦🇹My Friend The Chimpanzee – Time Traveller19,9202
480🇺🇸Brodie Dawson – Skip a Beat19,8
481🇫🇷Eleanor Idlewood – Marty19,8
482🇮🇹Alhená - Hé Xié19,6
483🇮🇹Awa – Ciò di cui ho bisogno19,6
484🇮🇹Demis Facchinetti & Luca Marchetti – Asia19,482
485🇺🇸Howe – Gold19,4361
486🇮🇹Anthony Louis feat. Ali P. - What the music does19,4
487🇱🇺NBLR – Flux19,4
488🇺🇸Strawberry Aqua – Last Dance19,4
489🇺🇸Richard Lynch "Christmas Time"19,32
490🇮🇹Bluombre "Dimenticando(TI)" feat. Andrea Stocchino19,3
491🇺🇦Kthona – Gospeller19,3
492🇮🇳Pragnya Wakhlu – Fallin19,3
493🇺🇸Baywud X Dvniel – Last Call19,2
494🇮🇹Gedrizz Feat. Maryam – Never know19,2
495🇭🇷James Night – Head in the Clouds19,2
496🇮🇹JdOnTheBeat Feat. Simona – M – Silenzio assordante19,2
497🇳🇴Magnetic Heartland – On To Something19,2
498🇮🇹Oliver Alex Fabbro – Troppo Breve19,2
499🇮🇹Varnadi Kristo Tony D'Alessio Le Matrioske - La Primavera (di Vivaldi cantata)19,2
500🇺🇸Matthew Liam Nicholson – Dusty Bones19,18
501🇦🇺Nightingale – Home19,18
502🇺🇸Love Ghost – Peace – Madness19,1
503🇺🇸TSB YD – The Chase19,1
504🇮🇹Alhená – Adventure of a Lifetime19
505🇺🇸Asia Kyreé – Fun Girl19
506🇮🇹Claudio Cirimele – Vita19
507🇮🇹Danomay – Una formica19
508🇺🇸Executive Order - A to Z19
509🇮🇹Giuseppe Palmeri – Genesys19
510🇮🇹GiusiPre – Autunno19
511🇺🇸Historian – Broken Cup19
512🇮🇹Mellotone Christmas from In A Mellotone Christmas by Mellotone Studio (Miek Warren, James Ritchie, Hernan Meza, Yuri Alviggi)19
513🇺🇸Nick Rousseau – Rest/Unrest19
514🇮🇹Santa Baby from In A Mellotone Christmas by Mellotone Studio (Barbara Baldaccini, Marco Evangelista, Hernan Meza, Yuri Alviggi)19
515🇬🇧Serena Sophia – Butterfly19
516🇨🇦Trigger Mafia – Find a Better Way19
517🇺🇸Hyooman – Kid18,98
518🇮🇹Winter Equinox from In A Mellotone Christmas by Mellotone Studio (Mike Warren, James Ritchie, Marco Evangelista, Hernan Meza, Yuri Alviggi)18,98
519🇬🇧Bacchanal – C.A.R.D.B.O.A.R.D.C.U.T.O.U.T18,9
520🇮🇹Blue Christmas Time from In A Mellotone Christmas by Mellotone Studio (Jason Johnson, Marco Evangelista, Hernan Meza, Yuri Alviggi)18,9
521🇮🇹Maria Marino – Amori Improvvisi18,9
522🇬🇧Nick Hudson - The Florist18,9
523🇩🇰North Ship – Green Light18,9
524🇮🇹Auld Lang Syne from In A Mellotone Christmas by Mellotone Studio (Miriam Mazzotta, Marco Evangelista, Hernan Meza, Yuri Alviggi)18,8
525🇬🇧C-Beem – Tumbleweed in Tinseltown18,8
526🇮🇹Cenzysax – Panama18,8
527🇺🇸Jay Elle "Miss Mess"18,8
528🇨🇦Stephen James Orr & Gisun - Wake Up18,8
529🇸🇪The Ringflowers – The G-String Theory (Grøn Samba)18,8
530🇮🇹Sonny Chamaquito- Hace Calor18,7
531🇮🇹Miky – Sempre uguali18,69
532🇮🇹Gianluca Gallo feat. Lydia Breska – Bailando Mambo18,6
533🇮🇹Radio – Non c’è adesso18,5
534🇷🇴Carameladora – Home18,2
535🇺🇸EJ Carey – Rising Tides, Crashing Skies13,9
536🇭🇷New Gondoliers – Parachuter12,4
537🇬🇧Mulholland Jive – Bad Moon Rising12
538🇬🇧Man & Boy – Here she comes11,6
539🇮🇪Stone Sea – Oblivion10,4
540🇬🇧Elephant Memoirs – Done In10,1
541🇳🇱!NOJ – Arabica10
542🇬🇧ANISE – Black Eve10
543🇩🇪Areo – Bring it On10
544🇮🇸Ari – Careless World10
545🇬🇧Beau Bowen – Bubble Tea10
546🇺🇸Belladon – Truths You Crave10
547🇺🇸Boyu – Glass of Wine10
548🇨🇦Bree Wihtworth – Time10
549🇺🇸Buenos Diaz – Inauguration Day10
550🇺🇸Cashavelly Morrison – Metamorphosis10
551🇨🇦Charlie Noir – Poltergeist10
552🇺🇸Christina Li & Teddy Sun – Residue10
553🇬🇧Christopher George – All The Way For The Win10
554🇮🇪Devin Reardon – Take me to the Coast10
555🇬🇧Doctor Payne – Guilt10
556🇺🇸Dripple E – Avatar State10
557🇺🇸Drunk Pedestrians - Steel and Stone Feat. Wasteland Hop10
558🇪🇸Dukart – You look so good10
559🇺🇸Emerge Restless – Bethel, Believe10
560🇬🇧Emma See – Thinking About It10
561🇺🇸Erinn Alissa – Gypsy Soul10
562🇺🇸Fertility House – Mockingbird10
563🇺🇸G&CHI – Jukebox Baby10
564🇮🇪Georgia G – Are You Single?10
565🇬🇧Honeyflux – God, Buddha & Me10
566🇫🇷Humble Humans – Shit Done10
567🇺🇸Inanna – Change10
568🇺🇸Jeremy & The Harlequins – Let me Out of You10
569🇦🇷Jorge Ostos – Dream10
570🇬🇧Keseniyah – Wake Up10
571🇳🇴Kristoffer Eikrem – Bitcrusher10
572🇺🇸La Tesce – Run on it10
573🇨🇦Leesha-Z, Esme LarkSail Away10
574🇦🇹Lena Luisa – Crazy Over You10
575🇬🇧Lizzie Esau – Bitter Weather10
576🇺🇸Love Ghost – Peace = Madness10
577🇬🇧Lowlives Collective – Frankie Ocean (Come Over)10
578🇬🇧Mark Remmington –Put My Bones Into The Ground10
579🇺🇸Melissa D. - Justice10
580🇬🇧Michael Ransom – Good News Comes in Threes10
581🇬🇧Midnight Ambulance – Rust10
582🇧🇷Nishidani – Yabai10
583🇬🇧Odd Wall - Convenient (Feat Thir13een)10
584🇬🇧Pantile – Natives10
585🇫🇷Paul Bidault - Burden Off My Shoulders10
586🇬🇧Pokkisham – Yes to This10
587🇺🇸Popcorn Kid – Moment in Time10
588🇺🇸Pretty Weird Blonde – Bitcoin Boi10
589🇺🇸Ryan Douglas Michelsen – Dark Clouds10
590🇬🇧Sabrina – 5AM10
591🇺🇸Salti Ray – Are You Still Sad All the Time?10
592🇺🇸Sarko Montaug – We Live in the sky10
593🇺🇸SATE – Nobody10
594🇨🇦Scalawag – Nobody Leaves10
595🇺🇸Shira – Am I Beautiful10
596🇮🇹Soinà – Studio Nr 510
597🇵🇪Solo En Saturno – El Silencio10
598🇮🇹SPTFR -Hysterism - Rabbit Hole (SPTFR Remix)10
599🇺🇸Taylor Xo – Dillon Blue10
600🇺🇸The Grand Mess - Summertime (Ft. Oren Major)10
601🇺🇸VHS King – Remember me Tomorrow10
602🇮🇹Derrumbado Rojo – Derrumbado Rojo7,4
603🇹🇼CJRY – Toy Factory6,2
604🇦🇺Tayiha – Good Energy5,4
605🇬🇧Emilia Tarrant – Stuck on You5,2
606🇨🇦15th Bend – Lucid5
607🇬🇧Alice May – Light In Me5
608🇨🇦Aly Mazarine – Rage5
609🇺🇸Anthony Lai - Bobbi's Song5
610🇦🇺Arp Deco – Introspect5
611🇬🇧Baëbe Ruth – Rendez-Vous5
612🇺🇸Bleak Mystique – So Much Fun5
613🇦🇺Broken Waves – Come Alive5
614🇬🇧Cabin – Dull5
615🇺🇸Catbells – Same as you5
616🇹🇼CJRY – One More Night5
617🇮🇹Coniugi – Forse Dovremmo5
618🇺🇸Coral Gables – Bygone5
619🇺🇸Courtney Cole – Light5
620🇫🇮Daggerplay – Castaway5
621🇬🇧Daniel Crawford – Doing2Me5
622🇦🇺Daniel March – Rocket5
623🇮🇪Dream Eyes – Heaven5
624🇮🇹Ecate – Lacrime5
625🇧🇪Ermitaz – Alike5
626🇧🇪Factheory – Désormais5
627🇺🇸Far West – A to Z5
628🇺🇸Fia Nyxx - Gemini Ft. Taylor Xo5
629🇦🇺Fifth Whiskey – Moonshine5
630🇬🇧Francesca Monte – The One For Me5
631🇦🇺GG – Road5
632🇫🇷Green Hazel – I’m Alive5
633🇦🇺Gully Days – Don’t Even Know Me5
634🇩🇪HÆCTOR – Run Dry5
635🇦🇺Hazel Mei – Golden Chains5
636🇮🇪Helen Murray – Thank you5
637🇪🇸Irenegarry - DiMe Que Me Calle5
638🇺🇸Iris Bonet – What It’s Like5
639🇳🇿Jason Parker – This is my year5
640🇺🇸Jaxon Pryce – Wanted5
641🇺🇸Julian Harper – Cherry Blossom5
642🇦🇺Karen Harding – Anxiety5
643🇦🇺Karoshi – FUN4EVRY15
644🇦🇺Karoshi – Pinhead5
645🇺🇸Kate Brunotts – Gemini5
646🇩🇪Kinga Angelys – Can’t Do Christmas Without you5
647🇦🇺Koolz – Beach Daze5
648🇳🇴Kristoffer Eikrem – Bitcrusher5
649🇺🇸Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Corners Pressed5
650🇬🇧Little Victories – Set in Stone5
651🇮🇱Lomipo – Angels5
652🇺🇸LYE.LL – K25
653🇺🇸Macky – Hello, Who Is This?5
654🇸🇪Mattias Lies – The Great Divide5
655🇺🇸Maya Clars – Road 225
656🇬🇧Mezmah – Smoke + Mirrors5
657🇦🇺Michelle Limanjae – Hey Dear, Heidi5
658🇬🇧Midnight Shoppers – Vertigo5
659🇬🇧Miles Waite – Come Back To Reality (I'm Still Dreaming)5
660🇺🇸Mini Sants – Romeo (ft. GESS)5
661🇺🇸Misery Lane – Heroes5
662🇳🇱Morgendust – Easy Way Out5
663🇺🇸Mr. Starz – MindReader5
664🇺🇸My Tree – Tell me About It5
665🇺🇸Noah Elliott – Undone5
666🇫🇷Nummy – Perception5
667🇬🇧PleasePrettyLea - SHOVELLING SH*T5
668🇬🇧Rhona Macfarlane – No Rain5
669🇩🇪Ricardo Rodriguez – Lose Sometimes5
670🇮🇹Rich Cardix – I’ll Be There5
671🇬🇧Robbie Boyd – The Mighty Oak5
672🇮🇱Sasha Daniel – Pollen Remix (DOV Remix)5
673🇨🇦Serena Sun – For the Hell of it5
674🇺🇸Serpenta - A Spade's A Spade5
675🇺🇸Simmons and Schuster – Start with Drums5
676🇬🇧Sisyphes – Des Stops et Des Detours5
677🇮🇪Sophie Doyle Ryder – Hunni Hunni5
678🇺🇸Spyderland – Bop it5
679🇺🇸Station Worship – King’s Kid5
680🇩🇪Still Sane – Not Yet5
681🇺🇸The Goldtunes – Girl in Black5
682🇺🇸The Jones Title – Birkenhead5
683🇦🇺Thea Fitzgerald – Good Like That5
684🇬🇧Those Damn Thieves – Coherent5
685🇮🇱Tommy Blu – Congratulations5
686🇦🇺Vinnyrn -I Know5
687🇦🇺Vinnyrn – How it turns out5
688🇦🇺Vinnyrn – Leave it to me5
689🇦🇺Vinnyrn – Ourselves5
690🇯🇵Watasino – Brand New Legacy5
691🇯🇵Watasino – Floating5
692🇯🇵Watasino – Last Cigarette5
693🇯🇵Watasino – Simple Things5
694🇺🇸Willow Woodward – Fade5
695🇺🇸Zoo Rass – Did You Know5
696🇬🇧Cholly – Procrastinate2,9
697🇬🇧Femegades – Pornsick2,8
698🇬🇧Venus Grrrls – Goth Girl2,8
699🇬🇧Bite The Boxer - Kohaku2,7
700🇳🇱Hey Karen – Run2,6
701🇬🇷Petros Fuzzhead – Bored2,6
702🇳🇴STILL SHAKING – Anxious and Airwaves2,6
703🇺🇸Sunflower Summit – Do Nothing2,6
704🇨🇦The Kyd – Grind2,6
705🇺🇸Acraea – Clockshifter2,5
706🇺🇸Anna Belle – CESSPOOL2,5
707🇬🇧Apollo Bleu – A Poem And A Broken Guitar2,5
708🇨🇭Aura Davis – What You Love2,5
709🇬🇧Aya – Scars2,5
710🇺🇸Bad Bloom – Automatic2,5
711🇬🇧Calming River – Dover Feat. Own Road2,5
712🇬🇧Cath Courtley – Footsteps2,5
713🇮🇪Charlie O’Brien – Fire and Foam2,5
714🇮🇪Charlie O’Brien – Under an Impression2,5
715🇪🇸Chico Jorge - Revolución en 32 versos2,5
716🇬🇧Cities in Dust – Vanishing Anarchist2,5
717🇺🇸Dean Batten – Let ‘Em Bleed2,5
718🇺🇸December Fades – Sunrise2,5
719🇫🇷Dj H Chimist – Strong Enough2,5
720🇺🇸Dyna Edyne – The Dome2,5
721🇺🇸Elijah Pierre – Sweet Mistake2,5
722🇬🇧Euan Blackman – HIGHHIGHHIGH2,5
723🇺🇸Fair Phantom – Favorite Sin2,5
724🇬🇧Florie Namir – Piece of My Soul2,5
725🇮🇹Frank Vapor – Mellowsun2,5
726🇬🇧Fritch - Another Monday Evening in Space2,5
727🇺🇸Geo – Feel it Now2,5
728🇺🇸Gillian Rae Perry – Lost Children2,5
729🇺🇸Inanna – The Machine2,5
730🇩🇪IRYS – Ride or die2,5
731🇸🇪Jacques Labouchere – Lost Goals2,5
732🇳🇴K-Syran – We Can't Go Back - Featuring Benedicta Syran2,5
733🇺🇸Kid Souf – Stalker2,5
734🇺🇸Kimley Mayron – Levitating feat. Colonel Reyer2,5
735🇨🇦Liz Dix – Cold Space2,5
736🇺🇸Mal Sounds – VVS2,5
737🇬🇧Marma – Far from here2,5
738🇺🇸Metallic Malik – SKRT2,5
739🇺🇸Moonroof – Goodbye2,5
740🇺🇸Mr.Starz – Party all Night2,5
741🇺🇸Noah Paul Harrison – Aren’t We Something2,5
742🇺🇸Oinktopus – Love2,5
743🇺🇸Ovtsxder – Money Talking2,5
744🇬🇧Pacific – Dream of Mine2,5
745🇨🇦PATS – N.I.TS.2,5
746🇺🇸Rubber - Synth Pop Idol2,5
747🇺🇸Selena Vaughn – Icarus2,5
748🇺🇸Simon Ocean – Excite You2,5
749🇺🇸Sinqo – Visionz2,5
750🇳🇱The Awkward – Fire2,5
751🇺🇸The Infinite Daisy Chains – Hope you grow2,5
752🇬🇧The Last Ghost – Tiny Raptures2,5
753🇺🇸The Tell Alls – Pace The Pesos2,5
754🇸🇪Underline – Get down with it2,5
755🇬🇧Venus Grrrls – Hate me2,5
756🇬🇧Venus Grrrls – Sudocream Queen2,5
757🇨🇿Wyfe – Babylon2,5
758🇺🇸Yannon – Cohesion2,5
759🇺🇸Young God Blow, DAM3 & Kemkooley – Summer ‘162,5
760🇺🇸Yukkon – Two Way Street2,5
761🇬🇧Yuzostate – Orange Peel2,5
762🇺🇸The Dream Logic – I'll Be Back Right Back1,92
763🇺🇸Ævina -Serendipity1,9
764🇬🇧Joseph Bell – Lost Souls1,9
765🇺🇸Brian Iannucci - You Stole My Heart Away 1,85

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