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Based on the weekly chart there is the ‘Season Chart’

Every week is assigned points to Top 10 of the Chart, at the end of the Season the song winning song is premiered as ‘Song of the Year’

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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 7 of 2021

1🇺🇸Luckie Boy - Hourglass13351.8
2🇨🇦ZARBO - Get Up and Dance12163.6
3🇺🇸Greye – I don’t Mind11388.3
4🇮🇹Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Beautiful Stranger10619
5🇮🇹Gabriele Saro & Roberto Fabbro – Bextasy9975.76
6🇺🇸American Greed - Livin The Dream8854
7🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Super Cool8807.4
8🇺🇸American Greed – Together8455
9🇨🇦Campbell Waldron - TV Screen8372
10🇦🇺skinsNbones - Theres a Reason8103.5
11🇺🇸Chris St. John - I Called You A Rose7992
12🇨🇦Zarbo - Correction In Direction7749
13🇺🇸Emodulari - Craniotomy6826.2
14🇺🇸Hazel McQuade - It Ain't Me6504.8
15🇺🇸The Caught - I'm Caught5849.7
16🇺🇸Jenson David - Four Leaf Clover5779.62
17🇨🇦Shimmer Johnson - Priceless5107.2
18🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Black Lives Matter5076
19🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - I'm So High 4891.8
20🇺🇸Dawgone Davis – Clean state ft. Chago Williams4877.6
21🇬🇧Des Cox - Are You Lonesome Tonight4804.8
22🇨🇦Intelligent Diva - Not Making Love3914
23🇮🇳Avni Vir Vineet – Can i go now3760
24🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - X File 86753093571.2
25🇦🇺SkinsNbones – Forever On3385.5
26🇵🇹Alex Van True - Replay 3199.2
27🇮🇹Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Valentine3065.45
28🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - You Raise Me Up2952
29🇺🇸Luckie Boy - Cry Myself To Sleep2772.512
30🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Georgia Finally Went Blue2708.4
31🇮🇹Gabriele Saro and Roberto Fabbro - Road Dangerous Running2268
32🇺🇸Kiron Rasheed feat. Leah Rich- Ask About Me2244
33🇺🇸Jenson David Ft. Kelly Miller - Not Forgotten  1977.465
34🇮🇳Vineet – Dreamin out Loud1944.8
35🇺🇸Emcee Monte- I'm So Black 1786
36🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Vaccine 1646.5
37🇮🇹Haiducii – Respira1121.718
38🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare1116
39🇺🇸Anya Kay – Chains1115.632
40🇺🇸Signal 13 - All Fired Up 1110.704
41🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te1110
42🇺🇸Greye – So far so good988
43🇺🇸Ryte Eye Ty - Freedom972
44Fletcher Holloway – House on the hill869.4
45🇨🇦Fadi Awad & Dan De Leon ft.Shawn Breathwaite - Off The Wall837
46🇨🇦The Couchmen – Lazin831.033
47Denora feat Scoop & Zentill0n – Hold me Kiss me820.95
48Papillon Vintage Swing Band – Amore Abbreviato785.4
49🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - If I Could Reach Your Heart (A Covid Quarantine Collaboration)782
50🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Burning Bridges777
51🇺🇸Gasoline Tequila - Indulgent Fool743.138
52Denora, Miguel Saez – New Life 2020737.2
53The Wolfman - Comminges Pyrénées Hospital Center680.4
54🇺🇸OneGunn - Be Kool Everybody676.8
55🇺🇸Greg Coleman - Change (For The Better) 2020 Remix656.88
56🇮🇹Francy Stolfa – Chiediti il perché647.5
57🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Police Brutality642.6
58🇨🇦David Raynolds – Generator641.95
59🇮🇹Osea Codega - Make me feel637
60🇨🇦Fadi Awad ft. Nicole Carino - Into The Night620.4
61🇺🇸Lawrence Preston – Something for you614.4
62🇺🇸DuShane Band – Jody592
63🇸🇬Druv Kent – Don’t Burn Away585.2
64🇺🇸Corey C – I Got That Swag576
65🇦🇺Fletcher Holloway – Lysergic570
66🇮🇹Anticorpi – Cortesemente (Mi diresti che m’ami?)552
67🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Amico Papa544
68Nya – National Fraud Day531.08
69🇺🇸Ny'a - We Are Strong529.2
70🇨🇦Andy Camp - One Night In June524.48
71Erick Beau – Waiting for you515.2
72Mahoggany Blu - Redemption feat G Dark515.2
73🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll486.2
74🇮🇹Slimm25 – Goodnight470.4
75🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone - Piccola Emma462.5
76🇮🇹Ghost - Vivi e lascia vivere - Vivimix  462.5
77🇺🇸K-Roll - Real Quick451.2
78🇺🇸Lecretia Ann – Does She Know446.592
79🇺🇸Cary Park - You Matter To Me434.7
80🇮🇹Ivan Comar & Gabriele Saro - Open Your Eyes427.8
81🇮🇳Vineet - Mask423.2
82🇮🇹Lenny (feat. Luca Chiari e Rok) – Supporta Chico414
83🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza - All the words we never said404.8
84🇮🇹Daniela Mastrandrea – Numa400.4
85🇺🇸Wendy Moten - Till I Get It Right396.9
86🇨🇦Andy Camp – Facebook Lover372.225
87Victor Janflone – Color of love372
88Love – Feel Good Girl of The Summer370
89🇨🇭Donna Zed – Step Away368
90Reno Valay – How far i go368
91Todd Barrow – Girl like you368
92Phil Mitchell Band – Love is True Symphony368
93Osea Codega – Icy Eyes364
94🇸🇪Rebel Gel – Living the Dream361
95🇨🇭Donna Zed - Surrounding Me360
96🇺🇸Ravoshia – Fashion Killa340.2
97🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Quando me ne andrò336
98🇺🇸Damon and the Crushboys – Hustle With A Purpose333
99🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – Altair320
100🇮🇳Thermal and a Quarter - Tilt298.242
101🇨🇭Donna Zed - Against The Rising Sun296
102Magikara – Kara Lumiere294.4
103🇨🇭Donna Zed – Enough Years284.8
104🇨🇿YV Salome – I Want to die270.1
105🇮🇹Pino Arco – Donna Amica252
106🇦🇹Composing4You – Hollywood Emotion249.2
107🇮🇹Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper245.7
108🇺🇸Goldee Heart-Give Me A Minute238.558
109🇮🇹Red Roll – Call me mad234.08
110🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Une Lus234
111🇨🇦LILIAN AND MANON" ("The Zlamal Sisters") - Young for Christmas228.06
112The Faction ft. Vidal Garcia – Work for it226.8
113🇺🇸Standard Of Praise - Strength (Song Of Solomon Chapter 9) 225.6
114🇩🇪Magnus Mason - Worth It225.6
115🇺🇸Phil MItchell Band – God Bless This Child225.6
116🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – Like Paparazzi Flashes224.4
117🇨🇦David Raynolds – Ionize222
118🇮🇹Osea Codega – White Noise222
119🇮🇹Raffaella Linzi - Io so222
120Darrell Kelley – Hate and Violence220.8
121🇨🇦Jasmine Bharucha - Fog Horn Blowing219.538
122🇩🇪Loving The Sun - Blessings218.4
123🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Dennis DeMille - Jingle Bell Rock (Original Mix)216
124🇩🇪Loving The Sun - The Falcon216
125Stefania Tasca – Vetro209.814
126🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – I sogni di una sorella206.4
127🇮🇹Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – I don’t mind205.7
128🇮🇹Giò – Questo Amore205.2
129🇨🇭Donna Zed – Morphine204
130🇮🇹Vinz Milani – Baby204
131🇺🇸Scott Celani Band - For What Its Worth199.392
132Franco Nocchi – Le carezze di una Madre198
133🇮🇹Lenny ft. Samuel Rizza – Alzo le mani198
134🇮🇹Katya Chirico – Sei come me198
135Melissa Ciaramella - Pensare Diverso192
136🇮🇹Te Quiero Euridice – I miei polsi192
137🇮🇳Vanlalchhanhima Ralte feat. NoahSoundz - Need Is Need192
138🇺🇸Mike P. Fitzpatrick feat. Priscilla Bailey – Everything i need190
139🇮🇳Vineet -Get Back On Track190
140Franco Nocchi – Ricordi di una passeggiata con mio Padre189.2
141Man City Sirens - The Man WHo Visited The Earth189
142Anticorpi – Nuovo ordine mondiale188
143🇺🇸Angela Predhomme -So Good To Be Free187
144🇵🇱Michal Rutkowski – Berlin Wall185.9
145🇺🇸Matt Craven- My Diamond Wings185
146Sharmila – Burning for You (Club Mix)185
147🇺🇸Taylor Renee Marx - Overwhelming Love185
148E Clips – Racism out185
149digital_human - Mzansi (Mama Africa)184
150Johnny Holliday aka Lover J
Be My Lady (Remix )
151🇺🇸Dawgone Davis – Checkered Future183
152Cobalto – Shine183
153Six in Town – Butterflies on the moon183
154🇨🇴Monsieur Job – I Wanna be your dog182
155🇮🇹E.F.I.X. - Ancora181
156🇺🇸Ace Diamond - Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin180
157🇮🇹Maghi di Ozzy – Ego180
158Monsieur Job – Muero por ti180
159Stephen Wrench – Dad180
160Ekynoxx – Apple Man180
161Inna Cantina – Fuori c'è il sole feat. Adriano Bono180
162Matteo Venneri - Inseguo Me180
163Noemi Coozy – Ben Johnson freestyle 2.0180
164Elememphis - Protagonisti179
165🇮🇹Franco Nocchi – La Forza della Pace178.2
166A Shoreline Dream - Seek to Hide178
167Rankin Delgado feat. Legato Rob – Sirens178
168Cristina Lizzul – Mio175.5
169🇮🇹Antonio Pignatiello - Sembra quasi domenica175
170Lucien Fuego - Mondo Virtuale172
171Recidivo – Braccio 19169.2
172Saiman – Amore elettrico167.4
173🇺🇸Brian Shuck – Without you149.6
174🇨🇳Oscar T – One More Reason (Sunday Morning)148.8
175🇨🇦Fadi Awad & Sasha Dee Jay ft. Addie Nicole - Release148
176🇮🇹Osea Codega - Flyin'144.8
177🇨🇭Donna Zed – My voice144
178🇮🇹Andrea Petrucci Redpassion – Dance Honey142.4
179🇮🇹Alessandro Di Carlo – Piccolo cuore che batte132
180Frankie Brasko – Ragazza d’altri tempi128.466
181Matteo Re – Essere al limite118.096
182Fooga&Nico - Dillo tu a Modì Live110.4
183Matulla feat. Carrie – Silence in Amsterdam106.8
184🇺🇸Lecretia Ann - 3105.45
185🇸🇬Matilde Girasole – In my mind95
186Vertigini Acustiche - L'Inverno Di Quest'Anno94.5
187Arka – Portami via91.5
188Andrea Pace – Al buio91
189🇮🇹Giampix – Nella nuda stanza90.24
190Luigi Bifone – Torna da me89
191🇺🇸Stephen Wrench That's What Love Can Do FT. Jenny Angel (Cas Weinbren Remix)88.32
192🇮🇹Chiara Hudson – Cross the line79.2
193🇮🇹Gabriel Wegner - Aleppo78
194La Shanna – Di me77.6
195🇮🇳Vineet - I'm OK77.6
196🇺🇸CHARLIE ALPHA PAPA.-Bora Bora76
197🇨🇭Donna Zed – Bold76
198🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine-Baby Goodbye75.6
199🇺🇸David Arn - Love Is Free75.6
200🇨🇦David Raynolds - With Or Without You75.2
201Denise Mininfield – Call me75.2
2023Mind Blight-Reflections (feat. Sophie Dorsten)75.2
203Randy Seedorff - Family Tree75.144
204Vertigini Acustiche – L’Inverno di quest’anno74.8
205🇺🇸Maurice - The Wall74.4
206🇺🇸Mike Defoy - Glass Houses74.4
207🇮🇳Vineet - Hit That High 74.4
208Shane Hoose – Going Nowhere74.4
209Tom Tikka & The Missing Hubcaps - Jaded Mind74.4
210🇺🇸DAWGGONEDAVIS ft. Chago G Williams - Darkest Hour74
211🇺🇸Dawgone Davis – No more74
212🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino - Into The Groove (Original Mix)74
213🇮🇹Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto - So Cold74
214🇮🇹Pietro Daniele – Mani Libere74
215🇺🇸Stacy Gabel - Stir Crazy74
216Alessia Ramusino – Pasta Pizza Mandolino74
217🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Audacity73.6
218🇺🇸Beau Bayou – Endless Summer Nights73.2
219🇺🇸Ronnue – That’s the way love goes73.2
220🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - Gabriel’s Oboe (Live)73.2
221🇺🇸Benny S. - Victim:The Original72
222🇨🇦David Raynolds – Over And Out72
223🇮🇹Vesperius – La speranza di morire giovani72
224🇮🇹Acquablag – The Mighty Cozzi's71.2
225🇨🇦LILIAN AND MANON ("The Zlamal Sisters") - Thinking about you babe69.92
226🇺🇸Craymo – December Rain68.34
227🇵🇱Michal Rutkowski – Ballroom68
228🇮🇹Key Niemen – Inkantesimo58.5
229🇮🇹Frankie Brasko – Scappo al mare53.934
230Miss Freddye - Wade In the Water42.036
231Richard Lynch - Supernaw39.59
232See Your Shadow - I Know My Worth37.944
233Tocarra – Don't Cry featuring Sounds of Blackness (Gary Hines)37.6
234🇺🇸Gary Burk III - Like That37.4
235Donna Zed – High on desire37.2
236Darrell Kelley – Kamala36.8
237🇨🇭Donna Zed – Say it all36.6
238🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Life’s a sham36
239Temperance Lancecouncil – Globally We sing ; Erase 1936
240🇮🇹Nannarao – Temporale36
241🇺🇸Don Rousell - Ol School33.642
242🇺🇸Ted Cline - Mexican Ana32.55
243🇺🇸Bela Ponyi – Free Fall31.45
244🇺🇸Manny Cabo – The Last One31.45
245🇮🇳Mali – Mundane30.4
246🇺🇸Tanille – Not this time30.294
247Lo Martill – Pasion28.44
248Ed Roman - Tomorrow Is Today26.496
249John Vento - Not Your Kinda Man24.924
250🇺🇸Ashley Puckett - Live Like You Love23.128
251FaB – Persuasion22.94
252Bill Abernathy - More Than Meets the Eye22.487
253HeIsTheArtist - Lovin' You22.448
254Matt Westin - Hey Bro22.08
255Jeremy Parsons - Things To Come22.064
256Davy Williamson - Thin Disguise21.46
257Savannah - Terror In Disguise19.4
258Larry Jay - 2 New Girlfriends19.24
259🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino - No One’s Gonna Stop Us Now19.2
260🇮🇹Simone Baldelli – Tu sai perché19
261Snakedoctors – Jeff Johnson Spoke18.6
262🇺🇸John Vento – Well Yeah Maybe18.5
263Danilo di Florio – Secondo me18.4
264🇺🇸Savannah - We Are Us18.4
265Fooga&Nico – Dillo tu a Modì Live18.3
266Chris Bender "Glad In It"18.3
267🇮🇹Filippo Lombardelli – Un cielo senza te18
268🇮🇹Traindeville – Il Cavaliere delle Nuvole18
269🇺🇸T Brown – Covid 1917.8
270🇵🇰Izzie's Caravan - "On The Pull"17
271Luciemme – My Heart My15.93
27217Stripes - Love Like A Python14.615
273🇮🇹Giampix - Retro14.58
274Little Wretches "Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch"11.346
275ViDa- Sogno Lucido8.272
276🇰🇷Sung Eun Choi-Come5.1
277Fitzsimon and Brogan (FaB) - A Toy For Juliette2.52
278Richard Lynch - He'll Make Everything Alright1.95
279Zender Fade - Curse (Prod. By TLK)1.9
280🇮🇹Alessandro Bruni – Come una rosa1.14
281Luca Lastilla – Mare di giugno0.9
282🇮🇹Terramadre – Skoll0.748
283🇮🇹Renzo Cantarelli - Il Tribunale dei sentimenti0.37
284Richard Lynch "Cathead Biscuits"0.366
285Maurizio Luciano – Dedè0.185
286🇺🇸Steve Markoff, Patricia Lazzara – Liama0.18
287Jeremy Parsons "Good Ole Days"0.176