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The Euro Indie Music Chart is revered as the definitive European Indie Music Network chart. The chart is broadcasted in over 60 countries and on hundreds of Radio stations network worldwide.

The ‘Euro Indie Music Chart’ Top 40 Countdown Will be on air every Friday night at 24.00 on Rete Oro Channel 77 of DTT in Lazio and world Wide on

The ranking is drawn up based on the results achieved by the artists in the radio and TV broadcasts affiliated with the European Indie Music Network and the approval of the public, in fact, through this link, you can vote for your favorite song, among those in the list and at a technical value called ‘ multiplier ‘assigned by the staff to the Songs of the Formula Indie ranging from 1 to 2 and which affects the ranking by multiplying all valid points.

The last four weeks are considered in the calculation, but there is an additional weight to emphasize those transmitted more recently. The value of this weight is calculated as follows: x1, x 0.4, x 0.2, x 0.1. Full regulations are available here

In collaboration with Help Music, MEI- Meeting degli indipendenti, AudioCoop, LFD Press, EI Multimedia, MAF Music Promotion, DigitAlb and the European Indie Music Network

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Based on the weekly chart there is the ‘Season Chart’

Every week is assigned points to Top 10 of the Chart, at the end of the Season the song winning song is premiered as ‘Song of the Year’

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Euro Indie Music Chart - Week 31 of 2022


1🇮🇳Vineet - Light of the world11310
2🇩🇪Alec Blake – I Believed in You9310
3🇺🇸Terry Isaiah Johnson & The Flamingos ft. Theresa Trigg – Friday Night8626
4🇦🇹VIENNACC - Cook For Me8294,4
5🇺🇸People Get Ready – Musicians Come Together on Anthem of Hope8246
6🇮🇪Finn O'Hara - You Deserve A Better Man8227
7🇺🇸Sweet Randi Love and The Love Thang Band Ft. Jack Spade with Ike Turner JR. - Yes To Life8221,8
8🇳🇴Bobby and the Crew - Robot M 20528106
9🇺🇸Thehiz - Submarine7866
10🇺🇸Vin Mack – Gotta Get on Up7695
11🇺🇸Willie Reed - Hypnatized7585,4
12🇺🇸Julian Brooks and Paris King – Snakebite7372
13🇺🇸Sim Streeter – Bring it Home7277
14🇺🇸Chris St John with Leah Haley - I Just Knew (Wedding Version)5890
15🇺🇸Clay Joule – Funky Sphere5510
16🇸🇬Druv Kent - Wanna Love Again5409,25
17🇺🇸Sisters J – Open When5370,3
18🇺🇸Spooky Action at a Distance - I Love The Way You Walk Away5111
19🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Gun Reform4813,2
20🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Nights in White Satin4598
21🇺🇸11th Story - Lady Liberty4332
22🇺🇸Dawggonedavis – Love’s Boss4294
23🇺🇸Jeff Golkin - We Have Love Tonight, Now & Forever4237
24🇮🇹L-Rhose - You are (I Art Studios Remix)2922,3
25🇷🇴Alin Dragu - Dance, dance2463,8
26🇮🇹TATARELLA - Lontano dai ricordi2452,644
27🇮🇹Civukappa – Paranormale2361,6
28🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Violence and Hate2356
29🇮🇹Angelo Divino - Grito en silencio2337
30🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Sink Or Swim (dance remix)2284,8
31🇺🇸Anthony Casuccio – Love is the Answer2268,715
32🇨🇭Sofia Martynova - Dance Queen2242
33🇺🇸Chris St. John – Walk Between The White Lines2166
34🇺🇸Robert Minott - I Want To Know What Love Is2100,6
35🇺🇸Alexa - Twenty Something2090
36🇷🇸Dana Karic - My Love2014
37🇮🇳Vineet – DEE DA DA DA ( Love Is Your Game )1996,8
38Michael Clarke- Keep My Heart ft Kimera1976
39🇬🇧Dani Sylvia - Run1900
40🇺🇸Clay Joule – O' Dream1891,5
41🇺🇸Chris St John - My Sunrise1385,28
42🇷🇴Alin Dragu-Danseaza1370,3
43🇺🇸Taylor McClaine - Mountain Top1311
44🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Do It Do It1216
45🇺🇸The Hourglass Effect - But Anyways1209,6
46🇺🇸Billy Gaines - There Will Come A Day1074,184
47🇩🇪Euro Chan - Restless1036,8
48🇦🇺Kaapstaad - Aula988
49🇮🇹Gioele Benedetti - La felicità873
50🇮🇹Paul Rondena - La carità859,5
51🇸🇬Druv Kent - Magaresa (Runaway)853,6
52🇺🇸Kaylin Vela - Summer Bae719,934
53🇮🇹Gianni Rotella - Voglio dirti706,7
54🇮🇹Alfonso Carabina - Destini da riscrivere703
55🇮🇹Silversnake Michelle – Irreversible And Massive Necrosis702
56🇮🇹MaximusP - Per qualcosa in più691,2
57🇨🇦The Lakettes – A Dream to Live With690,432
58🇮🇹Vincenzo Donnamaria - Ti ricordi Michelle687,6
59🇮🇹Norma – Just To Be591
60🇮🇹Silvia Frangipane – Nuits D’Amour504,4
61🇮🇹Silvia Frangipane – Un amor de Pluie465,6
62🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - Look What You've Done To Me456
63🇺🇸Johnny Holliday aka Lover J - What I Gotta Do446,2
64🇺🇸Tyler Scott Owens – Rendezvous437
65🇺🇸J.Maurice – Beautiful429
66🇺🇸JoZie – Perfect Enough427,46
67🇬🇧Dani Sylvia - Training Tunes422,4
68🇮🇹Silvia Frangipane - C'est Aujourd'Hui422,4
69🇮🇹Allerija feat. dj Pako Esposito - Non vale419,9
70🇮🇹NLH - Ho un sassolino nella scarpa418
71🇮🇹Quoroom – Forte coi deboli413,56
72🇮🇹Lucien Fuego – Mondo virtuale404,8096
73🇮🇹RosGos – To Daydream404,04
74🇮🇹Beppe De Francesco "Almeno un'altra vita"383,8
75🇬🇧Ree-Vo - Spacebox (NØISE Remix)380
76🇮🇹Rosaria Ajello – La mia buona strada352,8
77🇺🇸Andy Aledort – Out for a Ride326,4
78🇮🇹Plaza De Mundo Project – 27Th September325,55
79🇮🇹Dania Lascialfari – Infinito324,7
80🇨🇭Sofia Martynova – Diva310,4
81🇩🇪Sebastiano Salonia – Apro gli occhi308,8
82🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Judas304
83🇺🇸Gabby Gabanna - Ballers Club 304
84🇺🇸Robert Minott - You Are 304
85🇺🇸Jack Tempchin - Back to the Old Me291
86🇺🇸Taylor McClaine - Hustle & Thrive288
87🇮🇪Sano Hill – Starting Over287,28
88🇮🇹Pos-Dok – Barcelona270,456
89🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - You Gotta Live266
90🇮🇹Jesahel - The Everlasting Child266
91🇺🇸Benny S. - Step Up feat. S.L.I, J-Dill & Joshy257,4
92🇬🇧Smokie - Who the F is Alice256,1
93🇸🇲Deborah Beccari – Giglio254,8
94🇮🇹Orlando Ferrari – Soli Idoli254,8
95🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Un motivo253,5
96🇨🇦Zarbo – They Lie253,5
97🇧🇸Cosaint – Margarita252,976
98🇬🇧ZzymbalHead – Nevergivin Up252,2
99🇷🇴Alin Dragu-Sa curga vinul in pahare250,9
100🇮🇹Emily feat.Big Dios – Impeccabile250,9
101🇺🇸Mike Walla – Surfboard250,9
102🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Your Love250,38
103🇷🇴Alin Dragu-Fac ce vrea inima mea250,25
104🇮🇪CJXY - You Know The Vibe Prod. Mob Dillin250,12
105🇺🇸YoungButConnected – He Says249,6
106🇺🇸YoungButConnected – Taken249,34
107🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Poison248,682
108🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Jahmari248,56
109🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Today248,3
110🇨🇦Shimmer Johnson – Chaperone247,38
111🇩🇪Ajay Mathur – Real247
112🇨🇭Alex Wellkers – Get this far247
113🇮🇹Ella – Al Muro247
114🇮🇹Federica Tallinucci e Alessandro Tolone – Soli all'unanimità247
115🇮🇹Quoroom – Anima di Gesso247
116🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Beautiful Pain247
117🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Plow247
118🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Take on me247
119🇨🇭The Santa Monicas – Telephone247
120🇺🇸Tom Proctor – In my loving Arms247
121🇮🇹Soul Nassau – Daghi Dubi Baba245,96
122🇺🇸Spooky Action at a Distance' -Every Sensation245,7
123🇳🇿The After - Clear To Me245,7
124🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Take your knees off our necks243,1
125🇺🇸Marla Lewis - The Boogie Woogie Man243,1
126🇮🇹Sonny Chamaquito- Hace Calor243,1
127🇮🇹TiTo Esposito – You Can Take This Time243,1
128🇺🇸Intelligent Diva - In My Feelings240,5
129🇮🇹Stefano Strada – 400 milioni di chilometri239,2
130🇮🇹Roberta di Falco – La Bambola Di Seta238,8
131🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Bless Me235,2
132🇮🇪Circuit3 - Future Radio234,36
133🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Breathe234
134🇮🇹Horus Black – The Monster234
135🇮🇹ABA – Senti232,8
136🇩🇪Doro Farkas, Jordan Hanson, KVEN - This style Remix232,8
137🇮🇹Amal – Qui232,2
138🇦🇺C.R.YY – Brave231,6
139🇺🇸J.K. Coltrain - Don't Sweat The Small Stuff231,6
140🇺🇸Willie Grissom – I Want To Be Just Like Him231,6
141🇺🇸YoungButConnected – HOLIDAY231,6
142🇺🇸Moral DK – House of the Rising Sun230,976
143🇮🇹Dario BD Bruschi – Questa mia ingenuità230,4
144🇮🇹Felix Rovitto – Let me take you around230,4
145🇺🇸Harlem Lyric – Matrimony229,8
146🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Patrick Lyoya229,44
147🇮🇪Finn O’Hara – Silhouette229,2
148🇮🇹Gianluca Lulu – Pensando229,2
149🇺🇸Intelligent Diva - Sinners Prayer229,2
150🇺🇸Jay Elle "Miss Mess"229,2
151🇳🇱The VanCooths – Festival of light229,2
152🇺🇸Zpextre – Laidback229,2
153🇨🇦Revolution Above Disorder - Annihilator228,19
154🇮🇹Alessia Ramusino – Yallah228
155🇮🇳Ananda Xenia Shakti - Love is Where You Are228
156🇨🇦Bonnie Milne - New Beginnings228
157🇬🇧Ernest Moon - Unkind228
158🇮🇹Gipsy Tales – Il Ballerino228
159🇮🇹Giuseppe Palmeri – Improvviso228
160🇬🇧Hannyta – 17 (Houson Boombox Remix)228
161🇺🇸J.Maurice – Facetime228
162🇺🇸Jason Shand - The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)'228
163🇺🇸Jerry Bogan - I promised Her A Honky Tonk228
164🇺🇸Khal Bennett Banks - do something real (prod. By CapsCtrl)228
165🇺🇸London Plane - Come Out of the Dark228
166🇺🇸Lyric Stonez, Dr Jaymz - Take This Heart228
167🇳🇿Parabola West - No One Can Get Me Here228
168🇮🇹Sara Rinaldi – Ama228
169🇺🇸Seal Party - Maison228
170🇺🇸See Your Shadow - Take It To your Grave228
171🇮🇹Spitfire – I’m not in love228
172🇮🇹Tasto feat. Scarabocchi – Sul tetto del mondo228
173🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist "I Want you Around"227,76
174🇺🇸Dawggonedavis – Appreciation227,64
175🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Ring The Bell226,8
176🇺🇸Marla Lewis - Blue Horizon226,8
177🇮🇹Figli di Eva - La scoperta dell'America225,6
178🇮🇹Gianni Rotella - Memories225,6
179🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Atatiana224,4
180🇬🇧John Dartnell - Here's To The Road224,4
181🇺🇸Jarod Grubb - What She's Drinkin' On220,8
182🇺🇸Crypto Knight - Break The Code217,107
183🇮🇹Mauto – L'itaglia (Aida S'è Persa) [Keejay Freak Remix]214,5
184🇺🇸Centershift - From Where We Are213,4
185🇳🇱Frank Admiraal – Feed Your Mind212,74
186🇺🇸Dr Jaymz – Set Me Loose211,75
187🇮🇹Blacksheep Noise – Patto col Diavolo211,64
188🇺🇸SURREAL – Lost In My Own World (Feat. Trapaholics)211,2
189🇮🇹Di Vicino - L'estate del '78210,1
190🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Insane in the Ukraine209
191🇮🇹Nerocolore - Devi essere grande209
192🇩🇪Sti-Lex Rv – You are the key209
193🇺🇸Diane Schuur – Let it be192
194🇺🇸Jonathan Cavier - Forest Through the Trees192
195🇬🇧BUZZKILL JOY – birthday cake191,9
196🇭🇺Girl in the mirror – Snowfall in Seoul190
197🇬🇧Alex Over Featuring Riah Knight & Andrew Shobeiri – As they fade190
198🇬🇧Alexander Joseph – Summertime Compass (Acoustic Version)190
199🇺🇸Already Legends – Amnesia190
200🇺🇸Amateur Aztec Hour – I Went to Morocco Once Type of Guy190
201🇨🇦Ashtøn Chase – So Far Away190
202🇺🇸Becca Lynn – Why Not190
203🇺🇸Caleb Cascio – Roller Coaster190
204🇺🇸Christopher Ames Band – Life Outside The Machine190
205🇺🇸Chucky Trading Co – What I Want190
206🇺🇸Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – All Time Is Borrowed Time190
207🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Always in my mind190
208🇮🇹Jade C – Sirio190
209🇺🇸Jane N' The Jungle – DIRTY DOG190
210🇺🇸Johnny Holliday aka Lover J -Stay With Me Tonight190
211🇨🇦Jordan Jones – Flawless190
212🇺🇸King Kismet – Wounded Healer190
213🇺🇸L.A The Lost Angel – Do Me190
214🇨🇭Metrophobia – Crazy Heart190
215🇺🇸Morphius – Here's One For You190
216🇺🇸New Enemies - There's A Way190
217🇯🇵Paulie Ryhme – Stay with Me feat. Lena (Avocado Boys)
218🇨🇦Pisceze – Red Handed190
219🇮🇹Plus3nine - ESTATE2190
220🇰🇷Rylai - Issues (Can you let go of me?)190
221🇬🇧S J Denney – On Any Other Day190
222🇵🇷Silvermouse – Beyond the Dream Drum190
223🇳🇴Temperature Falls – Lab Rat190
224🇮🇪The Art Crimes Band – If Only (Piano Bar) Version190
225🇬🇧The Dunwells – This is Love190
226🇺🇸The Non-Professionals – Margo and Cece190
227🇬🇧The Vonics – Hypnotic190
228🇬🇧Vandal of Heart – Blissy190
229🇺🇸Victor Alexeeff – Sonata No.8 in C Minor, Op.13 : I.Grave – Adagio molto190
230🇮🇹Vyola - Balliamo dentro l'Estate190
231🇺🇸Zahkia – Enough190
232🇮🇹βeta V. - Siamo orizzonte190
233🇸🇬Matilde G – Digging for Diamonds190
234🇮🇳Ananda Xenia Shakti "I Am Love"156,8
235🇮🇹ABA - Senza Sosta152
236🇮🇹Genny Buono – E sento che ci sei139,68
237🇫🇮Pennies By The Pound - Burning Wish130,56
238🇩🇴Luigui Bleand – Gomelo121,6
239🇮🇹Siriaz y Malo – Cleopatra117,6
240🇮🇹Bluesex – Barcollo117,6
241🇳🇴Bobby And The Crew – Conqueror of Love117,36
242🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie "I Guess I am the Only One"117,3
243🇮🇹Chuckling Pies – Pegasus117,176
244🇮🇹Isabella Switon – Dall’altra parte del telefono117
245🇨🇭Alex Wellkers – Maybe we Marry117
246🇺🇸Craymo – One Love One World (We Are One) Freedom Mix116,7
247🇸🇲Deborah Beccari – Memorie116,4
248🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Been Bad for Me (Extended Version)116,4
249🇩🇪E;R! Feat. Agathe Paglia Rockin' Lullaby
250🇮🇹Gabriele Saro - Can't Fight The Feeling115,968
251🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Show Business (glamorous)115,968
252🇮🇱Lior Holzman – If i hadn’t met you115,8
253🇺🇸Luckie Boy – Oceans Deep115,8
254🇺🇸Phillip Sanders-If I didn’t love you girl115,8
255🇨🇦Tia McGraff "Go Your Own Way"115,8
256🇺🇸Bros Inc – Hiding115,5
257🇨🇦Alex Krawczyk "There Will Be Light"115,44
258🇨🇭Alex Wellkers – What keeps me alive115,2
259🇮🇳Ananda Xenia Shakti "Cosmic Quiver"115,2
260🇺🇸Chris Ford - Whiskey Still115,2
261🇨🇦Claire Odogbo – Robed in Righteousness115,2
262🇨🇦Fate Will Come – Bitch115,2
263🇮🇳Kiara Chettri – Falling115,2
264🇺🇸Lady Redneck "Pray for Peace"115,2
265🇺🇸Pamela Hopkins - One Too Many115,2
266🇺🇸Steph Delz – 19-Ninety115,2
267🇮🇹Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie "You're Not There"115,2
268🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – La regola del Cuore114,982
269🇺🇸Gary Pratt - You Gotta Jump In114,6
270🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Dance114,6
271🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Litty114,6
272🇺🇸Los Musick x P.A.T. feat 4-IZE – Too much fire114,6
273🇺🇸See Your Shadow - Missing West Virginia114,6
274🇵🇭 🇫🇷Bless Parco Rodriguez – Powerful114,6
275🇺🇸Chris St John – Hold On114,38
276🇮🇹Alberto Mons - Hanno tutti ragione114,19
277🇺🇸Lady Redneck "Come thou Fount of Every Blessing"114,1299
278🇮🇹Alfonso Carabina - Me l'han detto114,12
279🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine – Together114
280🇺🇸Bernadett – Redemption114
281🇺🇸Carlito Panama - OG CP 7154114
282🇺🇸Chris St. John – Fly Away114
283🇺🇸Chris St. John – Hey Siri114
284🇺🇸Dawggonedavis ft. Chago Williams – Raybans in The Rain114
285🇸🇲Deborah Beccari feat. Piermatteo Carattoni – Amici d’Infanzia114
286🇺🇸DOMMO – Silver Linings114
287🇺🇸Doug Cash - You Know You Want It114
288🇨🇦Ed Roman "I Have a Dream"114
289🇺🇸Ella Blicker – Owe it all114
290🇮🇹Giacali – Uccelli senza ali114
291🇺🇸HeIstheArtist "Colored"114
292🇬🇧Jah Wobble and The Ukrainians - Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub114
293🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Beauty Queen MOVIE VERSION114
294🇺🇸John McDonough "Love You Just for You"114
295🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Blessings114
296🇺🇸Lisa G. Allen – Big Momma114
297🇺🇸Louise Cappi "Keep That Dream Alive"114
298🇺🇸Matthew Schultz - Can't Stop114
299🇺🇸Norm Adams and Julia Robertson - Over 114
300Pete Miller "There's A Light Out There"114
301🇬🇧Phil Joseph – Babe you are mine Summer Mix114
302🇺🇸President Hill – I Decided114
303🇺🇸Rayzr feat. Mike Walla – Ousside114
304🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te114
305🇺🇸Sarantos "Looking Up at the World"114
306🇮🇹Savet – Tornadi Sfocati114
307🇺🇸Stephen Wrench – Storm114
308🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight114
309🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Collide114
310🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Layla114
311🇺🇸The Caughtery - Fragile114
312🇮🇹TiTo Esposito – Good Riddance (Time of your life)114
313🇮🇹Giampix - Sistema114
314🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Won't Die For Spotify113,836
315🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – Until We Meet Again113,46
316🇺🇸Melissa Pettignano – Blessed Lord Jesus113,4
317🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Senza te113,4
318🇺🇸Ny'a – Chillin with my Baby112,8
319🇺🇸Partial Sum – Just Listen112,8
320🇺🇸Tommie Leveal - As You See Me Walking112,8
321🇮🇹Gabriele Saro – Sunset In Venezia112,8
322🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Today Is Your Day 112,2
323🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Erisse - Heading Out To The Club111,6
324🇺🇸Kee Beez – Champion111,6
325🇺🇸Miss Freddye - Something To Believe In"111,6
326🇮🇹Aleandro Solari – Bullo omofobo razzista111,6
327🇺🇸Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz - The Greeting111
328🇮🇹Compañeros Soda – Parada Capo Blanco111
329🇸🇪Aggressive Soccer Moms – It's Not Love110,4
330🇶🇦Ahir – Rise Again110,11
331🇬🇧Collie Wattz – Werewolf100,608
332🇺🇸PT The GospelSpitter - "SfTK Remix" feat. Emcee N.I.C.E. and J-NiBB98,5088
333🇳🇦Pynappol – Keda97
334🇺🇸Jennifer Alvarado – Rock This Way96,5
335🇺🇸Jennifer Alvarado – Curious85,8
336🇫🇷Lavara – I Need to Know83,42
337🇺🇸Jeremy Parsons "Things To Come"79,13
338🇮🇳Aditi Iyer - Deleted Your Number78,8
339🇨🇭Ge & Luke – A New Sun Rising78,4
340🇪🇸Silvia Thomas feat. Cesare Mecca – El Taladro78,4
341🇺🇸Brianna Knight - Yes We Can Can78,4
342🇮🇱Brownies - Love Is All
343🇩🇪Doro Farkas & Jordan Hanson – This Style78
344🇮🇹Jiale – Colors78
345🇨🇦OXLIP - Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies78
346🇺🇸Tommie Leveal – Chicago Blues78
347🇮🇹Zerocurve - Burning down the pray78
348🇫🇷DJ H Chimist – Life Bond77,8
349🇺🇸ManiksWorld – GANG77,6
350🇺🇸Weed N' Stiff – Arcade City77,6
351🇮🇹Clat – La fine del mondo77,6
352🇺🇸314fontaine – Not Regular77,36
353🇺🇸Al Mur – Capturing the mood77,2
354🇬🇧Anthony Williams – Loyalty77,2
355🇮🇹Ellency – Une Caresse Furtive (English)77,2
356🇦🇹My Friend The Chimpanzee – Twin Moons77,2
357🇦🇺Rj Bacon – Shine a Light77,2
358🇮🇹Terry Blue – Drive77,2
359🇺🇸Vicious Kitty – Struggle77,2
360🇺🇸Andy Vought- Road Leading Nowhere77
361🇮🇹Captain M feat. Bubble J – Dimmi come mai76,96
362🇺🇸Ellery Twining – WEATHERALL76,8
363🇨🇦Fadi Awad feat. Teddy Bennington - Step Back In Time76,8
364🇮🇹Gabriele Borsato – L’amaro che mi resta76,8
365🇺🇸Maurizio Chiani – Bluebird76,8
366🇳🇿Picky Hippers – Catch a Wave76,8
367🇺🇸Said Sara - Sea76,8
368🇬🇧Vassilis – All We Have Is Now76,8
369🇯🇵Zenta Sato – R U Happy?76,8
370🇬🇧Bir Tawil – As fire as well76,8
371🇺🇸1st Base Runner – Near Me76,6
372🇨🇦Crash World – Lucky One76,56
373🇬🇧Brave New Broken Hearts Club – All I Have Is Now76,56
374🇺🇸IHATEJON – See No Evil76,48
375🇺🇸Jerry Impini – Beauty Queen Make you horny Version76,4
376🇺🇸Laurie Jones – Good Man76,4
377🇺🇸Little Wretches "Palms & Crosses"76,4
378🇺🇸Rad – Luxury Boutique76,4
379🇺🇸Stori Brooks – Law and Constitution76,4
380🇮🇹Therry - Ieri76,4
381🇩🇪de antiquis et novis – Afterglow76,4
382🇺🇸3 Mind Blight – Silenced by the sound76,2
383🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone Feat. Federica Tallinucci – Verità in bilico nell’aria76
384🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Didn't Have To Kill Him76
385🇩🇪E;R! feat. Susana Williams – I Belong Here76
386🇩🇪E;R! Featuring Andrea Abreu and Susana Williams - The Perfect Storm76
387🇺🇸Eric Scott Stevens - Burnt Umber76
388🇮🇹Erika Greys feat. Donno – I Care76
389🇺🇸J.Juice – Lingo76
390🇺🇸Ludlow Creek – What About Love76
391🇮🇹Metal Refectory – Mainstream76
392🇺🇸On Ithenfal’s Wing – Freedom76
393🇬🇧Remi Charles – Hush76
394🇮🇹Scaccabarossi – Chiudi Gli Occhi76
395🇺🇸Unfortunately Steven – Life’s Too Expensive for Me76
396🇮🇹Vincenzo Donnamaria - Il mandrillo76
397🇺🇸Gary Pratt "When It's Our Love That's Lost"76
398🇬🇧Des Cox – The happy way through life75,8
399🇺🇸Jordan Downs - Jordan Downs75,2
400🇺🇸Sun King Rising "Free Will In China Blue"75,2
401🇦🇹ViennaCC - Twenty Four Seven Love75,2
402🇺🇸Brian Iannucci - You Stole My Heart Away 74,8
403🇺🇸Eller Rhodes - County Fair74,74
404🇬🇧Derade – Waiting74,4
405🇺🇸JoZie – My Lucky Song74
406🇬🇧The Gloom – Requiem (for Joan of Arc)68,288
407🇬🇧Hannyta "Fluctuating"59,1
408🇺🇸Sandy T – Fall 4 You58,8
409🇳🇱The VanCooths – Montparnasse58,8
410🇨🇭Alex Wellkers – We see it all coming down
411🇮🇹Alessandro Tolone e Federica Tallinucci - Wisteria58,68
412🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Tidal Wave58,5
413🇺🇸Jordan Downs – Sierra Leone58,5
414🇮🇹Mark Donato – Alexandra58,5
415🇺🇸Jack Tempchin - Waiting58,5
416🇬🇧Janice – Patience58,35
417🇮🇹Francesco Trimani feat. Sara - Facciamo le corna58,35
418🇮🇹Josè Strata – Ora sono qui58,2
419🇺🇸NAÏMAH - Whose Side Are You On58,2
420🇨🇦Rich Chambers- I Saw Her Standing There58,2
421🇨🇭Settore Giada – Love58,2
422🇮🇹Volo Altissimo – Alea Iacta Est58,2
423🇺🇸Womack Sisters – Blocked58,2
424🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Wherehouse58,2
425🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Your Love (Remix)57,9
426🇺🇸Jason Shand - $$$ In the Bank ( Let Go)  57,9
427🇮🇹Nino Leuci – Non trattenermi57,9
428🇩🇪Safil – Principessa57,9
429🇺🇸Talon David – Instincts57,9
430🇫🇷The Wolfman featuring Kelly O'Brien – It’s time57,9
431🇬🇧Rob Autio – Hold On57,9
432🇮🇹Damix – Nada57,75
433🇺🇸Richard Lynch "Radio Friend"57,66
434🇮🇹Basilico – Christian Dior57,66
435🇮🇹Lord Spark – Not Fine57,6
436🇺🇸MDN Zane – Toxic57,6
437🇦🇺Meadowhip – Iconic57,6
438🇺🇸Mike P Fitzpatrick – Why Complain feat. Sarah Teibo & Tony Pruitt57,6
439🇺🇸Nied's Hotel Band - We're Just Fine57,6
440🇮🇹Raffaele Poggio – Quedate Conmigo57,6
441🇺🇸Ryte Eye Ty - Where Have The Heroes Gone57,6
442🇺🇸Talon David - Love At A Distance57,6
443🇺🇸Tennessee Outlaw Country "Ghost Train"57,6
444🇳🇱The VanCooths – No security57,6
445🇫🇮Vuola "Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity"57,6
446🇺🇸YoungButConnected – Pro(gram)med57,6
447🇦🇺SkinsBones – Is there Meaning57,6
448🇮🇹Giosef – Niente da capire57,39
449🇺🇸Greye – Everything57,36
450🇮🇹Joè – Dandelion57,3
451🇺🇸Jonathan Cavier – Wall of Glass57,3
452🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Never Change57,3
453🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Selfish57,3
454🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Smile57,3
455🇺🇸Lance Mitchell – Stop Suicide Worldwide57,3
456🇺🇸Luanne Hunt – Midnight Rain and Roses57,3
457🇺🇸Marla Lewis – Kill the Lights57,3
458🇮🇹Matteo Re – Soqquadro57,3
459🇺🇦Sandra Grace – Got 2B Famous57,3
460🇮🇹Volo Altissimo – Usque ad Finem57,3
461🇺🇸Catherine Sewell - I See the Light57,3
462🇮🇹Daniele Allodoli - La realtà non è così57
463🇺🇸Darrell Kelley – James Lowery57
464🇺🇸Dr Jaymz - Wee57
465🇮🇪Francie Conway – Peace, Love & Rock n roll57
466🇮🇹Giacali – La Terra è triangolare57
467🇮🇹Giuliano Pramori – Il Papavero57
468🇺🇸HeIsTheArtist - Boom (Doo Wop Version)57
469🇺🇸Jarod Grubb – Hold On57
470🇺🇸Johnny Holliday AKA Lover J - Be My Lady Remix57
471🇺🇸MAKI + ECG – Just a bite57
472🇺🇸Marla Lewis – We all Laugh in the Same Language57
473🇺🇸Matthew Schultz x Zolo – One Wok57
474🇮🇹Maurizio IN – San Jose57
475🇮🇹No Name Italian Flavour – Musica Nueva57
476🇸🇲Samuele Mazza Feat. Piermatteo Carattoni – PadreMadre57
477🇺🇸Sarah Lynn Tilghman – Good Ole Days57
478🇺🇸Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara - Don't Dream It's Over57
479🇺🇸The Dream Logic – I'll Be Back Right Back57
480🇸🇪Tiny Fighter - Rewind57
481🇦🇹ViennaCC - When the Sun Comes Out57
482🇮🇳Vineet - WTF. Where's The Fun57
483🇫🇮Vuola – Under Above Orion Venus Loves57
484🇺🇸YoungButConnected – UnderCover57
485🇵🇹Fritz Kahn and The Miracles – Believe57
486🇮🇹Fuoriorario – Niente56,79
487🇺🇸Justin Rudolph - Make Your Move56,7
488🇨🇦Rich Chambers - High School Can't Last Forever56,7
489🇮🇳Rohan Solomon - Set Me Free56,7
490🇺🇸AV Super Sunshine - Frankenstein 56,7
491🇺🇸Darrell Kelley - Black Wall Street56,4
492🇮🇹Gabriele Saro - Back Parachute56,4
493🇮🇹Gianluca Lulu – L’Equilibrio56,4
494🇺🇸Grand River Sound - WHERE I BELONG (featuring Dallas Norrie)56,4
495🇬🇧Jarvis Lane – Hurricane56,4
496🇺🇸Lowgear – Mexican Radio56,4
497🇮🇹Paul Rondena - Una Foto56,4
498🇺🇸PTtheGospelSpitter ft. Miquel - Live In Me 56,4
499🇮🇹Niko – Come il sole all’equatore56,4
500🇮🇹Osea Codega – Icy Eyes56,1
501🇺🇸Voltagehead – Unbroken56,1
502🇺🇸Darrel Kelley - March On For Voting Rights56,1
503🇺🇸Lumen Jingos – Angel Mine55,8
504🇮🇹Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare55,8
505🇺🇸Natalie Jean – Blocked55,5
506🇦🇹Lucy Dreams – Rosalie49,4
507🇬🇧President Elect – Last Forever49,4
508🇺🇸Luciano Santos – No sense49,4
509🇺🇸Suchii – Pit a Pat47,864
510🇺🇸gloomy june – Always Gonna Let You Down47,5
511🇺🇸Sarantos – Party in Texas47,5
512🇺🇸Mission Stark – Eat a now and Later47,5
513🇺🇸Antisolar – Drifting47,5
514🇺🇸Joe Holt – The Seasons47,5
515🇺🇸Boyu – NYC Ate Your Soul47,5
516🇺🇸Vintz Desert – Sisyphus47,5
517🇺🇸Jacob Rountree – Set A’ Fire47,5
518🇺🇸H A U N T E R - This Is For You (feat. Jamie Horseman)47,5
519🇺🇸Calvin Ryan – Trying47,5
520🇺🇸Theredspirit – Blue47,5
521🇺🇸Tunnel Vision – Baja Bound47,5
522🇬🇧Valhalla Superdrive – Trials47,5
523🇺🇸Graffiti Welfare – Just Follow47,5
524🇺🇸Jordan Lively – Sos47,5
525🇨🇦Excuse Me. - The Miser47,5
526🇬🇧The Gold Supply - Let It Go47,5
527🇬🇧Young Fatigue – I Want (Everything)47,5
528🇬🇧cable tv – rafters47,5
529🇬🇧Lyena – Romeo47,5
530🇪🇸Royal Podencos – Milky Way47,5
532🇫🇮Vuola - Laugh Vivid Often Adore Unity47,5
533🇩🇪Matthias Geist – Shout47,5
534🇬🇧Ocean Flaws – Keep It Cool47,5
535🇵🇹Greg Bounce – Thank U47,5
536🇬🇧Elba Rose – diamond like47,5
537🇮🇪Limit 60 - Carolina47,5
538🇬🇧Transmissions – Exist47,5
539🇬🇧Wyse – Run Away47,5
540🇬🇧RavenRain – LDN-TKYO47,5
541🇷🇴01consciousness – Machine47,5
542🇺🇸Boome – Pineapple Sundays Remixed47,5
543🇮🇹Alhená - Hé Xié41,04
544🇮🇹Luca Sammartino - Scintilla e benzina39,2
545🇸🇬Matilde G - Milk N' Honey39,2
546🇯🇵Alec Shea – Dusk Sky from a Tokyo Rooftop39,2
547🇳🇱AUXR – Canada38
548🇨🇦Bonnie Milne - Green River Sway38
549🇺🇸Carlo Errin – fuckin up da function38
550🇺🇸Chris Ianuzzi – Maze38
551🇨🇦Cory M. Coons - Long Hard Rain38
552🇺🇸Emma Rose – Flawless38
553🇮🇪Finn O'Hara - You Deserve A Better Man38
554🇦🇺Fletcher Holloway - In The Blind38
555🇺🇸GRENADAZSON – Pin Point38
556🇺🇸Gxbriel – Too Pretty38
557🇺🇸J'Moris – Magic38
558🇺🇸Lady Redneck - Living in the USA38
559🇺🇸Ludlow Creek – Stoney Lonesome Road38
560🇫🇷Manuel Joachim Alexis Mahé – New One38
561🇺🇸Mike Walla - Rockabye Lady38
562🇮🇱Nadav Sivan – Black Mirror38
563🇨🇭Ophelia's Eye – My Honor38
564🇺🇸Sarantos - I Wish38
565🇵🇱Snakedoctors – Friday Night38
566🇺🇸Ronnue Ft. Lisa G. Allen – Dance Tonight38
567🇺🇸Pidgie – Just Breathe37,8
568🇭🇺Girl in the mirror – AfterLife22,8
569🇬🇧Origami Tsunami – Life Hack22,8
570🇺🇸Anastasia Elliot – London21,28
571🇦🇺Damien – Love Myself20,9
572🇬🇧The Magic Epic – Welcome to Brighton19,6248
573🇳🇱Sofia Dragt – Up Until Five19,6
574🇺🇸Clifford – Too Big Too Strong19,42
575🇺🇸Puretopic - IG Vixxxen19,41
576🇬🇧The Kid and I – Fade Away19,4
577🇺🇸Onism E – Lin Manuel19,34
578🇺🇸Trish Discord – 2319,23
579🇺🇸Dylan Sherry – What U Need19,23
580🇺🇸Brent Watking – Moonshot19,12
581🇩🇰(((S)))) – Mama, Do You Think It's Gonna Rain All Day?19,1
582🇺🇸617Young E – HughHeff19
583🇬🇧Becca Starr – Tides19
584🇨🇭Brothers in Crime – I am Free19
585🇵🇪Caxiel – Out Of Time19
586🇨🇦Classy J – Hustle Minds19
587🇦🇹CloudyaH – Slowly Lets Go19
588🇺🇸Corey Mastrangelo – 5019
589🇺🇸Courtney I Nord -Fever Hit19
590🇺🇸Craig Vill – The Cry For Help19
591🇺🇸Ericky – All you need19
592🇺🇸Estella Dawn – Orange19
593🇬🇧Frank Joshua – Sense Life (Jon Kennedy remix)19
594🇬🇧Georgie – Never Learn19
595🇺🇸Hilltop Burning – Beginning of the End19
596🇬🇧HWDU – Love Crime19
597🇺🇸Inanna – The Battle19
598🇫🇷Jeune Austin – OH ShiiT (v2)19
599🇬🇧KALA CHNG – Star19
600🇺🇸KC Star – HOW MANY TIMES? (feat. Ellie H)19
601🇺🇸Leman – Over The Moon19
602🇩🇪Mahlukat & Ivan Shopov – Dhumavati19
603🇺🇸Manda – fuck myself19
604🇬🇧Matty Innocent – Crazy19
605🇺🇸Nikki Manos- Roses & Tumbleweeds (Deliriously Serious Remix)19
606🇬🇧Onedaybear – Marry You19
607🇬🇧Peri Rae - Fair Enough19
608🇬🇧Primes – Paper In The Rain19
609🇫🇷Puzzle Boy - We lost Curiosity19
610🇲🇽Rebor – Arcano19
611🇬🇧Tabi Kate – Sour19
612🇨🇦Terry K 3TL – Dance Me In The Moonlight19
613🇺🇸The Cancellations – Happy Endings (Aren't for Us)19
614🇮🇪Throatsugar – Ascend19
615🇺🇸Trisha & Thara – Too Late Again19
616🇮🇹Vallac – Fake Love19
617🇺🇸Visen – Rhythm19
618🇬🇧Xureni – Mind19
619🇵🇭Peachy Dukes – Something Again19
620🇺🇸Lou Emery – Instinctual19
621🇺🇸A/V ClvB – Feels Like Yesterday19
622🇮🇲TRUMAN FALLS – Simon Pure & The Siren14,63
623🇬🇧3 Little Wolves – Fractured (a bit)11,4
624🇬🇧FHUR – Yearn10,26
625🇬🇧Aaron Spencer – Do It All Again10,26
626🇺🇸Aglet – Hard To Love9,88
627🇺🇸Aglet – Running Away9,88
628🇬🇧Alessandra Boldrini – Holiday9,5
629🇨🇦All The Racket – Big Move9,5
630🇬🇧Allegra – He Ain't You9,5
631🇺🇸Bella Rios – Calm Down9,5
632🇬🇧Bloodtooth – Let go9,5
633🇺🇸Brokenhearthero – kill the old me9,5
634🇺🇸Brother Swan – Good Luck Baby9,5
635🇬🇧Camens - Poltergeist9,5
636🇨🇦Carbon Mass – Problem With Time9,5
637🇬🇧Caustic Waves – Invisible Enemy9,5
638🇺🇸Chalice Collective – Flame Of Truth9,5
639🇮🇪Chris Kabs – More9,5
640🇺🇸Chuuwee – Whew!9,5
641🇵🇹CITIZEN:KANE – Familiar Voices Are Easier To Understand9,5
642🇺🇸Cliff Whitakker – Skipping Stones9,5
643🇺🇸Collective Fear – White Gloves9,5
644🇺🇸Colt Sterk – Changed Her Mind9,5
645🇳🇴Conversion Therapy – LEGO BLOCKS9,5
646🇬🇧Dafydd Hedd - Fake Indie Song9,5
647🇬🇧DAME – All Night9,5
648🇬🇧Darcey Hope - Autumn Sky9,5
649🇪🇸Darià Artiola – Feeling in Your Heart9,5
650🇬🇧Dark Optics – The Great Rainbow Serpent9,5
651🇬🇧darren mason – You Reap What You Sow9,5
652🇺🇸Deli Boy - Count Ten9,5
653🇺🇸Desperate Electric – Stop Making Noise9,5
654🇺🇸DJ G-String - Always (Trance Remix)9,5
655🇺🇸Dropping Ugly – Going Going Gone9,5
656🇺🇸Dyce – John Wayne9,5
657🇬🇧Earthtones Trio – Wheel Slowly Turning9,5
658🇺🇸East of Eado – Start Anew9,5
659🇺🇸Elektric Animals – Head In The Ground9,5
660🇺🇸Eli Mcfly – Steamers9,5
661🇺🇸Fang Su – Temple of the Dead9,5
662🇬🇧Faux Hex – See Bar Ray9,5
663🇬🇧Flavus Nova – Illusion9,5
664🇬🇧Garrow Hill – Depths9,5
665🇺🇸Genesis The Rapper – The Devil9,5
666🇨🇦Girl Pow-R – Galaxy9,5
667🇸🇪Hanna Söderberg – Gravity9,5
668🇺🇸Hanover Park – I Was A Little Past Sad.9,5
669🇺🇸Heather Christie – Pray9,5
670🇺🇸Jacob Rountree - Walk A Mile9,5
671🇺🇸Jamythyst – I Still H8 Clowns9,5
672🇺🇸Jaxsen – impose9,5
673🇺🇸Jefe Yung E – Foreign9,5
674🇺🇸Jesse Grossi – The Crown9,5
675🇧🇷Johnny Bolzan – Disco Shake9,5
676🇺🇸Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers – Keep It in the Ground!9,5
677🇨🇦Joshanda – Moon9,5
678🇨🇦Joshanda – Saturday Morning Reptile9,5
679🇺🇸Keith Calveric – Losing You9,5
680🇺🇸Kellan. Annie Adderall (feat. Webb Wavvy)9,5
681🇬🇧Latifa – City Love9,5
682🇬🇧Lauren Walton - Hardwired9,5
683🇬🇧Lie Supine – Open Eyes9,5
684🇺🇸Liv Charette – Game Over9,5
685🇬🇧Liwu k paralysed9,5
686🇬🇧Lizzie Esau – The Enemy9,5
687🇺🇸Louveteau – Brand New Socks9,5
688🇬🇧Maddy Carty – Future Daughter9,5
689🇺🇸Mahto & The Loose Balloons – The Buzzard9,5
690🇺🇸Masha and the Fam – What I Want9,5
691🇩🇪Maury111 – Erase9,5
692🇺🇸Meghan Pulles – anxiety9,5
693🇺🇸Mehmet Akbal – On the Path9,5
694🇬🇧Milktheram – What?9,5
695🇺🇸Mistine – Temporary Feeling9,5
696🇺🇸MO. - Fural9,5
697🇺🇸Modern Diet – Smaller (feat. Margaux)9,5
698🇦🇹Monroe & Moralezz – Making Moments9,5
699🇦🇹Monroe & Moralezz – Taxi Driver9,5
700🇺🇸Mountains of Jura – Lost Somewhere9,5
701🇺🇸My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House – Wasting Away9,5
702🇺🇸Nick & Jeff Discover Infinity - Rudderless, Pt. I / Behind the Water9,5
703🇩🇪Nina Chiodin – Cherries And Pearls9,5
704🇬🇧Nomad Anthem – Smile9,5
705🇮🇹Nother – US9,5
706🇺🇸ParadymCoast – Jasmine9,5
707🇺🇸Paul Vinson – Drama Queen9,5
708🇺🇸Pilot Trace - look out below9,5
709🇧🇷Pimenta Buena – Ven9,5
710🇺🇸Prints of Monaco – What You Left There9,5
711🇫🇷Pure Obsessions & Red Nights – Fly Above the City Lights9,5
712🇺🇸Rī Wolf - Two Wild Horses9,5
713🇺🇸Ringo Harrison – 89,5
714🇺🇸River Huxley – Generation Chaos9,5
715🇬🇧Rose Thorn – Hey Johnny9,5
716🇺🇸RR Campaign – Valhalla9,5
717🇩🇪Ruebi – Clown9,5
718🇬🇧Seek Warmth – Gather / Howl9,5
720🇺🇸Skinny Dippers – Night To Day9,5
721🇺🇸Sky Canyon – Bluesalicious9,5
722🇨🇦Sophie Breton – Name the Things U Do9,5
723🇨🇦SREonly – Ultrasound9,5
724🇺🇸Staytus – Dreams From Hell9,5
725🇳🇱sunsets & bad bets- Sunshine on a rainy day9,5
726🇺🇸The Active Set – Difficulties9,5
727🇳🇱The Awkward – George Gorgeous9,5
728🇬🇧The Chase - Black Cloud9,5
729🇺🇸The Chaw – Build Them An Image9,5
730🇺🇸The Loud Bangs – New Flavors9,5
731🇺🇸The Obsidian Complex – Hymns of Innsmouth9,5
732🇬🇧The Rapports – Alive9,5
733🇬🇧Transmissions – Pale Imitation9,5
734🇨🇦Tremayne – Total Fucking Darkness9,5
736🇫🇮Vuola – Vapaa Uljas Onnen Lapsi Aamun9,5
737🇮🇪Walshy – The Trek to Swords9,5
738🇨🇦Weston & Teston – Always There9,5
740🇺🇸Dia Morgan – Stranger On The Internet9,5
741🇬🇧Joey Collins – Music The Great Communicator9,5
742🇺🇸Remy Neal – Grey Sky Blue9,5
743🇦🇺Joe Matera – Louder Than Words feat. János R. Krusenbaum9,5
744🇺🇸Hypothetical – ENDLESSLY5,82
745🇭🇰Carpe Diem – Dream Big, Little Girl5,73
746🇬🇧Frankie Bird - Younger Dreams5,1624
747🇫🇷Persica 3 – Tangerine4,966
748🇬🇧Julius Eastwood – Westminster's on Fire4,94
749🇩🇪20 Year Short Break - Hail to all the monsters4,94
750🇺🇸888moment – Spring4,775
751🇬🇧9 o'clock Nasty – Food on the Floor4,7625
752🇮🇳Aayushi Milan Karnik – Troublemaker4,75
753🇩🇪ACUA – What Will They Think About You4,75
754🇺🇸AJ La Joya – Fantasy Freak4,75
755🇬🇧ALMAHATA – Black Hair, For You4,75
756🇬🇧AMARA ctk100 – Win / Sin4,75
757🇺🇸Andrew Adkins – Broken Fangs4,75
758🇳🇿Arrays – Forget Fast4,75
759🇦🇺Avresa – Leave It All4,75
760🇺🇸Backroom – Blotted Paper4,75
761🇬🇧Barefoot Soul – Butterfly4,75
762🇬🇧Baudelaire – Lethe4,75
763🇬🇧Br3nz – Blood Moon4,75
764🇦🇺Broxton – What The World Needs4,75
765🇬🇧Chris Harris & Erin Newman – Ballad of a Broken Friend4,75
766🇺🇸Copperstone – My Old Friend4,75
767🇺🇸Dan Fuson – Crawl4,75
768🇬🇧Dani Slovak – In Love with Life4,75
769🇺🇸Dani Twice – Stupid bet4,75
770🇦🇺Darcy Kate – Dorothy4,75
771🇺🇸David McKinney – Phaneron4,75
772🇦🇹Don Dom – Scheissegal4,75
773🇬🇧Emily Mercer – Maybe Then4,75
774🇨🇦Excuse Me. - Heavyweight4,75
775🇨🇦Frances Hope – Warzone4,75
776🇦🇺Glu – ONAPILL! (ft. Mista ooF)4,75
777🇺🇸Greenscreen – Lemonade4,75
778🇺🇸GregBeeReel – Alright4,75
779🇺🇸GrooveCru – Vibes Of Her4,75
780🇦🇺Hannah May – Written In The Sea4,75
781🇬🇧Harry Jay Robinson – Sisyphus4,75
782🇬🇧Hyda – Sunlight4,75
783🇺🇸Ian Bamberger – Life Isn't a Free Ride4,75
784🇦🇺Interphase – Stuck On Repeat4,75
785🇺🇸Jamythyst – Wild Baby4,75
786🇦🇺Jess Porter – Overplayed4,75
787🇺🇸Joe Samba – Losing It (Feat. The Elovaters)4,75
788🇦🇺Katanak – Weigh Down4,75
789🇨🇦Kyla Tilley – Bloom and Grow4,75
790🇬🇧Lea Baruffato – Your Grace4,75
791🇲🇹Leonardo Barilaro – 100 Days4,75
792🇸🇪Lil bo Space Cowboy – Cucking Elon Dust4,75
793🇬🇧Lola Lusmer – Drowning4,75
794🇬🇧Lucky Number You – Important To A Lonely World4,75
795🇩🇪Manuel Garay – Ghini4,75
796🇩🇪Mina Richman - Bad Girls4,75
797🇹🇷Minai – Color Of Time4,75
798🇩🇪Mishell Ivon – NAMELESS4,75
799🇬🇧Mules – The Things We Learn In Books4,75
800🇺🇸Naomi Cheyanne -See You Later4,75
801🇮🇪Nasti – Roses4,75
802🇮🇪Nixer – Decisions4,75
803🇺🇸Pacing - Who has ADHD now lol4,75
804🇬🇧Peter Barnardo – Overshadow4,75
805🇮🇱Pini Gurfil – Anny4,75
806🇬🇧Quade – Spiral4,75
807🇬🇧Redhanded – The Circle4,75
808🇧🇪Sara So Far – Keep On4,75
809🇦🇺Scream Mountain – Manic Pixie Dream Girl4,75
810🇫🇷Sébastien Blum – Toxic4,75
811🇩🇪Seidekai – You can try4,75
812🇬🇧Shaku – Ulysse (feat. Matilde Mirotti)4,75
813🇬🇧SKYLIGHTS – Nothing Left to Say4,75
814🇺🇸SODIE – Feed The Fire4,75
815🇬🇧Sophie Fetokaki – I Tagli e i Piaceri4,75
816🇮🇹Stefano Casavecchia – The Solitude4,75
817🇺🇸Superpink – Defunct Band4,75
818🇮🇹Surreal Sound Project – Get Wild4,75
819🇬🇧Tainted Youth – Feel that way4,75
820🇳🇿Tess Liautaud – On the cusp4,75
821🇬🇧Tia jane – Sensation4,75
822🇬🇧Town of Cats – Chaos, I Am4,75
823🇬🇧TwelveTwelve – Sucker for serotonin4,75
824🇬🇧Twin Stranger - Sweat4,75
825🇳🇿venus in spirals – purple4,75
826🇹🇼Vince Way – Funny Feeling4,75
827🇮🇱Vini Vicious – Cadillac4,75
828🇬🇭Walker Mallow – Breathe4,75
829🇬🇧Wesson – Understand4,75
830🇬🇧YXL Ayo – Go To Sleep4,75
831🇫🇷Jean-Christophe Moroni – L’amore è irrazionale4,75
832🇿🇦Charles East – Venom4,75
833🇬🇬WHAM BAM! - KISS ME4,75
834🇫🇷Jean-Christophe Moroni – L’amore è irrazionale1,1556
835🇿🇦Charles East – Venom0,76
836🇬🇬WHAM BAM! - KISS ME0,76

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