MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Whenever or Wherever By James Leeds ft JACOB

A magnificent production, we can hear in this song a musical harmony together with an astounding voice. The sound of the piano is of great significance in this song and it is noticeable that the singer is a virtuoso pianist who makes a great effort with the singing of the lyrics. It’s clear the singer is channelling memories of his love story in different places. This song carries emotional weight. Moreover, this classical ballad attracts people and foster new relationships or enrich them to undertake life projects. There is no denying determined songs like this may remind us people in special situations and it is then when we feel the necessity to gather with that people who are important for us. 

This music is delicate in terms of both its lyrics and sounds, which have been chosen cautiously through adopting the most suitable instrument and tones to create a fantastic piece of track. While on one level the song might be considered simple, the complexity of this blend makes it very special and original and will not leave the listener indifferent.

In terms of mastering, most of the instruments in his song are recorded live to give more originality to his masterpiece. The melody receives paramount importance here to highlight the song to make it more powerful. A lot of time and dedication have clearly been involved in this song, and what’s more, this kind of melody will never be left behind.

All in all, I recommend this song for those who love vintage pop music and piano sound. Unforgettable also is the unparalleled voice of this singer who is never boring, not even for an instant.

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