Huge dedication and a huge effort can be observed in the vocal sounds by the singer-songwriter Ricky Foster in this song. He tends to dedicate a lot of hours to writing his songs with the best ideals of perfectionism in his hands: he lets his imagination fly. It is said that ‘his songs are like his babies’ and he insists on demonstrating them to the others. As we listen we realise it is well-perceived the singer has huge experience in this genre of music called country – Americana as he makes use of several techniques, such as joining elements from different genres, showing great command of each and every one. He’s very creative and has an unbelievable imagination at the time of composing. His inspiration comes from important singers but also from the places, situations and things from his life. 

The song itself conveys tenderness and fondness. It’s quite moving, a proof of love in which a man expresses his love for a woman and misses her absence. I could say it’s a romantic record with an element of melancholy but also a ray of hope. Regarding the features of the song, it has the kind of rich musicality which means musical talent. While sometimes the rhythms might be a bit unusual, this creates the feeling and his music is effective in showing and conveying emotion.

The artist is assured in his work, not creating derivative boring music. Many may think they are familiar with the sounds of this Country-Americana genre, but Foster has shown that comfortingly familiar does not mean unoriginal or safe. The vocal sound, instruments and also superb technical work in the studio have come together to produce work that is deceptively simple: however, the skilled listener will soon discern those master strokes which turn this from merely very good to masterful 

Above all, I would recommend this track to those people who miss their partner and also to those fans of Country-Americana genre. Rarely have I seen such an extremely well-produced track!