Just the title Thank You for the Silence gives a touch of calm together with an element of positivism and optimism, and energy to face life’s obstacles with hope thanks to its upbeat melody. With only one really catchy track at the beginning that you’ll find yourself singing along to in the car and then nine more which your grandmother might listen to, I recommend you download the song (and not the whole album)!

With the writer just free from a romantic relationship, the song feels restorative or cheery, helping the listener to feel better in themselves after a toxic relationship or breakup. In this sense, it’s inspired.

The song shows a cause of celebration with a feeling of relief after the bad times involved in a toxic relationship, full of periods of anxiety and unforgettable emotional moments. We’re talking about a release of a considerable mood in its production. It’s not a fast-moving storyline but neither is it slow-moving. It’s difficult to get it out of your head, catchy, the best kind of earworm! Musically speaking, it’s very memorable and will stay with you for a long time, first for the sound and then after more careful consideration for the thoughtful, well-constructed lyrics which many listeners, even those who have not gone through the same emotional experiences described in the song, will feel that they can relate to.

As for the technical aspects, they make effective use of brass instruments and adopt different tones throughout to emphasise different moments of the song. Thanks to the achieved melody, the single conveys a fresh feeling, full of hope and also gives you the opportunity to switch from the monotony of daily days. What’s more, the single lifts you up as the rhythm has a state of certainty which can be remarkable in some moments of life.

I consider this track is certainly worth listening to, above all for people who like the first pop music sounds. Not wanting to spoil the impact by giving too much away, I will limit myself to saying that without a doubt I would definitely recommend it for those down moments in which you need a push to get motivation, and feel like following what sounds like excellent advice acquired from experience, as the song has an extremely powerful message.

Review Made by L.A.C.