MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Here come the attraction by ViennaCC

We’re handed a piece of music which emits good feeling, a spirit of
positivity. It’s full of fun and energy which is why it makes you want to get
up and face anything that life throws at you, to continue to overcome
obstacles which interpose in your daily lives.
Inspired by Asian pop, this song is full of astonishing vibes. This is
music to move and definitely dance to. In fact, the vivacious dancers were
quite brilliant and in the video together with the singer they give a stunning
rendition of the song.
In terms of the overall sound and the singer’s voice, I’d say he uses
strong sounds and his own voice to attract the audience, which he does
extremely effectively. He conveys his emotion in a manner that can attract
others in such a way as to make the listener feel good about themselves,
thus creating a very thrilling record. The song is full of sub realism to
convey self-confidence and also success to the audience. The lyrics of this
song vibrate and shine with positive energy.
As for the singer himself, he targets the audience with varied
sensations, through his different costumes and guises. Here, for example, in
a frame of the video, he’s half-horse and half-man. It’s as though he looks
to amaze through the sounds and images of the track. His approach to a
performance is flirtatious from end to end; he craves the audience’s
attention with his music. He never stops pursuing attention to detail, which
he makes good use of in writing. As we can observe, he gives a paramount
importance to the melodies in order to be able to complement them with his
While Asian pop has become extremely popular in recent times to
the point where it is almost ubiquitous, this – while still in the same genre
–feels refreshingly original and breaks from what had become a somewhat
predictable sound and performance. This is not simply performance; many
would also describe it as artistry.
Therefore, I would strongly encourage you not to miss watching the
video at the same time as listening to this song. The combination of both
visual and auditory sensations make an impressive musical experience.

Article Made by L.A.C.