MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW The Blaze of Glory by Heedless Elegance 

Heedless Elegance are a Hungarian metal band from the capital Budapest. Hitherto relatively unknown, they are receiving increased recognition following the release of their second album, Libra. The Blaze of Glory from Libra, encapsulates the style of the band and has their distinctive sound.

For the delight of the metal die-hard fan, this song is an incredible masterpiece. The performance also offers an incredible spectacle reminiscent of the heyday of metal in the 70s and 80s.  It is fast-paced and fans will be unable to resist dancing along to the strong and marked beat. While the lyrics may be considered to carry emotional weight, the general sound will carry the listener to new heights, as will the scintillating light show that accompanies the performance.

From the genre, it is obvious that this is not restful music, but loud and noisy. However, the show is nothing short of fabulous, with the silhouette of the band members showing against the spectacular light show. Drum and above all guitar purists will delight in the extensive and frequent instrumental passages.

The overall sound energises the listener, and the deep yet melodic voice of the vocalist has a wide range, producing different sounds and attracting the listener again and again with different tones. He genuinely has a unique and extraordinary talent. It is truly fantastic to hear such a master vocalist at work, and it is clear that such a performance must take a toll on the performer, who gives it his all every time. However, no group is ever about one person, and it is indeed the cohesive whole of the band that makes each performance special.

The release of this second album has brought the group much well-deserved international recognition, and gigs in their native Budapest sold out in record time, as well as those on other stages in Hungary and Romania. They are now touring and playing to many venues all over Europe. I would encourage anyone with a taste for metal to go along for a unique and energising experience.

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