MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW The Girl from Kerry by Romain Gutsy

This incredible folk-blues single, released in November 3, 2022, was produced
by the singer-songwriter and musician Romain Gutsy. He started his brilliant career in
the 90s, singing and playing accordion with famous artists. After a 20-year musical
semi-break he returned in 2020 using the name THE RED with a solo album called
Whatever Says the Clock. This was followed in 2022 by When Leonard Met Dolly as
well as some other single tracks.

The Girl from Kerry can be considered a masterpiece of a Dubliner folksy
production. The track starts very gently and builds, adding instruments such as banjo
and double bass as the song reaches its climax. The gentle ballad-like style shifts to a far
stronger tempo.

The lyrics are deceptively simple; they tell a sad story, and yet the song in no
way feels sad. There are some terribly corny rhymes in the lyrics (air/hair/her) which
are acknowledged by THE RED during the performance in his self-depreciating
inimitable style. Crucially, instead of taking away from the song, it adds to the feeling
of complex-simplicity created by the instrumentation.

However, the true star of the show is the Romaine Gutsy’s voice. Rasping,
gravelly, it lends a gravitas to the lyrics that they might not otherwise achieve. It
complements and completes the instruments, adding to the big-band jazzy feel.

The music and voice combine perfectly to reflect the bitter-sweet note of the
lyrics, instruments join the track in succession leading to a crescendo, leaving the
listener looking forward to more from this inspired and original performer. I strongly
recommend this track and indeed the album to all who can appreciate the genius of the
instrumental organisation and the marvellous vocals.

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