Euro Indie Music Chart Week 4.2023

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The Euro Indie Music Chart, the most listened to and loved indie music chart in Europe, is back again this week, in collaboration with Musik and Film Records (USA), Formula Indie (UK), European Indie Music Network (UK), MEI- Sangiorgi (IT), AudioCoop (IT) , LFD Press (IT), Tibo TV (AL), Rete Oro (IT)

All songs from the chart are in rotation on the European Indie Music Network


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The ranking is drawn up on the basis of the results achieved by the artists in the radio broadcasts affiliated to the European Indie Music Network and on the public’s satisfaction, in fact, through this link you can vote for your favorite song, among those in the list and at a technical value called ‘ multiplier’ assigned by the staff to the songs of the Formula Indie which goes from 1 to 2 and which affects the ranking by multiplying all the valid points

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The last 4 weeks are considered in the calculation but there is an additional weight to give more emphasis to those transmitted more recently. The value of this weight is calculated as follows: x1, x 0.4, x 0.2, x 0.1

The first 40 songs of the ranking are broadcast with the countdown format every Friday night at 24 on and on digital terrestrial channel 77 in Lazio

1AV Super Sunshine – The Neighborhood (pop edm)6688
2Brian Iannucci – Pour One Out6232
3COPPE CANTRELL ft. Barrington Levy
– War Cry
4Sassy VeZay – Hometown GhostTown5738
5Eller Rhodes – If i could find a way5358
6King James Brown – Can’t Fake the Funk5092
7Bad Brooks – Lucky Days4940
8Different Moon -Second Chance4940
9🇦🇹ViennaCC – Here comes the attraction4674
10Truse – Tragic Comedy4446
11Wally Bartfay – She’s The Boss From Hell3952
12🇺🇸Ricky Forest – Honey Please Come Home3686
13🇨🇦Brookfield Line – Friends
14Ergo Tatters – A Walk Through The Museum3192
15Lisha Sebastian – Best We’ve Ever Been2926
16🇩🇪PARIS AHEAD – Silence2660
17Darrell Kelley – I’m Grateful2394
18🇸🇬Druv Kent – Million Ways2128
19Paul Wexler – We’re Going For A Ride2090
20Posse Unit Ft. Aleinad – Touch my body1558
21🇦🇺Madison – Nightshade1421,2
22🇺🇸Sisters J – Clearly1146
23🇨🇭James Leeds FT. Jacob – Whenever or Wherever
24Bobby and The Crew – Let the Candle Burn570
25The Hourglass Effect- One More Kiss380
26🇺🇸Kelsie Kimberlin – Cosmopolitan Girl334,25
27🇺🇸Kelsie Kimberlin – Fruit Basket332,5
28🇺🇸Maya Azucena – Chameleon323
29Dawgone Davis – No more288,8
30Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino – Into The Groove (Original Mix)288,8
31Ronnue – That’s the way love goes288,8
32CHARLIE ALPHA PAPA.- Bora Bora254,6
33AV Super Sunshine – Baby Goodbye250,8
34Gabriele Saro, Ivan Comar and Roberto Fabbro – Breathing235,6
35Gabriele Saro, Ivan Comar and Roberto Fabbro – Gangsta235,6
36Fadi Awad & Dan De Leon ft.Shawn Breathwaite – Off The Wall220,4
37Fadi Awad feat. Nicole Carino – No One’s Gonna Stop Us Now 220,4
38Andre Mayon – Love at First Sight212,8
39Angela Predhomme – So Good to be free212,8
40David Raynolds – With Or Without You190
41Darrell Kelley – Derrick Scott174,8
42David Raynolds – Over And Out174,8
43Denise Mininfield – Call me174,8
44Jasmine Bharucha – Fog Horn Blowing174,8
45Pietro Daniele – Mani Libere174,8
46Thermal and a Quarter – Tilt174,8
47Keish Strong – Special Delivery167,2
48Justin Faye – Get the kick159,6
49Damon and the Crushboys – Hustle With A Purpose152
50Marcello Vieira – Southern Outlaw144,4
51Franco Nocchi – Ricordi di una passeggiata con mio Padre140,6
52Gasoline Tequila – Sonder136,8
53Greye – Growing Pains136,8
54OneGunn – Be Kool Everybody136,8
55Scott Celani Band – For what its worth136,8
56Ted Cline – Mexican Ana136,8
57Stephen Wrench – Dad129,2
58Steph Silance – Tango125,4
59K-Roll – Real Quick121,6
60ZARBO – Get Up And Dance (Electro Remix)121,6
61Vineet – Get back on Track114
62Acquablag – The Mighty Cozzi’s114
63Beau Bayou – Endless Summer114
64Captain Kuda – Never114
65Composing4You – Hollywood Emotion114
66Darrell Kelley – 7 Times114
67Darrell Kelley – Black Lives Matter114
68David Arn – Love is free114
69David Raynolds – Over And Out114
70DAWGGONEDAVIS ft. Chago G Williams – Darkest Hour114
71Franco Nocchi – I sogni di una sorella114
72Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – So Cold114
73Ghost – Vivi e lascia vivere – Vivimix114
74Maurice – The Wall114
75Michal Rutkowski – Ballroom114
76Mike Defoy – Glass Houses114
77Pino D’Arco – Donna Amica114
78Ravoshia – Fashion Killa114
79SkinsNbones – Forever114
80Slimm25 – Goodnight114
81Stacy Gabel – Stir Crazy114
82Stephen Wrench That’s What Love Can Do FT. Jenny Angel (Cas Weinbren Remix)114
83Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Gabriel’s Oboe (Live)114
84Tanille – Not this time114
85Vesperius – La speranza di morire giovani114
86Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Ora sono con te98,8
87Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Per non dimenticare98,8
88David Raynolds – Ionize91,2
89Vito Solfrizzo – Sei l’unica91,2
90Anticorpi – Nuovo ordine mondiale.83,6
91AV Super Sunshine – A Wedding Song83,6
92Chris St. John – Id Send you my heart83,6
93Darrell Kelley – Be Strong (dedicated to Asian Americans)83,6
94Executive Order – Some like it hot83,6
95Julian Brittano – Pull Up83,6
96K-Roll feat Quesh,$DOE$,Nick Scott – Earthquake83,6
97Kingsley Ray – Replay83,6
98Lord Spark – Baby83,6
99Osea Codega – Icy Eyes83,6
100Rick Eberle – I’m on A High83,6
101Steve Markoff & Patricia Lazzara – Havanna83,6
102Talon David – Not my problem83,6
103Vineet – Jab The World83,6
104Voyce Butler – Stay83,6
105Wakhet XIII – Sunrise83,6
106Corey C – I Got That Swag76
107Dawgone Davis – Checkered Future76
108Mike Goodman – Crank it up76
109Oscar T – One More Reason (Sunday Morning)76
110Brian Shuck – Southbound Summertime76
111Donna Zed – High on desire76
112The Dream Logic – Cisco Kid68,4
113David Raynolds – With Or Without You60,8
114Greg Coleman – Change (For The Better) 2020 Remix60,8
115Vineet – Mask60,8
116AVNI VIR VINEET – Can i go now53,2
117🇺🇸DawgGoneDavis – Here Comes Santa Dawg53,2
118Fadi Awad feat. Erisse – Heading Out To The Club53,2
119Greater Than Eight – Strange Home53,2
120Greye – So far so good53,2
121LILIAN AND MANON” (“The Zlamal Sisters”) – Young for Christmas53,2
122Matt Craven – My Diamond Wings53,2
123Sonny Chamaquito – Morena Tropical53,2
124Frankie Brasko – Jody Tempesta45,6
125Gasoline Tequila – Indulgent Fool45,6
126Lenny – Hope (feat. Betta Sacchetti)45,6
127Ryan Allen Fluker – 100 Plains45,6
128Ryan Allen Fluker – Crest Highway45,6
129Ryan Allen Fluker – Draw45,6
130The Couchmen – She’s A One Off45,6
131Tommie Leveal – Let Me Do45,6
132Traindeville – Monsters45,6
133Ace Diamond – Bad Ass Hillbilly Band38
134Ace Diamond – Get Your Boogie Woogie Workin38
135Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper38
136Franco Nocchi – Note d’oriente38
137Giulio Sant – L’amore ti sorprende38
138Monsieur Job – Muero por ti38
139Vinz Milani – Baby38
140“LILIAN AND MANON” (“The Zlamal Sisters”) – Thinking about you babe38
1412 Doe McK – All of Me38
142AV Super Sunshine – X File 867530938
143Bing – Heat38
144Damiano – Lei ti sta cercando38
145Donna Zed – At the end of the day38
146Donna Zed – Enough Years38
147Emanuele Masini – Vivo38
148Everyday People – a Neo Sly Stone Experience -Hot Fun38
149Francesco Siliotto, Gabriele Saro – Scorekeeper38
150Franco Nocchi – Le carezze di una Madre38
151Frankie Prada – God Bless The Trap38
152Fuoritempo – Non Aver Pietà38
153Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – Beautiful Stranger38
154Jenn DeSantis – I Wanna Know38
155Jeremy Parsons – Lillian38
156John Vento – America38
157Legacy City x Spazoutbeatz – On Top Of My Game38
158Lenny – Supporta Chico (feat. Luca Chiari e Rok)38
159Manny Cabo – Worst Bad Decision38
160Rebel Gel – Living the Dream38
161Shayne Cook – Matters of the Heart38
162Shimmer Johnson – Masterpiece38
163Tali Leda – Standstill38
164The Red-Sik – Piove Luce38
165Walter Piva – Cantando Sotto la doccia38
166Johnny Holliday aka Lover J Be My Lady (Remix )34,2
1672 Doe McK – Gifted and Black30,4
1682 Doe McK – Hustle N Smoke30,4
169Darrell Kelley – Why lie on the queen30,4
170Donna Zed – Morphine30,4
171Matt Westin “Thin Blue Line”30,4
172Sung Eun Choi-Come30,4
173Zarbo – Correction In Direction (Electro Remix)30,4
174Beppe De Francesco – 12 maggio 201622,8
175Cary Park – You Matter To Me22,8
176Donna Zed – My voice22,8
177Filippo Lombardelli – Un cielo senza te22,8
178Alex VanTrue – Replay15,2
179Andy Camp – One Night In June15,2
180AV Super Sunshine – Smile15,2
181AVA – Ava15,2
182Brian Shuck – Without you15,2
183Darrell Kelley – Vaccine15,2
184Dy Moob – The Shirt i wear15,2
185Emilya ndMe – Snow15,2
186Fadi Awad & Sasha Dee Jay ft. Addie Nicole – Release15,2
187Fadi Awad feat. Dennis DeMille – Jingle Bell Rock (Original Mix)15,2
188Gabriele Saro, Yves Agbessi, Francesco Siliotto – Like Paparazzi Flashes15,2
189Goldee Heart-Give Me A Minute15,2
190Jørg – Andante Vivace15,2
191Lenny – Alzo le mani (feat. Samuel Rizza)15,2
192Loving The Sun – Blessings15,2
193Loving The Sun – The Falcon15,2
194Magnus Mason – Worth It15,2
195Monsieur Job – I Wanna be your dog15,2
196Nya – Waiting15,2
197Osea Codega – White Noise15,2
198Phil Mitchell Band – God Bless this Child15,2
199Raffaella Linzi – Io so15,2
200Red Roll – Call me mad15,2
201Sandro Gallina e Gabriele Saro – Une Lus15,2
202The Couchmen – Lazin15,2
203Tiny World – Walk on water15,2
204Arvena – Sbarre11,4
205Anya Kay – Chains7,6
206Chiara Hudson – Cross The Line7,6
207Craymo – December Rain7,6
208David Raynolds – Generator7,6
209DawgGoneDavis-Judge Not Rap Yes7,6
210Destiny Malibu – Peace 20207,6
211Francy Stolfa – Chiediti il perché7,6
212Funkmata – SignOut667,6
213Haiducii – Respira7,6
214Ivan Comar, Gabriele Saro – I don’t mind7,6
215La Shanna – Di me7,6
216Lecretia Ann – 37,6
217Lorenzo Gabanizza – All the words we never said7,6
218Loving the Sun – The Inside Light7,6
219Loving the Sun – There is no other girl7,6
220Luanne Hunt – We Rise7,6
221Maria Grosso -Mi vieni a cercare7,6
222Max Montanari feat. PerikoloGeneriko – Tutto è troppo dentro te7,6
223Robert Boog – Kobe7,6
224Ryte Eye Ty – Freedom7,6
225Standard Of Praise – Strength (Song Of Solomon Chapter 9)7,6
226Stephen Wrench – Burning Bridges7,6
227T Brown – Covid 197,6
228The Deers Cry – Princess dress7,6
229The Floyd’s Feat. Altrina Renee – One More Night7,6
230Traindeville – La Mia Strada7,6
231Vineet – I’m ok7,6
232Taylor Renee Marx – Overwhelming Love3,8