MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Yesterday, Anymore by Brian Iannucci

Brian Iannucci, from Saint Johns, Florida, is undoubtedly becoming a fixture on
both the country and pop music scenes. His latest single, Yesterday, Anymore (Nashville
Version), is a remarkable addition to his growing discography. Having gained
international recognition and critical acclaim, he is an award-winning artist who has
reached audiences in over 150 countries. His fan base is both wide and diverse, which
shows his universal appeal. With Yesterday, Anymore (Nashville Version), Brian
Iannucci continues to solidify his rising popularity and artistic prowess. The single is a
testament to his growth as a musician and his dedication to delivering meaningful and
appealing music.
The song is a powerful and moving ballad that explores the universal theme of
love lost and the anguish of heartbreak. In an era heavily impacted by the COVID-19
pandemic, these emotions strike a chord with listeners, making the song particularly
relatable and thought-provoking.
Iannucci’s very strong vocals express pure emotion, from beginning to end,
again reflecting the troubling time which we have all lived through in recent years. He
manages to combine perfectly elements of country, pop, and blues into a cohesive and
distinctive sound. As a piano player, he brings a refreshing touch to the country genre,
infusing it with his own unique style. This fusion creates a musical experience that is
both deep and entertaining, shows Iannucci’s talents as both a songwriter and performer.
The sheer musical quality of the track shines through and is extremely
memorable. While quite long by modern standards, it’s a song to be enjoyed over time.
Brian Iannucci likes the sentence ‘Fun begins when you find your passion and build a
life around it.’ He expresses his inner feelings, and the honesty of this expression I find
profoundly moving.
Another aspect to point up is the piano sounds which are really delightful, full of
positive vibes that it won’t leave anyone indifferent. He sings with so much passion, the
track is produced so skilfully, and the end result so impactful that everyone should have
the opportunity to listen and be consoled and inspired.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion