Australian pop-dance provocateur Lark returns with her latest release, I’m With You, following
her break-out hits We Love Us!, Hit the Record, and Unicorn. Lark’s experience on the live music touring
circuit, along with her contributions to music written for TV and film, has formed her into an artist who
fully knows who she is, what she wants to achieve and how to do this. With a string of hits and countless
live shows to her name, Lark’s extensive experience in the music industry has led her to share her
wisdom and mentor up-and-coming artists through a series of insightful videos. Having reached number
14 on the World Indie Music Charts and secured the top spot on the European Indie Music Charts, Lark’s
reputation as an artist on the rise continues to soar.
I’m With You is a dynamic explosion of inspiration, showcasing Lark’s insightful lyrics, warm
and soulful vocals, and a key message that resonates with listeners worldwide. Drawing inspiration from
iconic artists such as Madonna, KISS, and ABBA, Lark’s musical influences shine through in her own
unique style.
The song is characterized by its sweet sounds and clear vocals, showcasing Lark’s power and
strength as a vocalist. The track boasts a massive pop melody that is immensely memorable, thanks to its
catchy tunes and infectious rhythms. It is a cheerful and encouraging song, and delivers its message
effectively. It effortlessly combines elements of dance, pop, and electro-pop, creating a vibrant and
energetic musical landscape. The production is excellent, instruments and vocals combine seamlessly.
Overall I’m With You is worth a listen. And another one. And another. This is a superb track that
is joyful and uplifting and is sure to energise a whole generation of listeners. Yet again, this remarkable
talent has brought us a memorable and skilfully produced track which must not be missed.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion