MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Say Yeah! by Theresa Trigg & Terry Isaiah Johnson

Terry Isaiah Johnson, half of the Johnson & Trigg Production Team, and
renowned in his own right as a songwriter, producer, and guitarist has been making
waves in the 21st century music industry. Known for his work with The Flamingos and
his contributions to Motown, Terry has solidified his position as a ‘musical chameleon’
alongside his partner Theresa Trigg, who is an artist and the VP of their record label,
Hot Fun Records (HFR).
Terry Johnson’s remarkable renditions of classic songs, such as his 21st century
version of I Only Have Eyes For You are not to be missed, and show how timeless
classics can be revitalised. Additionally, his original releases like It’s You, Knock Knock
(Let Me In), Friday Night, Live Your Life Today, Just My Imagination (Running Away
With Me), and Say Yeah have attracted significant notice and recognition globally. With
an extensive catalogue of original music spanning various genres, Terry and Theresa
have established themselves as accomplished artists and producers throughout their
lengthy careers.
As Johnson & Trigg, Terry and Theresa continue to appeal audiences worldwide
through their electrifying live performances. With a repertoire that includes their newest
singles and timeless classics from The Flamingos, (Terry is lead guitarist and one of the
vocalists) their shows promise an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts of all
With regards to the song, since the very beginning the song bursts with energy,
and bright vocals and original instrumentation including keyboard, organ and
percussion gives a different touch to this track. It’s classified inside the Up-tempo Pop,
Dance genres, although its unique sound defies such limitations. This music could be
described as fresh and creative, and boundlessly original.
An uplifting single with which you can spend fabulous moments listening to the
diverse unexpected sounds with bold, powerful vocals, it is uniquely memorable and
boasts a catchy chorus and lyrics. Moreover, the rhythm brings you up because it’s not
slow-moving release, it soon warms up and grows on the listener.
This melody is positive and energetic, and listening to it can be quite a personal
experience, as each listener will perceive a different aspect of this eclectic track. This
deserves to be played, appreciated and heard worldwide, and is a must-have for any
discerning music collector. Don’t miss out!

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion