MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW 2 Night By Tae 7Mile x Brian Iannucci

Tae 7Mile, born Dontae Marcellus Pruitt on April 27, 1994, is an American
rapper and music producer living in Detroit, Michigan. He has used difficult
experiences in his personal life to motivate himself and impulse his music, using this to
channel his emotions and talent.
Throughout his musical journey, Tae 7Mile has released several albums and
EPs, including Big 7 Don Dada, Lost And Found, Jackie’s Only Son, and the Late Night
Vibe EP. These projects exemplify his dedication to consistently putting out new music
and expanding as an artist. This hard work has paid off with his recent deal with
Platinum Camp Records, and show give him even more opportunity to showcase his
skills and make him a household name.
Tae 7Mile has emerged as a prominent figure in the Midwest and East Coast
music scenes, known for his hard-hitting and relatable lyrics. His songs, such as I-75,
Stupid, Disrespectful, and Wait A Second, show his lyrical prowess and ability to
connect with his audience. One notable highlight in his career was the collaboration
with renowned Jamaican artist Beenie Man on the track Hard To Smile, demonstrating
Tae’s versatility in collaborating with artists from different genres and backgrounds.
Brian Iannucci, a singer/songwriter from Saint Johns, Florida, showcases an
eclectic blend of country, pop, and blues influences. As a pianist, Brian adds a distinct
touch to the country music genre, infusing it with his own unique sound. His lyrics and
vocals provide a deep and thoughtful musical experience that captivates audiences. He
has won many awards and has achieved international recognition, with his latest album,
Double Felony, receiving considerable critical acclaim. Played in over 150 countries,
his music and song writing have universal appeal.
With regards to this release, it’s really interesting to listen to this original and
unusual blend of genres such as country pop, hip-hop and pop. It’s an astonishing
combination of the two singers in this track using their impressive vocals with guitar
and keyboard original sounds which will appeal a lot to the audience. The lyrics are
meaningful and are complimented perfectly by the performance style and the vocals.
The track boasts a really memorable chorus which makes the release more memorable
than others. The result is really original, very rhythmic and incredibly skilful.
What I love most is the different intonations they adopt for the release, that is,
with ups and downs in the timbre of the track. What is more, they sing with
powerfulness, effort and this makes a massive impact on audiences.
In my view, if you’re looking for a moment full of well-being, relaxation and
entertainment, then this track is absolutely for you. Surely this spectacular experience
won’t let you down. Perfect for summer chill vibe!

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion