MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW What’s Wrong With Me By Chris St John

Chris St. John has undeniably been on the ascent for the past two years, captivating listeners with his prolific song writing skills that have resulted in successful albums. His debut album, I’m Dreaming, released in 2021, garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success. With four chart-topping hits on the World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Network, including the sensational Fly Away which reached the No. 1 spot, Chris solidified his presence in the music industry. 

Continuing his creative streak, Chris ventured to Nashville, collaborating with the legendary producer Stephen Wrench and a group of talented session musicians, culminating in the release of Fly Away. Before its release, Chris treated fans to the song Hey Siri, a delightful and rhythmic track that swiftly climbed to the No. 1 position on both the World Indie Music Charts and the Euro Indie Music Network, staying there for an amazing five weeks. 

Chris has now released When Dreams End. The fourth track on the album, What’s Wrong With Me, is a soulful ballad that captures the essence of Chris St. John’s authenticity. The upbeat guitar melody, accompanied by a dreamy vibe and violin chords, creates an atmosphere that resonates with the listener. The honest and relatable lyrics add a bright touch to the song, and its astonishing melody makes it a standout track on the album. It’s a track that easily becomes a favourite and one that you can listen to on repeat. Chris showcases his impressive range of vocal and style throughout the album, but this is a standout track where his range is demonstrated at the height of its powers. 

Before a sheer musical quality of a song like this, it’s definitely a must to listen to this top-notch production as it’ll remain in us for a quite long time. There’s no doubt it’s an instant hit from minute zero and it fully deserves recognition for his hard work. With his ability to delve into various musical genres and styles, Chris displays a remarkable diversity and versatility in his music. When Dreams End is a testament to his talent and artistry, and What’s Wrong With Me stands out as a shining example of his authentic and heartfelt approach. If there’s one song you should listen to from this album, it’s undoubtedly this one. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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