MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Homesick by Eller Rhodes

Eller Rhodes, from Indianapolis, Indiana, is an American country/pop group that was formed in 2018 by songwriter/musician Jim Witmer and his daughter, songwriter/musician Jane Witmer-Gerun. They describe their music as a “Heartland Country Crossover sound” and combine elements of various genres to create a distinct musical style. They also collaborate with other musicians from the Eller Roads Studio, adding additional layers and range to their musical compositions. 

One of the standout tracks by Eller Rhodes is Homesick, a powerful song that explores the themes of longing and the desire to be with a loved one. The aspect of the song which perhaps is most remarkable and noticeable is the passion and feeling in the strong and expressive vocals, which for the listener is emotive and also relatable. 

Homesick not only serves as a source of emotional strength during challenging moments but also uplifts the spirits with its vibrant and uplifting music. The composition acts as a form of therapy, encouraging listeners to forge ahead in life and find solace in their own personal journey. While the storyline may unfold at a slower pace, it adds to the song’s haunting charm, creating a profoundly moving experience for the audience. 

The production of Homesick is masterfully executed, enticing listeners to sing along while creating a sense of unity and connection. The well-crafted combination of sounds elevates the self-esteem of the audience, providing a comforting and reassuring atmosphere. This is one of those songs that brings a sense of joy and companionship, making it a go-to choice for those seeking solace and encouragement through music. 

In conclusion, Eller Rhodes’ Homesick is a remarkable musical offering that deserves recognition. It possesses the power to evoke a range of emotions, leaving the listener feeling comforted and less alone. The song’s ability to facilitate personal growth and emotional development is commendable, making it a highly recommended listen for anyone who appreciates music’s therapeutic qualities. Homesick is a track that exudes pure musical excellence, something that the discerning listener is sure to appreciate. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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