MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW It’s Friday Night by Wally Bartfay

Affectionately known as the ‘Rock N’ Prof,’ Wally Bartfay once again delights us with a country rock track full of energy and positivity that is sure to entertain. While currently working as a Professor at Ontario Tech University, Wally’s musical talents have extended beyond the confines of the classroom and have gained recognition globally. His music has made appearances on Euro Indie Music Chart’s top 10 and World Indie Music Chart’s top 15. 

From an early age, Wally had a deep desire to play the electric guitar and create music that makes people feel good. This innate passion shines through in all of his work, bringing enjoyment and happiness to millions. His music often reflects his own experiences throughout his life. He firmly believes that music can overcome many obstacles, and as an expert in Health Sciences, can cite many examples of this, including one ‘unresponsive’ Alzheimer’s sufferer who played song after song when she came into contact with a formerly beloved piano. 

It’s Friday Night is a good time, honky-tonk song that embodies the joy of letting loose after a challenging week at work. The original radio version released in March of 2023 was produced by Stephen Wrench and Wayne Killius of Musik and Film in their Nashville, TN recording studio. Frankly, it’s a great song, both in craft and production, true to his style of rock/country. The catchy guitar, keyboard and drums sound like powerful instruments, while the illustrative fantastic and attractive vocals are excellent as usual, professional in delivery and production. It’s very well executed and varied, offering a smooth polished sound with a sparkling melody and a memorable chorus. 

This outstanding track is perfect for dancing on a Friday night or whenever the mood strikes. This great song gets you in a good mood from the first note, creating an uplifting and positive vibe. Wally’s music is very encouraging and upbeat, and the listener just want it to go on and on. The more you listen, the more hooked you are. Wally’s talent as a musician, combined with his ability to create feel-good, well-crafted music, makes him a noteworthy artist worth paying attention to. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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