SHAH33D is a contemporary hip-hop artist originally from Detroit but now
based in Orlando. He expresses his music through a modern version of hip-hop which
he calls ‘Lyrical Trap.’ Although he took some time away to take a degree in Biology
from Alabama State University, he soon returned to his first love, music. Increasingly
well-known on the music scene for some time now, he released his first, long-awaited
EP One Day At A Time in 2017, which unsurprisingly was extremely well received.
This latest EP, from which the track Optionz is taken, is titled Layerz.
This EP exhibits the high level of creativity we have come to expect from this
very talented artist. Optionz, specifically, channels a soulful and melodic flow
reminiscent of the Motown sound, and showcases the natural quick-witted intellect that
has consolidated his place at the forefront of Hip Hop. Optionz exemplifies his ability to
seamlessly integrate the three genres of hip hop, rap, and urban music in an exceptional
way. It is a stand-out track and features a strong vocal track, powerful bass and fine
percussion, combining in an almost hypnotic manner.
As we approach the chorus, there is an impending sense of doom looming over
the bassline, yet there is no turning back at this point. Personally, I would have
preferred the bass to be slightly louder in this section, but I understand the artist’s
intention to keep the main focus on the rap, which serves as the cohesive glue that binds
the various instrumental elements together.
Optionz concludes with a cascade of melodies led by SHAH33D himself.
Despite its moderate length, the track possesses a captivating presence that makes it feel
much longer. It would be intriguing to hear an extended remix of this song before the
season ends, but even in its current form, I anticipate it will be one of the most talked-
about releases within his scene. Personally, I have become a fan of SHAH33D due to
his exceptional talent showcased in this performance, and I believe that once you give it
a listen, you’ll likely find yourself in the same boat.
For the adventurous and daring listener, this track is an excellent opportunity to
engage with rap, especially for those who are not familiar with the genre. This track is
original in many aspects, and should become a staple for all those who appreciate clever
and innovative music. SHAH33D proves himself to be an innovative recording artist,
and it is evident that he continues to evolve and refine his skills with time and

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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