New release by Sagoma. A great song!

“Che vuoi che sia” is the new single by Sagoma, following the 2022 track “Nuvole.” This Campania-born artist who blends various genres is now tackling a beachy and cocktail-infused rock-funk tune. Marco Loiacono, also known as Sagoma, has an incredible talent and delivers a potential hit with an irresistible guitar that occasionally delves into rock sounds without betraying its summer vibe.

But it would be reductive to label it as just a “summer song.” Behind the mainstream appearance (masterfully produced in terms of sound and nuances), there’s a track with important lyrics that delve into the hidden fears of not fitting in with a world of chatterboxes—an incessantly judgmental jungle that constantly tests you.

The chorus is an instant classic that sticks in your head and doesn’t go away, thanks to the catchy na-na-na backing vocals reminiscent of the iconic baustelliana style. The accompanying music video has a mysterious and ambiguous setting, unexpected for those who only superficially listen to the song.

However, it perfectly mirrors the lyrics, providing a comfortable zone shielded from wagging tongues. Long live you, long live me, and long live quality pop music. Because a hit can be much more than just a hit, as is the case here.

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“I’m sitting here and thinking … I can no longer see myself.”

Article by AlQuadro.