MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Touch My Body By Posse Unit Ft. Aleinad

Hailing from the South West of the UK, arrives this standout single from the skilled songwriter Ben Hill. Coming from a musical family, his interest in making music is second nature and started at a very young age – he can recall creating music at the tender age of eight! Ben founded Posse Unit in 2021 and with many different collaborations spanning several continents, has deservedly gone global. One of his stated objectives is to ensure that music can unite peoples and cross borders. His musical style has been described as feel-good, pop/dance music. Easy to listen to and ideal for pubs, clubs and parties, this music is streamed and has gained radio airtime worldwide. 

In collaboration with LA-based singer Aleinad, in Touch My Body, Hill has created an energetic sure-fire hit for the summer of 2023. Bound to found on the club scene just about everywhere, the song has strong rhythm, with forceful keyboards and percussion. The track starts strongly, with the vocals cutting in very quickly, complementing the instrumentation perfectly. 

The song itself talks about love, about forgetting mind games and just simply loving someone for who they are. The passion of the singer for their subject is immediately evident, and is quite moving. These expressive vocals, together with the superbly produced instrumentation and superlative sound quality, provide a truly spectacular listening experience. 

The potential of this track is clear from the outset. It is relatively short and ends in a somewhat surprising way (no spoilers here – listen for yourself!), but is all the more interesting for that. 

In my view, this song is an expression of inner feelings through appealing tones, and deep and upbeat vocals. The discerning listener will return to this time and again, and will never be disappointed. I strongly recommend you do not miss this original and clever choice! 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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