MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Drop Commotions by Truse

Drop Commotions is the latest production from the phenomenal artist, Truse, who yet again amazes and impresses with an electrifying performance and an extremely well-produced track. Emotive vocals with a rough voice together with the superb instrumentalists on the guitar and percussion make it a very emotive song, leaving the listener without words to describe it adequately. Even for someone who bases their professional identity on superb musical productions, this is a standout piece. 

What it struck me most is the different timber of the voice; it’s totally about sheer musical quality. It’s well known that he has worked hard to develop his voice but even so the power of the voice never stops surprising us. It spreads strength or energy even when the message or words are sad. Such profoundly moving tones give with gooseflesh – but in a good way – and therefore the single can reach people’s hearts and minds, conveying the feelings the singer wants to express. This is something which many artists aspire to, but only a fortunate and extremely talented few can achieve. 

As for the instruments, percussion, guitar and bass are the most influential in the track. They’re indispensable and in combination with the vocals, evoke an atmosphere of reflection, introspection, but also hope and a sense of future. The lyrics mirror and reflect the sounds, looking back on a lost relationship and the emotions associated with this. The song writes about the relationship in the past, showing that there is no way back. There is passion, despair, and gamut of emotions which the listener can feel alongside the performers. 

Particularly, I would appeal to any and everybody to listen to this admirable track as it’s a heartfelt and thought-provoking piece that explores the complexities of love and life. The theme is totally relatable to anyone who has ever been through the pendulum of emotions that is a relationship. This release is recommended to all those who can appreciate the skill and talent which have gone into this remarkable track, from an equally remarkable performer. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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