Born René Victor Ornelas in Laredo, Texas, but now known professionally as René René, this talented and prolific artist has been performing since the tender age of fourteen. Originally a vocalist and trumpet player for his father’s popular band called The Mike Ornelas Orchestra, René also plays guitar, keyboards and arranges his own compositions.

René has broken boundaries and crossed over from Hispanic to the mainstream American market, where he receives extensive airplay. Over the course of his career he has been awarded a GOLDEN GLOBE and earned two GOLD records, in addition to Mexico’s prestigious to ESTRELLA DE PLATA, a DISCO DE ORO and a GLOBO DE ORO. He was the first Hispanic artist to record an international bilingual song with two global hits, Angelito and Lo mucho que te quiero. He has played and toured with some of the biggest names in the industry, toured on Dick Clark’s Caravan of Stars tour with Diana Ross and the Supremes, The Beach Boys, Fats Domino, Three Dog, Night Jan and Dean, plus many others. As a songwriter, his work has been recorded by many famous names, too numerous to mention here. He has toured all over the world and retains huge global popularity.

His music is never stale, despite the volume of production and this latest track is no different. The track, Mango, is fresh, exotic and instantly memorable, and is a mélange of pop/rock and contemporary Latino. Written after he visited Puerto Rico with his wife to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary, it is full of tenderness and love.

The chorus is simple in the best sense of word, easy to remember and catchy. The best kind of earworm! It immediately invites you to dance, to express yourself and indeed to sing along. The lyrics are very authentic and heartfelt in a romantic way. His vocals feel heartfelt and sincere, showing his passion and vocation, both for his theme and his performance. The overall feeling is of love, romance, tenderness and emotion.

As for the instruments, the most influential are the trumpet but keyboard is also notable in the song accompanied by the unique and sweet vocals. His special voice is quite unique, and combines perfectly with the subtle instrumentation, the overall combination drawing the listener in and inviting them to feel what the singer feels.

One of those songs to put a smile on your face when feeling low, or simply brightening up a dull day, this song creates good feeling, energy and cheer, and is well worth checking out. When you have done that, you could also check out some of his other work all of which will leave you with a smile on your face, none of which will leave you indifferent.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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