MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Cabriolet by Viennacc

Austrian Viennacc, the masterminds behind hit single Here comes the attraction, return with a fun, upbeat and light-hearted track, Cabriolet. Their music is both accessible and innovative, all of which is more than evident in Cabriolet. 

Lead singer Pop Daddy, a multi-talented, multi-award-winning musician and producer, has many decades in the industry. He brings this depth of experience to his work, and still manages to be fresh, contemporary and energetic. In fact, he would put many far younger performers to shame! He is a complete professional, using his accumulated knowledge to engage the audience, and use his breadth of experience to create memorable melody and combine genres and styles. 

In terms of this particular song, it’s a happy mélange of pop, rock, indie with some hints of electronic and Pop Daddy has the musical prowess to combine these styles together seamlessly, also managing to combine classic pop with modernity, creating a completely original sound. The vocals are distinctive, sounding strident, yet almost playful. The lyrics reflect this fun and playfulness, inviting the listener to sing or dance along. As English is not the first language of this singer, perhaps it is worth emphasising just how honed the lyrics are. The topic is having fun, driving an open-top car on a lovely sunny day. The instrumentation is finely crafted, each individual sound combining harmoniously to make the unique sound that represents Viennacc so well. The track has clearly been skilfully produced, yet sounds totally unforced and natural. 

What I like most about Viennacc is their willingness to experiment and take risks. Despite all of their deserved success, they stay true to themselves and it is clear that they truly enjoy what they do. They push the limits of genres, making combinations that from other bands might sound contrived or forced, but from them sound natural as well as totally original. Moving over acoustic to rock to synthesizer, this band can do it all. This track will put a smile on your face whatever the weather, and is an ideal feel-good tune which will surely brighten up your day. Don’t miss out! 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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