MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW I Love the New Year’s Day By Gabriele Saro and Charlotte Grisley

The multi-talented Gabriele Saro has always combined both his artistic and scientific sides, as evidenced by his degree in Business Administration, a diploma in violin, another qualification in composition for film music, and a Master’s in neuro-linguistic programming. This eclectic range of interests and expertise is reflected also in the diversity of his music, which ranges from classical to electronic. With over 90 albums in Digital Download, he has achieved innumerable awards and nominations both nationally and internationally including UK Songwriting Contest (winner), USA Songwriting Competition (top 10), and 3 silver medals at the Global Music Awards (California). Additionally, he is broadcast globally on radio, TV, outlets and airlines around the world. 

This beautiful and emotionally stirring ballad comes as a collaboration between Gabriele Saro and the talented Charlotte Grisley (singer) together with Ivan Comar and Roberto Fabbro (authors). In terms of genre, the powerful but yet gentle track contains pop, rock and adult contemporary elements. The song is a sublime fusion of classic balladry and modern pop production, therefore giving the track a wide popular appeal across a wide fanbase, with a perfect blend of Grisley’s vocals and Saro’s instrumental prowess. The duo has created this song with a touch of nostalgia and freshness, paying homage to the classic ballads of the 90s. 

The lyrics, while simple, are effective and clearly create the feeling of anticipation and opportunity that come with any new year. The vocals are delivered with strong emotion, which permeates through to the listener. Saro’s music also has the power to create a mood and to transport the listener, to carry them on a musical journey in tandem with the vocals. 

The music of Gabriele Saro and Charlotte Grisley is an instant hit from the very beginning and only improves with revisiting. There is doubt, at least in the mind of this reviewer, that this new realease will be an authentic smash; the audience easily attracted and held by its sheer quality, musicality, and the versatility of the performers. The clearly skilful and modern production techniques make this an unmissable choice and make the ballad style feel both classic and contemporary, something which can feel simple, yet takes real talent to achieve. This release will appeal to a wide range of listeners who love classic ballads or modern productions with a hint of nostalgia and retro instrumentals; anyone with a soft spot for the 90s ballads we grew up on, or are discovering this style for the first time will appreciate this for the great music it truly is. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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