MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Hometown GhostTown By Sassy VeZay

Sassy is an English Country rock pop artist living in Nashville, Tennessee. A prodigious start gives newly life to the musical genre Country Americana. The solo artist shows her admirable confidence making music thanks to her gained experience singing different musical genres in different places on tour in England in several tribute bands, as well as taking her Shania Twain performance act on European tour. Back in the UK, she has had huge countrywide play across the BBC, initially with her top 70 US Country Chart release Slow Dance, which was also nominated in the UK Country Awards. Performing with her band in Nashville will be the next step in her already stellar career, where she has overcome many challenges to find creativity and achieve her dreams. 

HomeTown GhostTown is the first release from her first EP recorded with her own band in Nashville to worldwide radio. She found incredible inspiration in her hometown, her parents’ death in the pandemic years and the breakup of her relationship with her fiancé. Following on from that difficult period, she channelled her emotions to write and record and thanks to her creative ambitions, she obtained a particularly memorable and profoundly moving track. 

The song highlights the sounds of the violin, percussion and guitar. They acquire a crucial role in the composition of this track because they combine perfectly with the singer’s delicate and smooth voice. The tunes are hauntingly enchanting, very well produced and the words are poetic. Sassy vocalises extremely well and the lyrics are very clear and understandable. I think she wants to be loyal to herself and she is. 

The impressive musicality together with the sweet melody will not fail to appeal to anyone who takes the time to listen to it with the attention it deserves. The emotions expressed are extremely relatable to all of us who have lived through the recent pandemic and experienced the after effects which have affected us all. However, do not think that this is sad; on the contrary it is bright and optimistic and full of hope, a feel-good factor which will leave all listeners feeling positive and up-beat.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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