MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW War CryBy Coppe Cantrell ft. Barrington Levy

From California comes from this particular and different track, a blend of pop, dance, R&B and Christian from the hands of Capucine (Coppe) Cantrell. Number six of eleven siblings, she was nicknamed ‘Coppe’ at only months old by her father due to her distinctive hair colour. Her life has not been easy; she became pregnant just before she was due to graduate High School and dropped out to raise her child. More happily, she met Johnny Jackson, known as Johnny ‘J’ in the music entertainment industry, who was to become her husband. Together they formed KLOCK WORK. Johnny mainly produced, while Coppe had a range of roles including dancer, road manager and administrator. 

Things were looking up when she was finally able to return to complete her High School credits, but tragically Johnny died at this time when he was killed while serving a short jail term for DUI. Understandably Coppe was devastated but found solace in the bible, which she had found again through the influence of one of her college professors. 

According to her bio, she was woken in the early hours of the morning, and discovered that God had given her a gift of music. She found that she could sing, and was inspired to write many songs. With this gift, and her new talent for song, she has dedicated her life to spreading the word of God, through Gospel music. 

This track, from her first album God’s Project, has a wide range of vocals, adopting onomatopoeic sounds of war, and also a rainforest. There is a sense of superheroes in the idle of a war in the company of God. This song reflects nature in all of its aspects, and is refreshingly different from the general format of Gospel; it would be fair to say a breath of fresh air. 

The choir and the vocalist are in perfect combination with the blend of instruments. The electronic guitar, percussion and keyboard match the different tunes note for note, in perfect harmony. The rhythm is restful, filling the listener with a feeling of calm and serenity, perhaps reflecting the place where Coppe now finds herself, following the traumatic events in her earlier life. There is also a strong feeling of optimism and positivity for the future. 

In my view, the music from this release is beneficial to increase concentration or even improve thinking about wars. Not all wars are fought on battle fields. I would encourage everyone to listen to this song even if they’re not a believer because of the original combination of lyrics and powerful vocals. I think it’s well worth listening to this powerful and uplifting track.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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