Lark made her name playing in nightclubs, bars and assorted venues, but she has now made the move to producing her own music. She has more than 30 years’ experience in the music industry especially receiving a great deal of airtime in Australia She is now poised to be a smash with Unicorn. After a career opening for other major talents, she is now headlining in her own right, and has made the move to California to perform and promote her own music. 

Referring to the song, her fourth release is classified inside the up-tempo pop genre. Developed from just an acoustic guitar and chorus, it has developed into a catchy, attractive, colourful tune which invites you to dance, added to a feeling of playfulness and an easy-going, good-time attitude. In the video we can see how the different colours together with the images, music and the rhythm lifts you up because of the energy it emits, making you feel better, lighter and happier. The images are fun, and the overall vibe is optimism and positivity. The quality of the production, a collaboration with former Australian Independent Producer of the Year, Jono Fernandez, is clear from the outset. Inspired by Lark’s own personal relationships, the narrative reflects on significant, unbroken relationships which are forged for life, such as that of parent and child, or life-long friendships. 

The instruments of percussion, acoustic guitar, keyboard are crucial and have a remarkable presence in the song. The performance is enhanced and the vocals are in complete harmony with the instrumentation. For this song, Lark has decided to use a typical band-like structure by having a mix of classic sound with a modern approach to have the desired melodic and lyrical note. 

Lark is a very good example to follow and not only for her sensational talent in music, but also because she has ambitions to help other musicians who want to reach fame through YouTube videos and inspiring positivity. Anyone taking the time to appreciate her work will be well rewarded. The memorable lyrics, soulful vocals and catchy choruses will keep you coming back for more.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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