MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Can’t Fake the Funk By King James Brown

Debuted at the prestigious Kiss the Monkey’s Santa Baby Holiday Charity Gala which also included the ‘Sleigh the Runway’ fashion show with models from around the world, ‘Can’t Fake the Funk’ by King James Brown is smashing it worldwide. In co-production with Gary Garret, this track follows on from the very successful 2021 single ‘Don’t Fight the Funk’, from the CE ‘Soul of a Dancer’. While much of his performance was a James Brown tribute, this original work was so well received that is set to be even more popular than that! And deservedly so.

An authentic piece of art which combines three genres of music, funk, soul and R&B, the tone of the music conveys an upbeat atmosphere where you can relax, chat with friends while having a drink. Which would be a pity as this funky, eclectic track deserves far more attention. It is also a difficult task as the sounds of the track take over and invite you to dance as the rhythm is quite fast and surprisingly sensuous. I find it very moving but what I was most pleasantly surprised by is the positivity and gladness he conveys to the audience through the sheer exuberance of the music. I consider this song musically memorable in terms of both lyrics and melody.

King James Brown sings with intensity in his voice. He pours energy into his song, which vibrates with the competing sounds of popping drums, jangling guitars and peppery horns. His distinctive voice produces a catchy melody to this song, which is well produced and has excellent balance. The fusion of these instruments is effected with real accuracy and emotion.

Quite simply this is a single which can and will go far (in terms of success) because of its hauntingly moving tune. And yet it will not disappoint true ‘funkateers’, with vibrant energy and true soul.

Available to stream over all major platforms such as Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube as well as in CD format on the website, I would strongly recommend this to all fans of the genre as well as those who want to discover this rich style of singing performance. And of course, keep an eye out for more new releases, including ballad ‘Dancin’ in the Basement’, now available!