By Raynald Grenier

Inspired by such great artists as Andrew Lloyd Weber, John Williams and Ennio Morricone, Raynald Grenier is a prodigious Canadian musician and composer. On this track, he plays the hauntingly beautiful piano solo. While he has previously produced works for full orchestra, Doux Instants comes from his piano solos series. Beginning in the 1980s as an accompanying pianist and a conductor for several (vocal and music) groups, he also gave many performances in the United States, Canada and Europe until he decided to dedicate himself exclusively to crafted musical composition. In addition to success creating entrancing harmonies for musicals and ballets, he continues to leave audiences spellbound by his compositions.

What’s more, he embodies authenticity thanks to his unbeatable creativity by himself. He’s able to uplift listeners to a special, deeply emotional, moving and introspective journey. In my case it brought back lovely memories of different experiences in my own life, which was a profoundly moving. In fact, this is one of the stated aims of the composer, who aims to touch the heart and mind of each and every listener.

I would say it is a genre-defining piece, as it is musically complex while being thoroughly relaxing. It possesses a memorable melody and a unique inimitable harmonic structure which resurges throughout the soundtrack. Listeners do not require a high level of concentration as it is very easy to follow and understand, although it merits more careful listening to appreciate all of the subtle musical skills employed to bring together all of the elements of the piece. It evocates nostalgic, relaxing and soothing feelings through smooth vibes and acoustic sounds. It conveys good energy because he wants to be able to create a universal medium in which people can allow themselves to be more emotional and understand themselves better thanks to the healing powers of the music.

This is a very well-made single whose sounds awaken dormant emotions in all listeners and will not leave them unmoved and untouched by its deceptive complexity. One listening will never be enough; listeners will want to return to it time and time again, which is mainly why I would definitely recommend this admirable solo piano composition. There is no doubt of Raynald Grenier’s success with this single, so if you get a chance to listen to his second track called ‘Adagio in G Minor’ in Spring 2023 and the new album in Fall 2023 titled ‘The Christmas Ballet’, don’t miss out!

Review Made by L.A.C.