MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW A Walk through the Museum By Ergo Tatters

It is suggested from the song there is a huge effort made in the producing of this first track from the album Templates for a Dramatic Theme by Ergo Tatters. The track has a kind of rich musicality and vibrant art that musicians admire. There’s no time required so it grows on you fast. From some listeners’ perspectives, the single could be weird but what’s true is weirdness can positively boost the composer’s creativity in this case.

After listening to this different and original song, the listener may marvel at its complex combination of vocals, and brass instruments. It fills you with calm and action at the same time. It seems like seeing days go past fast. The longer the track goes on, the more amazing notes there are to enjoy listening to. Therefore, this single is particularly memorable in many ways, and would appeal to almost all listeners whether they be fans of rich vocals or memorable instrumental arrangements. This track has got it all.

As for the production of the record, it is made using a deliberate execution with the singer showing a superb knowledge of how to mix acoustic and classical instruments as they join with guitars, bass, keyboards and strong percussion to dramatic yet playful effect. It emits gladness and good cheer; it breathes mystery and yet is very relatable. Listeners would be well advised to re-visit this track, as the musicality may initially overwhelm the lyrics, as might the background story, or lack thereof. Much has been made of the mystery surrounding the origins of this band, whose identities have not been made known, and are kept carefully under wraps. What is not so mysterious is the result of this collaboration, an enigmatic, powerful production. And in the end it is the music that should tell the story- and it does. What it tells is up to each individual listener.

I would definitely recommend delving into this artist beyond this record. This song is for these moments which you need to experience new things. It’s a refreshingly different track that perhaps you’re not used to listening to on every day. It’s true that it also brings curiosity with a pinch of spiritualism; therefore, if this is what tickles your fancy, dare to try this.