MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Set me on Fire By Ruby Nixxons

Surprisingly, in their fifties and after passing through various bands in their respective musical careers, now Ruby Nixxons have had the brilliant idea to come together again and create deep rock music (despite the lack of tonic wine in their gatherings!). Inside the world of Scottish rock, here we have an opportunity to have a deep look at a rock band who produces a special song using a perfect combination of electrical guitars, bass, drums and vocals. The main influences on the band are the classic 70s and 80s Rock. They play both covers from the 60s to the 00s as well as some of their own original material. As far as interesting facts people or fans should know about the band are concerned, they love Tonic Wine from a certain Abbey in Devon.

Recorded at Riverside Studios, Falkirk, Scotland, the song, is about a parasitical relationship. There is no question as we listen to the single more and more, we realise that it gets us in a good mood. So, they know how to reach the audience. 

Staring at the video, trying to decide what had made me fancy listening to this track repeatedly, reality suddenly hit me – how simple lyrics can give energy.  There is a traditional and yet original combination of lyrics, vocals and electric guitar; some might even go so far as to describe their sound as weird, but in my view there is no doubt weirdness can positively boost creativity, and enhance the listener’s appreciation. The sheer musical quality has an attraction all of its own. In the video we can see how cold colours predominate but it is true there are hot colours to form the perfect blend. 

The band has played on Bishop FM Radio, they love to play in many picturesque venues and locations across Central Scotland and further afield, and it is only fair to say that people have been enchanted with their appearance in gigs and festivals as they perform so ‘tragically’ (their own word) in the evenings. Passion is there, but it could not be easy labelled or described. And they are tragic only in the sense that they are great, for the tragedy is the way they contrast by all means the lively atmosphere they conjure during their appearances on stage 

To conclude, the music and the rhythm in this song lifts you up because of the energy it emits, making you feel better and happier. The more you listen, the more enjoyable the track, the musical style and the overall experience. Both live and in the recording studio, this band creates good vibes and positivity – with or without the aforementioned tonic wine!