The Ukrainian alternative rock band Aytone’s always surprises and they certainly do with this an incredibly amazing production. The most recent track, recorded in Zvukoceh, Dovjenko center, Kyiv like all their songs, shows us a perfect blend of orchestra with classical instruments and the usual instruments of a rock band. This exceptional piece of music, which captivates with its astonishing melody, rhythm and beat, will have you on the edge of your seat. The music in this song is without a shadow of a doubt more interesting than anything they have ever released before. 

There is no doubt that the standard of playing needs to be extremely high to produce a masterpiece like this. It is not easy to master a track of this length and such characteristics without being dense and boring for the listener. A lot of elements must be taken into consideration. Although the song is quite long, the band has achieved a varied and sophisticated piece of art which feels so natural that one can only wonder why no-one has ever done it before. And yet, of course it has been but never quite like this; originality, even genius lies in the discrete yet audacious mastering.

This formidably passionate three-piece band from Ukraine know perfectly how to brings progressive rock of the 70s together with current grunge and electronic influences. As far as the music is concerned, this is a contemporary rock project, which combines progressive-rock with alternative and electronic music. The group’s philosophy is to take the best approach of vintage 70s progressive and, using analogue equipment, to adapt songs to contemporary tendencies. In fact, it’s amazing how they obtained such an impressive result in joining two completely different styles of music. The music they produce is really elaborate so we can observe a special way of thinking in the music. 

The first time I listened to this track I was frankly flabbergasted due to the perfect blend of the two styles of music and the skilled production. It’s musically memorable in many ways, perhaps most notably because the song fuses elements of classical orchestral music with classical rock. Both the sound and visual images blend in harmony, different yet in tandem to give this eclectic combination of smooth string section and edgy electric guitar. Both parts blend seamlessly, with the voice of the lead singer as just one more instrument.

Another aspect of this newest single which deserves mention is the beautifully presented sleek and stylish stage performance. The visual impact of the contrasting styles and genres is as strong as the auditory. In any case both instruments and vocalists are in tune, making the stage act quite unique. It is both marvellous and professional. 

All in all, rarely have I seen such an extremely well-produced song which is incomparable with anything I have ever heard before. I would definitely recommend this track to producers, rock classical lovers, even those who do not usually enjoy this music style. It is totally convincing and extremely powerful. They have achieved a multi-talented act which is setting on winning the hearts of alternative rock lovers everywhere

Article made by L.C.