MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW It’s not over by Onism E

This American band formed by three soulful indie-rockers has a lot to give with their music. Their main concern is to give the best of themselves to their fans in each place they play. They experience each concert as a real adventure full of emotion and energy which they want to make as deep and unforgettable as possible for their fans. For them it’s paramount to establish a connection with the listeners through the warmth of the band members. They accept everyone who comes to their concerts as they don’t make any judgements or ask any questions.

In general, the music incorporates key aspects of American music such as soul, blues, rock and rock-n-roll. In terms of this specific track, it’s worth saying that it’s full of energy and inspiration through its lyrics and this is what it makes so special. The music invites people to approach a world of compassion with arms wide open. It provides them with different feelings.

Although this new single could be more a slow burner at the very beginning, it is not, because everything grows on you fast; it doesn’t disappoint at all and the band brings the song to life with smoothness and panache. There is a reason why they have achieved some awards in 2020. That year, 2020, has been far and away the best year for music they have ever known.

This song is a culmination of life experiences that looks for a place in the indie rock world. It makes you find the faith to keep pushing forward. It has triumphed as it’s a recent earworm that you cannot get out of your head once you listened to it once, but in an extremely pleasant way. 

The result is an exceptional piece of art which will make you delve into these artists beyond this record and I would strongly recommend doing so.

Article Made by L.C.