MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Welcome Christmas By People of the Beltane

In the lead-up to Christmas, many songs of this kind can often be corny, but Welcome Christmas, sung by People of the Beltane, is a massively-popular song featuring a memorable tune and clever lyrics. The warm freshness of the vocals – completely untouched in the live recording – makes this track different from many others. To add to this, the band has given it a magnificent title. It’s a picture-perfect example of a genre-defining Christmas song.

This catchy song maintains its pace, which is utterly unforgettable and holds the audience’s attention throughout – as does the highly-accomplished choir of singers. The whole delivery is powerfully energetic and keeps the excitement high. The most moving part in the song is memories of childhood, which we can all relate to.  

As we quickly perceive, the band puts special emphasis on their melody. Although it is relatively predictable because of the ‘Christmas style’, it’s also quite spectacular and not at all slow-moving, as others in this style tend to be. That is not to say that other Christmas songs aren’t any good as well; they don’t have so many changes of rhythm, but they can still be mesmerising. Think of The Snowman, for example.

Until now all the similar Christmas songs I have heard have not been as memorable as this one, and to my surprise, I discovered it is one through which you can perceive the magic of Christmas through its appealing classic retro sounds and words (lyrics). According to its lyrics, it has an uplifting message full of hope, trying to leave behind the negativism to have an optimistic, almost blissful Christmas. In other words, it says it’s time to be ready to forget worries, be calm and happy with the children and the family, and with a sense of general well-being. In fact, it is one of those songs which make you smile and feels enchanting as it can capture your attention when you listen to it and above all, when you sing or try to reproduce the lyrics. 

I would definitely recommend listening to this song, above all at the Christmas season. It’s totally addictive, a total earworm but in a good way – you’ll be playing it all day! It’s a really must-hear song! What’s more, I recommend dipping into this band further because they are starting to build a really good catalogue of tracks. 

Article Made by L.C.