Giuliano Pramori release the wonderful ‘Canzone romantica’

After “Il papavero”, new single for Giuliano Pramori
“Canzone romantica” is the new release of Giuliano Pramori, singer-songwriter from Parma that we have already appreciated in the recent “Il papavero”. The atmospheres dear to Giuliano return, of a glorious all-Italian musical past, and if Gaber came to mind in the Poppy, here we can safely bother sacred monsters such as Gino Paoli and Sergio Caputo.
A love song that focuses on a particular aspect of the “falling in love process”: romance. Which becomes almost a must before a romantic relationship. In this, the reference to the irony of Sergio Caputo (and also to some of Gazzè’s texts) is clear, perfectly in line with the musical mood, pure 60’s with the typical soft r, distinctive sign of our Giuliano.
Wanting to go a step further, analyzing the composition that results from the first catchy listening, we notice a series of compositional refinements of great class, first of all, in our opinion, the suspended pre chorus, which leads almost to a silence before the refrain; the latter, then, has a faster rhythm than the verse, as if to create distance between the romanticism thought (in the verse) and the romanticism experienced (in the refrain).
The song is embellished with a blatantly pop 60s video clip, with a scenography with attention to the smallest details (from the absurdly designed cup to the watering can with paper water) the words floating in the background (as for the Poppy, to demonstrate that Giuliano is very fond of the text)
Overall, we are faced with a mature work, curated but above all direct, which is immediately appealing and whose many nuances are gradually being appreciated. On the other hand, having class also means this. Bravo Giuliano!
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Article by AlQuadro