David Arn Releases “Blood And Bone” Music Video

Since the September release of his music video, “Watershed,” David Arn
has racked up an impressive 20K youtube views of the track. As the title
track to his critically acclaimed 4th album, “Watershed” has also
received more than 27K Spotify streams. Now, the international
chart-topping folk/americana singer-songwriter has released a second
video production from the album, “Blood and Bone.”

“Blood and Bone” kicks off the “Watershed” album, and has been well
received among fans and critics, alike. The video production comes
straight from the war-torn Russia/Ukraine region. Arn explains, “It has
an interesting backstory in that the dancer, Anastasia, created this
interpretation before things went south in Russia and the Ukraine. She
left behind her contacts, her performance partners, and uprooted to
Bulgaria. I always refer to her as a dancer with ‘the soul of a poet.”

Watch the video for “Blood and Bone” at https://youtu.be/z8Q-_5NWK7s.

About David Arn

David Arn is an American singer, songwriter and musician best known for
his lyrical style. Over the past ten years he has released four albums:
“Postmodern Days”, “Walking to Dreamland”,”Traveler Tales” and

Among myriad outlets Arn’s music has been featured on NPR stations, BBC
radio, and heard on Delta Airlines commercial flights. His award-winning
music videos have been screened to live audiences in festivals in
London, New York and Los Angeles.

He currently resides in Maryland.

Website: http://www.davidarn.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DavidArnMusic
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3TSpjnL
YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/DavidArnYouTubeChannel