Online Love by ViennaCC is an outstanding pop/rock song that demonstrates the
artist’s skilled musicianship and dedication to producing memorable music. Right from
the start, it’s clear that ViennaCC has put a lot of effort into crafting this release, evident
in the abundance of electric sounds and appealing rhythm that elevates the listener’s
mood. Beyond his musical endeavours, ViennaCC also works as a video and photo
artist, lending a visually artistic touch to his music videos and album covers. This
attention to detail and meticulousness is evident in his impressive discography.
In terms of the song itself, Online Love is a mid-tempo pop/rock track with a
BPM of 125. It eloquently captures the excitement, uncertainty, and decision-making
process involved in online love, emphasising the longing for genuine and intimate
connections that transcend the digital realm. The lyrics also highlight the compelling
and engaging nature of online communication, portraying it as a form of fascinating
storytelling. ViennaCC’s alternative rock music instrumentation, particularly the guitar
sounds, complements the intimate accents and adds depth to the heartfelt lyrics.
ViennaCC is known for creating pop and rock music that is perfect for dancing,
and this song is no exception. The artist prioritises melodic elements that are easy to
sing along to, adding to the overall appeal of the track. The English lyrics are influenced
by ViennaCC’s positive mind-set, bringing a refreshing and uplifting perspective to the
complexities and experiences of online love and social media interactions—the central
theme of the song.
What sets ViennaCC apart is his ability to surprise listeners with each song’s
unique sound. With his proficiency in the guitar, piano, and vocals, ViennaCC shows
his versatility and musical talent. While the drums are purely PC-based, they seamlessly
blend into the composition, maintaining a cohesive and polished sound.
I highly recommend giving Online Love a listen. The song’s astonishing tones
and ViennaCC’s pure vocals create an appealing listening experience. His wizard-like
ability to craft melodies that demand attention is commendable. If you’re a fan of
pop/rock music with a touch of alternative rock, ViennaCC’s Online Love is a must-

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion