MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Dad by Stephen Wrench

My Hero, My Dad is a beautiful track which will resonate with all who have had a father or father-figure in their lives. It is a moving tribute to both the person and the unique bond between the generations. 

The song opens with the recognition that the father taught the narrator to believe in themselves and showed them that dreams can come true. The admiration is evident as the narrator reveals their childhood aspiration to be just like their hero, their dad. This sentiment is relatable and resonates with listeners who have also looked up to their own parental figures. The father possessed an intuitive understanding of what the narrator needed to grow into a capable and responsible adult. These verses evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the valuable life lessons imparted by our own parents. 

The chorus further emphasises the impact of a great man, depicting how they earn titles, glory, and fame, leaving a lasting impression on those whose lives they touch. However, the author makes it clear that for them, their true hero was their father. The point is very clearly made that to be a hero, it is not necessary to wear a cape, or a mask, or be a national figure. The fact that the narrator cannot recall the name of the masked figure shows that this type of so-called hero has no relevance for them at all.

The song’s instrumentation consists of simple guitar sounds accompanying the vocals, creating an intimate and minimalistic atmosphere. This approach allows the lyrics and emotions to take centre stage, highlighting the sincerity and genuineness of the message and the feeling behind it. 

My Hero, My Dad shows the strength of the influence a parent can have on their child’s life and the life-long significance and repercussions of such a relationship. It shows how a parent can be a role model for their child, not only during childhood but their entire lives, and can also influence how they in turn will parent their own children. 

I highly encourage listeners to give My Hero, My Dad a listen. Its nostalgic charm and heartfelt lyrics will resonate with anyone who cherishes the bond between a father and child. It is a beautiful testament to the lasting influence of parental love and the desire to recognise and resemble the person they regard as the most significant man they have ever known. 

Review made by Lucy Cicioni Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion