MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Jesus Rocks by Coppe Cantrell

Jesus Rocks is the latest single released by Coppe Cantrell, a Gospel recording artist who has found her calling in music following personal hardships and a deep connection with her faith. The song reflects her personal her journey and showcases her passion for spreading the message of God’s love through her music. 

One of the standout elements of Jesus Rocks is the choir, which provides a powerful backdrop to Cantrell’s vocals. Cantrell’s voice is beautifully balanced, showing both power and subtlety. A particularly delightful aspect of Jesus Rocks is the singer’s occasional humming throughout the song. This delicate touch adds a layer of purity and authenticity to the track, further accentuating the spiritual essence of the music. 

The production of the track is superlative, with different melodies artfully combined to create a stunning composition. The fusion of Dance, Pop, Christian, and R&B genres results in a unique and engaging musical experience. The overall effect is of a skilful composition which will appeal both on a musical and technical level. 

This is a relatively long track, offering an opportunity to hear Coppe extend herself and for the listener to immerse themselves in the sheer musicality of the track. Both the music of the track and the message it conveys cannot fail to uplift even the stoniest of hearts and minds. 

In brief, Jesus Rocks by Coppe Cantrell is a powerful testament to her faith and musical talent. I highly recommend taking time to listen to Jesus Rocks and appreciate Coppe Cantrell’s commitment to her ministry and the inspiring message she conveys through her music. Believers and non-believers alike cannot fail to be moved by her passion and the emotion that comes through in her music. 

Review made by Lucy Cicioni Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion