MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Run to the Cross by Cameron Joseph

Cameron Joseph is a Christian singer-songwriter who has dedicated his life and career to serving others, and now is serving God through his music. What sets Cameron Joseph apart from other Christian artists is his unwavering commitment to his faith. He also feels the need to serve, which is why he enlisted in the Air Force for eight years, during which time he  also completed his university studies. He then decided to dedicate his life to spreading the word of God and Christianity through his music.

His message is simple: whenever we go through difficulty or hard times, God will be there to support and help us. It is very clear that Cameron Joseph believes this implicitly, and indeed it is a message which can be supportive for every listener. Whether or not you agree with or share his beliefs, you cannot but admire his dedication to his faith and his music.

In terms of musical style, Run to the Cross has some points of similarity with other Christian rock groups, but is differentiated by the depth of timbre in his voice, and the quality of his lyrics. Production values are clearly shown here, with remarkable attention to detail in the mix of instrumentation and vocals. It is no surprise that this artist is becoming increasingly well known in Christian music.

In my view, this artist has the ability to complete the crossover from Christian to mainstream music, something which not many are able to achieve successfully. The lyrics have universal appeal, and will resonate with all who take the time to listen to them properly. Those who do so will be highly impressed with their universal quality, and the musicality will appeal to all listeners, of all faiths, and none.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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