MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Lucky Days by Bad Brooks

This Norwegian country-rock band has a dynamic high energy which they know
how to convey to their music. A remarkable note is that in May 2022 they signed record
deal with the Nashville/New York label SongStar International so as to increase their
fame in Europe and the rest of world. Additionally, thanks to this fact, they will be on
tour this 2023. Other releases have garnered recognition and success in Europe and have
been broadcast on some radio stations.
I can perceive the skilled singer is ‘nostalgisk’, which is how it’s said in his
native country. Together with this nostalgia, at the same time he feels thankful and
grateful for the past he had with his family, which he recalls with tenderness. He felt
blissful in the past because he shared unforgettable moments with his children, even
though he also had difficult moments obstacles in his path. I consider this track brings a
message, which is that we need to value the good times we spend with family or loved
ones because nothing stays the same, and we need to be grateful for the lived
As for the song, from this country-rock band we have a very tender and sweet
song. The song has a strong chorus which gives energy and happiness. The instruments
used (guitars, percussion and keyboard) together with the moving vocals give this song
something special and unique. They are reminiscent of many tracks of the genre, but
what makes this track stand out so much is the prominent quality of the production and
the instrumentation.
In my view, just for the lyrics and for the quality of the song, it’s worth
dedicating time to stop for a while and listen to it. I recommend it on many levels. This
may be a less familiar style of music to many listeners, but it sounds even more true for
that, as the listener cannot bring preconceived notions to the song and can appreciate it
for itself. I truly believe that all listeners will broaden their tastes and increase their
enjoyment of music by giving this track the attention it deserves.

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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