See Your Shadow – Take It To Your Grave

See Your Shadow Songwriting are an ambitious musical group, spearheaded by one Michael ‘The Metropolitan Cowboy’ Coleman. Together, the outfit have made some truly impressive pieces of music, as well as many more fascinating projects. Today, the band presents us with their latest single, “Take It To Your Grave,” a soft and smooth song a with depressingly difficult to discuss topic behind it.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at “Take It To Your Grave,” observing its musical ideas, themes and sound in our full review. We would like readers to keep in mind that this song does tackle some rather uncomfortable topics. Specifically, the single tackles the idea of infidelity and living with guilt, so if you find this to be a touchy topic, please read with care. With that said, let’s get into the review.

As listeners, we were surprised by the song’s sound. “Take It To Your Grave,” sounds shockingly warm and buoyant, with a lot of pleasant little touches added to the mix. While listening, we basically found ourselves getting immersed in the music pretty quick. It almost makes you forget what exactly the is about.

The topic of the song today is infidelity, and specifically the guilt of having performed an act of infidelity and the crushing feeling of not knowing what to do after the fact. The songwriters really take their time dissecting this information, and write lyrics that cleverly match the overall tone of the song. While it’s a rough situation, it does make for a very compelling listen.

For most of the song, the main character reflects on what they’ve done and whether they should break it to the family. He knows that if decides to tell, then he’ll be the catalyst for the downfall of the family. He also reminisces about his good times with them, talking about their daughter and how he appreciates her company and how she calls him uncle. The single brings in a lot of nuance, and we’re grateful for it.

“Take It To Your Grave,” is a song that successfully conveys a very specific feeling, and for that we’re generally quite impressed. It’s not easy to capture the guilt and pain of knowing you’ve done something wrong, and past that it’s rather saddening to see someone come to grips with what needs to be finished. Overall a great single, and one we can’t wait to listen to more from See Your Shadow!

Take It to Your Grave – YouTube