Bonnie Milne – Green River Sway Review

When it comes to being a pianist, not many are as distinct as Bonnie Milne. Born and raised in
Ontario, Bonnie’s compositions have always broken the mold of what people expect out of a
professional composer and piano player. While many argue back and forth on the topic, what’s
undeniable is how Bonnie’s style makes for so many memorable songs.
Today, we’ve got her latest single, “Green River Sway,” on review, and it’s definitely quite a treat of a
track. It’s all set to be a new song off of her upcoming album, “Perception,” and it does a fine job of
painting an image for what we’re going to get. Lush, clean piano passages that show off the
instrument’s ability to tell stories and create atmospheres through music alone.
Bonnie’s playing on the single is immaculate, allowing for some fascinating musical decisions. It’s a
remarkably breezy sounding track, with repeated themes in the composition representing light, joyful
feelings. It makes it all the more interesting then when a switch up happens mid-song, briefly
drowning the song in dread before going back up to speed.
With some creativity, you can absolutely visualize a story progressing through its many parts in this
song, and it’s quite breathtaking how every element lends a new meaning to the overall song. We’re
especially in love with how the song flickers occasionally in its mood, allowing for the switch up we
spoke of earlier.
Because of how nice and pleasant the track is, it’s also shockingly immersive. You’ll find yourself lost
in its sound sometimes, just enjoying how it flows seamlessly between its different moving parts. Such
a fun track to listen to, especially if you’re a casual listener looking for something nice to listen to.
In conclusion, “Green River Sway,” is a solid track, one that’s a highlight of the year when it comes to
sheer creativity and composition genius. It’s a breath of fresh air to listen to, really allowing Bonnie to
stretching her wings and show off what she’s capable off. Remarkably clean and catchy in ways you
wouldn’t expect, we’re huge fans of this single.
Currently, Bonnie is preparing to release a new full length album, and if “Green River Sway,” is
representative of the sound of this project, then we simply cannot wait to see it come to fruition.
Creative piano pieces shine through when put in context of a musical journey, and we can’t imagine a
better showcase for this than her upcoming album. We’re excited for what’s next!

Green River Sway (Movement No.2 in C Major) – YouTube