Seba Salonia returns with “Apro gli occhi”

After the good song and the good numbers reached on Youtube with the video of “Iko Iko – sing and dance”, Seba (Italian
who lives in Germany), returns with the new song.
“Apro gli occhi” was born from the collaboration with Giosef, an emerging artist we know well and of great importance
quality. A four-handed job but there is a lot of Seba’s experience, her disappointments in love. And of discovery
that, after all, everything leads to growth. “In love, whoever loves what there is wins,” he tells us all the same
From a strictly technical point of view, we are dealing with a stylistically perfect piece. A start
acoustic, with the piano in warm tones supporting dark and melancholy chords. Subsequently the piece
evolves with very elegant electronic incursions and never out of place, to grow more and more in the apotheosis
of the special, which touches pop rock, ending in a synthesized trumpet solo that anticipates the close
hopeful of the text, that awareness that one can go on living.
Seba accompanies us on this inner journey while maintaining a detachment from the navigated chanconnier who
magically manages to involve the listener and make him follow every single word (which absolutely
not trivial in today’s panorama, emerging or not).
Seba and Giosef, two classy artists who meet. A lectio magistralis of the quality it can
reach the “emerging” music. We hope this is just the beginning of a long collaboration, we have some
Obviously present on all digital platforms and in our playlists.