Music Stars Come Together From Rock To Pop, They’re All United In OneCause – To Save The Planet

“The warnings about global warming have been extremely clear for a long
time. We are facing a global climate crisis. It is deepening. We are
entering a period of consequences.”— Al Gore

“Born Free” album was released on Minds Behind the Music label only a
few weeks before the world came face-to-face with yet another wave of
extreme weather when England and Northern Europe fell victim to
scorching temperatures. Recent events aside, it hasn’t been a good year
for Planet Earth. While monsoon rains have unleashed disastrous flooding
in Bangladesh, East Africa was hit with a drought that’s brought
millions on the brink of famine. The climate is changing and the most
alarming part is that scientists say the worst is yet to come.

The previous fundraising album by Minds Behind the Music included such
stars as Simon Kirke of Bad Company, Mungo Jerry and Ric Sanders of
Fairport Convention. Thanks to these legendary artists, the release saw
mainstream distribution. Now Brad Walsh, Lorenzo Cabanizza, Jay Elle,
Tom Tikka, The Remnants, Doctor Zee and many others have come together
to raise awareness about the plight our planet is in. Since almost
nothing speaks to humans more than music, the label and the artists are
hoping that the world will listen … before it’s too late.

So make a difference, download the record and settle down with a nice
environmentally friendly cup of musical tea. “Born Free” is an album of
unique and special songs recorded especially for Minds Behind the Music.
Enjoy the tunes, savor the message: Planet Earth needs your help.

The revenue from each purchased album will go toward Born Free
Foundation’s sustainability project that helps communities around the
world to achieve more environmentally friendly future.

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