Tasto feat. Scarabocchi release Sul tetto del mondo

“Sul tetto del mondo” is the new track of Tasto feat. Scarabocchi. The melancholy and hanging first notes of the piano leave room for a whispered and minimal beat, the perfect sonic texture for Tasto’s flow. Who talks to you as if he were there, next to you on any end of the evening in any city, and tells you how he ruined a love story for bad choices

“I’m sorry if I’m different but I lost you”… to follow cash, success… and in dreams the regret of having lost something really important re-emerges. And when the moment comes for the “she” of the piece (played by Scarabocchi) you expect anger, resentment … but no, there is only loneliness and bitterness. An interesting and destabilizing choice at the same time.

Musically, the voices of Tasto e Scarabocchi come together wonderfully, there is a full harmony that reaches the listener, pure and authentic. The backing vocals are very beautiful, full of small variations that constantly expand the harmonies and make the piece dynamic working behind the scenes.

The video clip that accompanies the song has the same melancholy vein of the text, between mists and skylines of lights and industrial iron. An elegant and coherent choice, in perfect Tasto style.