It’s a Wow The Crowd Moment From Bruce Wayne

Funkadelic is back..  the Baton Rouge, Louisiana based Blues group it’s
an explosive mashup of modern Southern Soul Zydeco with Southern Hip Hop
undertones creating a fresh sound spearheaded by a group of music
industry veterans that are known to put on a show.

Bruce Wayne is composed of lead vocalist, Bruce Beelow Moore, a gold
selling Hip Hop artist, Lead vocalist, Veronica Raelle, who has sung
with Blues legends like Big Pokey, Coldrank, Tucker, Tyrie Neil, Lead
vocalist, Carl Bazile managed MC Nero’s early career of hits and the
Southern Soul Blues Queen Stephanie McDee for years, DJ Money, a secret
catalyst for the gold selling “Big Body” hit for rap artist, Beelow and
“Jigga Juice” by J Records recording artist, Lil Josh and Earnest, hype
man, Mike Pimpin Rich, who’s toured with top Southern rappers such as
Kevin Gates, and NBA Meechie; he’s a stage general and knows how to
control the crowd. The team came together to form the band, “Bruce

“Our heart pumps blues. My mom, my brothers and my family all sang
blues. I’m the first one to infuse Zydeco with Rap with the hit ‘Call
The Police’ by Stephanie Mcdee with Super Producer, Shonta.”

“What inspired me to write this song I can only remember  countless
experiences of trail rides and zydeco festivals, or I can just say my
love and respect for the music and culture and my desire to infuse my
influence of hip hop and blues background from my mother and my cousins
the Neal family who know what make a great record my desire was to make
my mark with combinations of zydeco drive and hip hop influences to
catch the ear of  our youth and the respect of those who done it before
me and let the critics decide if my artistic view of the new southern
soul zydeco is great .. I think the fans have already begun speaking
their opinions as the music speaks for itself I hope that it give many
joy as it does me when I see people dancing and enjoying the song”

A True Legacy of Parliament Funkadelic the band is a  Mashup of electro
avant soul psychedelic funk with an infusion of Hip Hop Blues, quartet
vocals that impact a stage show that WOWs the crowd! It’s high powered
explosive energy.  Follow them on social media for exclusive behind the
scenes looks and updates.