Emo/Alternative Rock Solo SamSeb Kierkegaard With Single Release “Luna: Luna Moonlight”

After the success of his first Luna single release in December, Kent-based alternative rock solo artist SamSeb Kierkegaard is releasing the second chapter of the dystopian fantasy emo rock saga. Sam has always recorded and experimented his sounds, shifting from a raw UK lockdown grunge/psychedelic influence on his first single Metamorphosis (2020) to post-hardcore themes on his rendition of AURORA’s Forgotten Love (2021).

Luna: The Invisible Irony, his latest single (December 2021), served as a taster for the EP he’s been working on, deeply reflecting on his innermost dark thoughts drawn from Luna saga he wrote. He expanded not with just wider audience, but with different sounds of post-hardcore and shoegaze that fit nicely in the libraries of My Chemical Romance, My Bloody Valentine and David Bowie for the dark and quirky aspects.

Now, Sam is planning to release another single as the second Luna chapter – ‘Luna: Luna Moonlight’, for his EP project. On ‘Luna: Luna Moonlight’, SamSeb Kierkegaard continues the tale of the boy who was attacked by Uncertainty the Monster and the disappearance of his rescuer, Luna Moonlight.

“‘Luna: Luna Moonlight’ is the second chapter of the story I wrote involving the boy, Luna Moonlight and Uncertainty the Monster. Having escaped the city of Reality, the boy believes that he belongs in the city of Dream and Happiness which in fact actually does not exist. Our heroine Luna Moonlight, who appeared to save the boy and has now disappeared, encourages him to leave the city, to which the boy does not listen. The song depicts the imagery of two conflicting innermost thoughts of facing reality for progression and pursuing delusional hedonism. The boy is haunted by Uncertainty and spoken to by Luna Moonlight which is the manifestation of his unconscious realisation that he needs to face reality. The boy is in constant denial and convinces himself that he belongs in the city of Dreams and Happiness and wants to live forever with Luna who doesn’t exist in reality.”

This dystopian fantasy single Luna: Luna Moonlight by SamSeb Kierkegaard is out on 28th January 2022.