‘Catherine Sewell’ will debut in Formula Indie with ‘I See the Light”!

Lance Britt founder of Across the Canvas Productions

‘Catherine Sewell’ will debut in Formula Indie with ‘I See the Light”!

Catherine Says

My song “I See the Light” was initially written in the year 2011 after the death of my first cousin. I was saddened by this lost as he was one of my closest cousins.

One day several months after his death, I was sitting at my piano playing some songs on my piano. The thought came to me about writing a song in memory of my cousin. I have never written music before and really didn’t even know how to start. It seemed that the music and then the lyrics just came to me so I started writing them down. I kept working at it until I completed the music and two verses of the song. Later I decided that it wasn’t long enough and that I needed to add a third verse. Surprisingly, adding that verse wasn’t too difficult. I was amazed that I had written this song as I had no real interest in writing one. My long time interest since I was very young has been singing. 

It has taken me around 10-years to finally be satisfied with the finished product. I recorded the song a couple of times and my initial song arrangement was done on piano and my second on guitar.