Sarantos – Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville

Nashville skyline in watercolor splatters with clipping path

Sarantos gives the classic country sound a nice update on the heartfelt
“Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville”. With a
jaunty, jangling guitar riff the piece progresses in a way that feels
outright joyous. A clear nod to the southern fried sound the song has a
beauty about it, for there is an infectious, giddy hook that takes over.
Rhythms drive on through with nary a care for the whole piece jumps with
tremendous hope. By far the highlight comes from the inspired lyricism
which does a fantastic job in exploring the power of that highly musical

Immediately the work starts up in a rollicking fashion. The description
embedded within each verse further adds to the majesty of the piece.
With the rest of the band backing him in a truly fantastic fashion, the
piece unfurls to reveal a real sense of place. References abound that
further add to the sense of geography that he so clearly embraces over
the course of the work. Electric guitar work in particular feels fine
for it has a unique personality to it, punctuating the power of his
words. Bass too has its own deft skill, for it is almost dub-like in
terms of how it all comes together in a truly gorgeous way.

“Every Songwriter Needs To Spend Some Nights Here In Nashville” features
the impeccable chops of Sarantos in creating a universe that feels
distinctly his own.