“Colpi di vento” the new single by Massimiliano Balocchi

After the beautiful summer song “Un’estate da vivere” comes “Colpi di vento”, a pop song, delicate and essential born from a harmonic piano turn. The song published on September 10, below Boot Recordings label. The Roman artist born in 1971 tells us something about his song: I wrote “Colpi di vento” for a very special person who lives and will live forever inside my heart. I guess I’m on an island and to finally be able to embrace it again. A “gust of wind” was enough to divide us. Only after you realize that life goes fast and is unpredictable, what exists now may not to be there more tomorrow … I really suffered a lot, it was a great effort to get used to his absence. & Quot; Present in Help-music playlists and on all digital platforms. https://open.spotify.com/track/4x3Iz5uSkC9EjqzWfOtII2?si=87c09a408e8447b1